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Our Mission is to provide you with the latest news, updates, launches and the likes from the Smartphone & Gadget World. We do occasionally cover other topics in tech despite the name because at our core we are a technology website.


We at MobileArrival, are a team of dedicated technophiles who love anything that runs on electricity. And we are not biassed towards anyone or any platform or OS. Despite our namesake, we are passionate about anything tech. So occasionally you might find something other than smartphones or smartphone-related. Because at our core we are tech nerds and are a technology website but with the main focus on smartphones.

Our team of writers is from various backgrounds and cultures and ethnicities with different levels of expertise and know-how. But the one thing we all have in common is – We are all passionate about technology.

Just to let you know, we aren’t owned by any parent organization and are not paid by any of the manufacturers or OEMs whose products we review. Our only revenue generation is by users such as you. As such, it is safe to say that our site will always offer you unbiased reviews and opinions of the products you’re considering purchasing.

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We would like to sincerely – Thank You for the time you spent reading about us and our goals.