Best Gaming Phones In 2021

10 Best Gaming Phones In 2021 [Asus ROG-5 is Most Powerful]

Here we’re presenting the most powerful, high-performing, and best gaming phones in 2021. From telephone to mobile phone to smartphone, the phone sector advanced rapidly. Today smartphones act as small PC. Additionally, they can run powerful apps and games. There are many PC games that are available for smartphones now.

Today smartphones are so powerful that they are competing with portable consoles like Nintendo Switch. For a gamer, having a device that can run powerful games which is also portable and act as a communication device will be both money-saving and awesome.

Smartphones are like people’s soulmates now. People carry phones everywhere, even in the bathroom. Because of that, game developers found a whole new market for them. Now, they are developing a lot of mobile games. Some phone companies also make use of this opportunity and started to make gaming phones.

For gamers, this is an awesome thing. Because of that, gamers, mainly mobile gamers, can play their favorite games anywhere and anytime with a gaming phone.

But in order to get a good gameplay experience in games, there are a couple of things that matter.

  • The first thing is smooth gameplay. If the gameplay is laggy, it will be more frustrating than enjoyable. Because you can’t take action at the right time and, the game will not look pleasing.
  • Next is a good display. Having a good display is very important. Sometimes games have a very beautiful visual, but because of bad displays, the visual of the game doesn’t look that much good.
  • Response time is also very critical in gaming. The game needs to respond with your physical response. The delay will affect your gameplay and make it less enjoyable.
  • For mobile gaming, the battery plays a huge role. You don’t want your phone to turn off in the middle of a boss fight or match. Charging the phone after playing for half or 1 hour is also very annoying. So having a long battery life is one of the important things for gaming.
  • Charging also plays a great role here. The faster your phone charges, the faster you will get back to your game.

There are few phones that are made exclusively for gaming. Many gamers will know the Asus ROG series and Red Magic phones. These phones are known for being the best gaming phones.

Now 2 more phone company entered this market one is Lenovo and the other one is Xiaomi.

These gaming phones have both software and hardware built for gaming. They have many extra buttons and accessories to give you a whole new mobile gaming experience.

Besides them, there are other phones that are not made for gaming but can give a very close gaming performance like those gaming phones.

What makes gaming phones different than normal phones or flagship phones, which are more expensive.

  • Gaming phones have the latest hardware so do the flagship phones, but gaming phones have an overclocking system that gives a little bit more performance. In video games, a little bit more performance can be a huge advantage.
  • They have a built-in app for optimizing your game to give better performance.
  • The refresh rate is higher than a normal or flagship phone.
  • The touch sampling rate is also higher for fast response in gaming.
  • The battery tends to be bigger and works efficiently than other phones while gaming.
  • Gaming phones are made exclusively for gaming. So they might lack in other sectors, mostly in the camera compared to other phones.
  • But gaming phones also have extra features in the gaming sector than other phones.

If you are a gamer and want to get the best gaming phone in 2021, then read this article and choose the one you like the most. We researched a lot of phones to find the best gaming phone in 2021. Below is the list of best gaming phones and phones that are not gaming phones but gives a very close gaming performance.

Gaming Phones

  1. Asus ROG Phone 5
  2. Nubia Red Magic 6
  3. Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2
  4. Black Shark 4

Not Gaming Phones But Can Play High-End Games

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • OnePlus 9 Pro
  • Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra
  • Oppo Find X3 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Here, we will write about the things that are important in a phone for gaming like CPU, RAM, refresh rate, touch sampling rate, display size, and quality.

First, start with the Gaming phones.

1. Asus ROG Phone 5

Asus ROG Phone 5
Asus ROG Phone 5

The Asus ROG (Republic of Gamers) this name says what it is. They make the best gaming laptops, phones, and other gaming components. They started with laptops, and now they are making phones for gamers.

Asus ROG Phone 5 is Asus’s latest gaming phone. The previous one, the Asus ROG phone 3, was a beast. But now their Asus ROG phone 5 is more powerful than the one before.


CPU: The Asus ROG Phone 5 has the newest Snapdragon 888 processor. This chipset is already very powerful and, it is very power-efficient too. But you also get the option to overclock this processor here. It will make it more powerful, which will be more beneficial during gaming mostly while playing a high-end game like Genshin Impact.

RAM: The base version, the Asus ROG phone 5, has 8GB, 12GB, and 16GB of RAM. It is enough for mobile gaming. But if you want more, you can choose the Ultimate version. The Asus ROG Phone 5 Ultimate offers 18GB of RAM.

Display: This time, they used a bit bigger display on the Asus ROG Phone 5. It is a 6.78-inch AMOLED display with a 2448×1080 resolution. For protection, the Asus ROG Phone 5 has Corning Gorilla Glass Victus. They also used coating on the display to reduce friction. During gameplay, it will give a smooth feeling.

Refresh rate: It has a 144Hz display and only a couple of phone has that much refresh rate. You can choose “Auto” in the settings or choose 60, 120Hz too. The Auto will be the most beneficial because the refresh rate will increase during gaming and decrease while doing nothing or using an app. It will drain less battery then.

Touch sampling rate: The Asus ROG 5 has a 300Hz touch sampling rate. By touch sampling rate, it means how fast a phone responds to your touch. This phone takes 24.3ms to respond.

Storage: On Asus ROG Phone 5 you can get 128/256GB storage. But if you are thinking of long time use, we recommend the Ultimate version. The Asus ROG Phone 5 Ultimate offers 512GB storage. The games are getting bigger and their size too, so having large storage will be a good thing.

Battery: For mobile gamers, battery means a lot. Asus ROG felt that, and that’s why they put a 6000mAh battery. To charge this big battery, they give you a 65W charger. It needs about 55 minutes, to charge this beast from 0 to 100.

Design: Just like the ROG 3, the design of this phone says that it’s a gaming phone. The back part has a cool ROG logo. The logo uses RGB light and, you can change the color from settings. The design is pretty similar to ROG 3.

Sound quality: Their previous phone had one of the best speakers you can get on a phone. But this time they improved that a lot more. They used symmetrical dual front-facing speakers. They are now much louder and provide less distorted sound. Sound plays a huge role in games.

When the headphone jack is removed from the new flagship phones, the Asus ROG Phone 5 introduced them again.

Extra: As this is a gaming phone, you also get a few extra gaming features.

  • The first thing is, you get Air triggers on the right side of the phone. They are mappable.
  • The second is, you get 2 more buttons for games. Ther are in the back, and they use your finger motion to respond.
  • This phone also has a built in-app for optimizing your game and many other things.
  • You get 2 charging ports, one below and the other one on the left side. When you play games horizontally on the phone, you can charge the phone from below. The charging cable will not interfere between your hand and your phone.
  • Last is there are a lot of accessories you can add for batter gaming. There is the AeroActive cooler to cool your phone. There is also the Kunai 3 Gamepad.

This phone has all the other things a phone should have. But they aren’t that good, again not that bad. This is a gaming phone, so all the focus is on increasing the gaming performance.

OSAndroid 11
Rear camera64MP Main 13MP Wide
Front camera24MP
Video record8K UHD 30fps—4K UHD 60fps 1080p FHD 60fps—720p HD 30fps with image stabilizer
Connectivity5G and Wifi 6E

2. Nubia Red Magic 6

Nubia Red Magic 6
Nubia Red Magic 6

Nubia Red Magic 5G was the first phone to come with a 144Hz display. This time, they are also the first one to introduce a 165Hz display along with the Nubia Red Magic 6.

Every time they introduce a new phone, they also introduce some new features. They did the same thing this time too. Let’s see the details.


CPU: Nubia Red Magic 6 came with the newest Snapdragon 888 processor. Along with the Adreno 660 GPU, it is a gaming beast.

RAM: Its base model has only 12GB ram. If you want more RAM, buy the Nubia Red Magic 6 Pro. Nubia Red Magic 6 pro comes with 16GB RAM. But 12GB RAM is enough for all the games available now.

Display: Red Magic 6 has a slightly bigger screen than the Red Magic 5G. This time it is a 6.8-inch FHD+ AMOLED display with 2400×1080 pixels. It has corning gorilla glass for protection. The display also provides protection for the eyes, as gamers play games for a long time.

Refresh rate: Just as we said, Red Magic 6 has the highest 165Hz refresh rate now. No other phone has that much refresh rate.

Touch Sampling rate: Besides refresh rate, Nubia Red Magic 6 has the second-highest touch sampling rate too. It has a 500Hz touch response rate for single touch. When you use two or more fingers, touch sampling rates drop to 360Hz. Only a few phones have more than a 300Hz touch sampling rate with multi-touch, meaning you will get the fastest touch response on this phone. It will help win more in games.

Storage: Nubia Red Magic 6 has 128GB of storage. It is enough for now, but games size are increasing day by day. So having more storage is better. The Nubia Red Magic 6 Pro offers 256GB of storage, and it will be perfect for people that play a lot of games at the same time.

Battery: It uses a 5050mAh battery. This will give you a long battery life enough to play games for a couple of hours straight. To charge this big battery, Nubia Red Magic comes with a 66W charger. It takes 55 minutes just like Asus ROG Phone 5, to charge from 0 to 100.

Design: The design gives a robotic impression. It looks like a phone from the sci-fi world. The cameras are set up in the middle. The name “REDMAGIC” and the logo are right beneath the cameras gives a cool-looking gaming impression. The back part also has RGB on it, which is customizable, and the logo also lights up.

Sound: it has dual stereo speakers. They are pretty good but not the best. It also has a 3.5mm headphone jack too.

Extra: It has some of the extra features that normal phones don’t have.

  • It has 2 shoulder trigger buttons. The touch response rate of these triggers is 400hz. They will respond a little faster.
  • It has a built-in fan that you can turn on from the quick toggles. Those fans will keep the phone cool while gaming.
  • One of the best things is, it has a physical game-space switch on the side of the phone. Just slide the switch, and it will take you to the game space mod. There you will get all games and a lot of new options.
  • The Nubia Red Magic 6 also has some accessories for gaming. For cooling, there is a dual-fan Ice dock. There is also the E-sports handle that works as a controller.
OSAndroid 11
Rear camera64MP Main camera 8MP Ultrawide camera 2MP Macro camera
Front camera8MP
Video record8K 30fps —4K 60 FPS
Connectivity5G and Wifi 6E

3. Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2

Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2
Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2

Check The Full Details Of Legion Phone Duel 2

Lenovo entered the gamin phone market with the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel. Now, this year, they introduced the Legion Phone Duel 2. This phone has all the latest hardware right now.

Lenovo doing very well with their new gaming phones. They even added some unique features in the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2. If you are want to be a mobile game streamer, then it would be one of the best gaming phones for you. Before going to the Unique features, let’s first see what this phone has to offer.


CPU: Like all the other phones, the Legion Phone Duel 2 also uses the Snapdragon 888 processor.

RAM: This phone offers both 12GB, 16GB, and 18GB of LPDDR5 RAM.

Display: Among all the gaming phone Lenovo Legion  Phone Duel 2 has the biggest display. It is a 6.92-inch HDR10+ FHD AMOLED display with 2460×1080 pixels. It also has corning gorilla glass protection. But which version of the gorilla glass is not mentioned.

Refresh rate: It is a 144Hz display. It will show you 144 frames per second, or the display refreshes 144 times per second with a new image.

Touch Sampling rate: Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 has the highest touch sampling rate. It has a 720Hz touch sampling rate. It’s going to respond faster than your enemy. Gamers who play FPS games or games that require quick action will highly benefit from this gaming phone.

Storage: This phone has 256 and 512GB of storage. If you are thinking of long time usage, then go for the 512GB. Games are getting bigger, and that’s why having bigger storage is a good thing. You can not use an external memory card if you want, so go for the big.

Battery: The Legion Phone Duel 2 has a 5500mAh battery. A big battery for a big phone. To charge this phone, it comes with a 90W charger. The coolest part is, both the phone and charger has 2 USB-C port. You can use both of the ports to charge your phone faster.

Design: The Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 design is slightly different from the Lenovo Phone Duel. This time the Legion Phone Duel 2 has a cool-looking bump in the middle of the back part. On the bump, you got the logo with RGB, the rear cameras, and a built-in visible cooling fan.

They put all parts in the middle and battery on both sides, that’s why there is the bump. But this phone gives a very futuristic and gaming look.

Sound: It has dual front-facing stereo speakers. They are very loud, and the sound quality is good too. You don’t get any headphone jack here.

Camera: I didn’t write about cameras for other phones, but we can’t ignore this one. Just like the Legion Phone Duel and the Duel 2 also has a pop-up camera on the side. But this time, they improved it.

The best thing is, unlike other phones, the Duel 2 uses this camera not only for taking selfies but also for streaming. Yes, you can stream videos while the viewer can also see you too. It’s a 44MP camera that can shoot 4K 60fps smoothly.

Extra: It’s a gaming phone, so extra is a must.

  • It has not 2 but 4 shoulder triggers. The extra 2 triggers are just behind them.
  • The Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 has 2 built-in cooling fans.
  • It hasLegion assistant, the built-in app, that will optimize all the games.
  • As for accessories, there is a Game Dock that can connect the Lenovo Legion Phone Dual 2 to a big screen. You can connect a gamepad or keyboard and mouse through the Game Dock too.
OSAndroid 11
Rear camera64MP Main 16MP Ultrawide
Front camera44MP
Video record8K 60fps
Connectivity5G and Wifi 6

4. Black Shark 4

Black Shark 4
Black Shark 4

Xiaomi is now gaining popularity. They are making budget phones and flagship phones. They are doing great in both of these markets.

Xiaomi makes a lot of budget phones. The specs you get on their budget phones are pretty good for the price. This time, Xiaomi made a budget gaming phone. Their Sub-brand Black Shark made the Black Shark 4. Among all the other gaming phones, it is the cheapest one. For a budget gaming phone, they put a lot of things in the phone.


CPU: Unlike other gaming phones, Black Shark 4 doesn’t have a Snapdragon 888 processor. It uses the Snapdragon 870 chipset. Snapdragon 870 is Snapdragon 865+ but overclocked, which is the second-best chipset. Because of this CPU, maybe Xiaomi was able to bring the price lower.

Xiaomi also introduced the Black Shark 4 Pro, which has the Snapdragon 888 Processor. But Xiaomi didn’t announce its global release.

RAM: The Xiaomi Black Shark 4 offers 8GB and 12GB of RAM. If the Black Shark 4 Pro gets a global release, you can get 16GB of RAM on the 4 Pro.

Display: Just like the previous Black Shark 3, it has a 6.67 inch HDR10+ AMOLED display with 2400×1080 resolution.

Refresh rate: The Black Shark 3 had a 90Hz display, but on the Black Shark 4, they upgraded that to 144Hz.

Touch sampling rate: It has a small display than the other gaming phones. But It has 720Hz the highest touch response rate. Only Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 and Black Shark 4 have this much touch sampling rate.

Storage: The Black Shark 4 offers a 128GB version and a 256GB version of storage. But to let you guys know, the Black Shark 4 Pro has 512GB of Storage. If possible, get the pro version.

Battery: It’s a big downside for this phone. It only has a 4500mAh Battery. For the price, it isn’t that bad, but it could be better. But you get a 67W charger that can full it in 30 minutes. Another thing is the Black Shark 4 also supports a 120W charger and only takes 15minute to fully charge that battery.

Design: It has a gaming look.

Sound: Just like the Asus ROG 5, Xiaomi Black Shark 4 also uses the dual-symmetrical stereo speaker. This speaker is one of the best mobile phone speakers. So the sound quality will be pretty good.

Extra: A gaming phone without gaming features is impossible.

  • This phone has very cool triggers. While other phones have air triggers, the Black Shark 4 has physical triggers. They are Magnetic pop-up triggers. There are 2 switches beside the triggers. Just push them, and the triggers will pop up and do the same thing, and the triggers will go back.
  • It uses liquid cooling to cool your phone.
  • The Black Shark 4 also has the Shark space app, that optimizes the game for better performance.
  • As for the accessories, there is a Black Shark 2pro cooler, monster gaming triggers, and Black Shark Gamepad.
OSAndroid 11
Rear camera48MP Main 8MP Wide Angel 5MP Tele Macro
Front camera20MP
Video record4K 60fps
Connectivity5G and Wifi 6

These are the latest and best gaming phones right now. We didn’t write about cameras and other normal things as it is about Gaming phones. We only write about the things that affect the gameplay.

 Asus ROG 5Nubia Red Magic 6Lenovo Legion Phone Dual 2Black Shark 4
OSAndroid 11Android 11Android 11Android 11
Screen Size6.78 inch6.8 inch6.92 inch6.67 inch
Refresh rate144Hz165Hz144Hz144Hz
Touch Sampling rate300Hz500Hz single, 360Hz multi720Hz720Hz
CPUSnapdragon 888Snapdragon 888Snapdragon 888Snapdragon 870
Connectivity5G, Wifi 6E5G, Wifi 6E5G, Wifi 65G, Wifi 6
CameraRear 64MP Main 13MP Wide Front 24MPRear 64MP Main 8MP Ultrawide 2MP Macro Front 8MPRear 64MP Main 16MP Ultrawide Front 44MPRear 48MP Main 8MP Wide Angel 5MP Tele Macro Front 20MP

Now the smartphones that are not gaming phones but can be used for gaming.

Not Gaming Phones:

5. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 phones are the best phone of 2021. They not only put the latest hardware but also build the software, UI, and designed the phone in a way, that makes this phone the best.

Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra is Samsung’s 2021 flagship phone. The makes the S21 Ultra best is the camera and the unique design.

Besides that, this phone has the latest Snapdragon 888 processor only for North America and South Korea. Other countries will get the Exynos 2100 chipset.

As for the RAM and storage, you get  12/128, 12/256, 16/512GB versions.

This hardware is enough to play all games without any extra optimization app.

It also has a 6.8-inch QHD+ AMOLED display with a 3200×1400 resolution. The games will look awesome on this display. It is a 120Hz display with a 240Hz touch sampling rate too. So, the games will look pretty smooth.

There is a 5000mAh battery, to power the Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra.

The problem here is the price. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has a very high price. If you can afford and want a phone, that is powerful in all sectors, then buy it.

6. iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 12 Pro Max

For iPhone lovers, the best phone for gaming is the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max is a lot more powerful than all the other iPhones. The iPhone 12 Pro Max has one of the powerful processors of Apple, the A14 Bionic processor. A14 Bionic processor has 6 cores, where the Snapdragon 888 has 8. But still, A14 Bionic gives better performance.

The only problem with the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the refresh rate and the battery.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is built with a 6.7-inch display which is also a super retina XDR OLED display. But it is a 60Hz display. Again 60Hz is not bad, it can give you very smooth gameplay.

There is a 3,687mAh battery in the new iPhone 12 Pro Max. But iPhone works in a different way than other phones. The battery size is small but the backup time is like other flagship phones. So you can play for a long time with just one charge.

Another awesome thing is iPhone has some exclusive games for iPhone only. You can enjoy those games if you have an iPhone.

Besides that, it is not made for gaming only. It is like the other flagship phones that are offering the best on camera, entertainment, etc. Is it best for gaming? No. But enough to play all kinds of games.

7. One Plus 9 Pro

One Plus 9 Pro
One Plus 9 Pro

One Plus 9 Pro is not a gaming phone. It is more like a camera phone because of the collaboration with the Hasselblad photograph company. But this phone has all the parts needed for gaming.

It has the newest Snapdragon 888 chipset with Adreno 660 GPU. It only offers 8GB RAM with 128GB of storage. But these are enough for every game to perform smoothly on this phone.

The One Plus 9 Pro has a feature that you normally only see on gaming phones. The Hyper Touch feature. This feature boost the touch sampling rate of this phone from 240Hz which is already high to 360Hz.

The One Plus 9 Pro also came with a 120Hz 6.55 inch AMOLED display. The 120Hz refresh rate, along with the 360Hz touch response rate will make the gameplay smooth like butter.

It has a 4500mAh battery that is not big, but as the screen is small, power consumption will be low.

Even though it’s not a gaming phone, it has all the gaming specs like other gaming phones. Except for the extra gaming features like shoulder triggers and other gaming accessories, you can put it in the gaming phone category. One Plus 9 Pro is also cheaper than the Samsung and Apples flagship phones.

8. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra
Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is Xiaomi’s 2021 flagship phone. It came with all the latest specs. Unlike other phones instead of design, Xiaomi focused on the quality of the phone.

Even though the Samsung S21 ultra is this year’s best phone, but Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra did better in some places than the S21 Ultra.

If we talk about performance, it has the Snapdragon 888 chipset. It comes with only 12GB of RAM. It is also equipped with 256GB of storage.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is equipped with 6.81-inch WQHD+ HDR 10+ AMOLED display. The resolution of the display is 3200×1440. For protection, Corning Gorilla Glass Victus has been used here. Gaming on this big screen will be very enjoyable.

The gameplay will be very smooth too. Because it’s a 120Hz display with a 480Hz touch sampling rate.

To power this beast, it has a 5000mAh battery. It is enough for, long battery life. This year all flagship phones came without a charger. But you get a 67W charger with the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra.

It is an all-around phone. For mobile gaming, It has the specs. The only things missing are the Air triggers and gaming accessories.

If you want a flagship phone while also thinking about gaming, then Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra will be better than Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

9. Oppo Find X3 Pro

Oppo Find X3 Pro
Oppo Find X3 Pro

Oppo Find X3 Pro. Oppos new flagship phone. Just like all the other flagship phones, the main thing or most of the improvements are on the camera features. But because it is a flagship phone, it also comes with the highest specs.

For gaming, the highest specs matter. Because they are responsible for batter gaming performance.

Oppo Find X3 Pro is using the new Snapdragon 888 CPU.

As for the RAM, it only has the 12GB version. Along with that, you get 256GB of storage.

The display is 6.7-inch, and it is a QHD+ HDR10+ AMOLED display with 3216×1440 resolution. One thing is improved than any other phone here. While other phones have an 8-bit color display, Oppo Find X3 Pro has a 10-bit color display. Most of the time, you won’t see the difference. But sometimes, you can see the difference.

Refresh rate and touch response rate are also very important in gaming. Oppo Find X3 Pro has a 120Hz refresh rate, and the single-finger touch response rate is 240Hz while multi-finger is 120Hz.

A 4500mAh battery is used in the Oppo Find X3 Pro. It is not big like other flagship phones. But it also doesn’t offer high touch sampling rate, and the display is also small. So, the power consumption rate will be small too.

Unlike other non-gaming phones, Oppo Find X3 doesn’t have many gaming features. The only things good for gaming are the CPU, RAM, and display.

10. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is not from 2021, it was released on 21 August 2020. So we can’t expect the 2021 latest chipset Snapdragon 888.

But Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra came with Snapdragon 865+ for the USA and Exynos 990 chipset for global. Both the chipset are the second-best chipset after Snapdragon 888 and Exynos 2100. So you can expect a pretty similar performance.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra offers 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. But the good part is, you can add up to 1TB of SDcard for extra storage.

Another good thing is, the Note 20 ultra has a 6.9 QHD+ Dynamic AMOLED display. The display resolution is 3088×1440. It is also a 120Hz display with a 240Hz touch response rate.

This phone uses a 4500mAh battery. For a mobile gamer, it’s not much cause the phone has a very big screen, which will consume a lot of charges.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is not a gaming phone, it is more like a business-type phone.

But except for the processor and battery, it can run all the high demanding games smoothly.

Do you need the best gaming phone for mobile Gaming?

It depends. It depends on what kinds of gaming you are playing.

If you are playing games like PUBG mobile, Call of duty mobile then, yes.

If you are playing games like Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rd, Asphalt 9 then, yes.

These are the games that need a powerful gaming phone to get smooth gameplay. Especially while playing a PUBG or Call of duty or other similar games, smooth gameplay is important. Because a lag can make you lose the game.

But if you are playing games like Clash of Clan, Hay day, or puzzle or strategy games then, no.


Here, we wrote about the top 10 best gaming phones. We added both gaming and non-gaming phones that are also good for games.

As this article is only about gaming phones, we only focused on the things that are important for gaming. We also try to give as many details as we can for the gaming phones.

For the non-gaming phones, we only wrote the game-related things.

Hope it will be helpful.

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