Apple Mac Pro launched in India, starts at ₹4,99,900 (~$6,965)

Apple Mac Pro

Apple declared its most recent Mac Pro in the WWDC yearly convention back in June 2019. The latest Mac Pro replaces the prior version that Apple launched nearly seven decades back. The updated PC is all aluminum and sports a tower design with a grip on top for increased portability. The inner components are accessible from all four sides by getting rid of the side panels with a knob. Apple is offering numerous customization options, such as multi-core chips, which range from 8-cores to 28-cores. Additionally, it provides an updated heat sink for better heat dissipation, and subsequently, higher functionality.

Specifications & Features | Apple Mac Pro

Apple Mac Pro

Starting with the chip, the Apple Mac Pro utilizes an Intel Xeon W chipset. It starts from an 8-core CPU all the way up to 28-cores based on utilization. Memory configuration begins from 32GB and goes way up till 1.5TB. While the 8-core chip supports around 2666MHz memory sticks, the 12 to 28-core chips support around 2933MHz. Users may configure up to 2 MPX module with four GPUs. You can choose between an AMD Radeon Pro 580X, the AMD Radeon Pro W5700X, the AMD Radeon Pro Vega II, as well as the AMD Radeon Pro Vega Duo. The PC draws electricity from a 1.4Kw unit.

The Apple Mac Pro contains eight expandable PCI Express slots, and this may be configured in several ways. Users may elect for just two MPX modules or four PCI Express slots, three full-size PCI Express Gen 3 slots, or a single half-length X4 PCI Express Gen 3 slots having an Apple I/O Card. Concerning storage, Apple is offering alternatives ranging from 256GB to 8TB of all SSD storage that has sequential read and writes rate of 3.4 Gbps. The Apple I/O card includes two USB 3.0 interfaces, two Thunderbolt 3 interfaces, and 2 Ethernet interfaces. Added connectivity options comprise two Thunderbolt 3 ports on the surface of the tower enclosure along with 2 comparable ports on the front rack. The PC includes an integrated stereo output signal and has a 3.5-millimeter AUX port. The Mac Pro steps 52.9 x 45 x 21.8 cm and weighs only 18 kg. 

iFixit Tear Down, Apple Mac Pro 2019
iFixit Teardown of Apple Mac Pro 2019

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