Tips And Tricks For iPhone 13

39 Best Tips And Tricks For iPhone 13, Pro, Max

What are the best tips and tricks for iPhone 13 Pro Max? Below are the best tips and tricks for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

In 2021/2022, here are the best tips and tricks for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

It is now possible to purchase the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Pricing for 128GB begins at $1,099, and it comes in a range of colors. 

For 256GB, you’ll pay $1199, 512GB $1399, and the 1TB model will set you back $1599. 

The excellent cameras and the 120Hz ProMotion display, and the longer battery life significantly improve the quality of the device. 

You can maximize your iPhone 13 Pro Max with the following tips and tricks.

You will indeed become more productive when you use these iPhone 13 Pro Max tips and tricks. 

We’re now going to share some tips and tricks for the iPhone 13 Pro Max that will guide you through mastering your new device.

Here Are The Best Tips And Tricks For iPhone 13 Series

As you try to maximize your iPhone 13 Pro Max’s potential, you may find the following tips and tricks helpful:

1. Set a new default browser

Changing your iPhone 13 Pro Max’s default browser is easy. Just follow these simple steps. 

By changing the default browser on your phone, you can open any URL or web-based file by tapping on it.

Choose the app you’d like to make the default browser on your iPhone 13 Pro Max via the Settings app. 

Choose the browser app you want to use as the default by selecting Default Browser App.

2. Keep your iPhone tracked even when it’s switched off.

If your iPhone 13 Pro Max is powered off or factory reset, you can now find it in Find My after being lost or stolen using iOS 15. 

In this way, you can track down a missing iPhone 13 Pro Max that may have been switched off by a thief or was low on battery.

3. Accessing HDR 4K content via AirPlay

The iPhone 13 Pro and Apple TV 2 can stream 4K HDR content when connected to an AirPlay 2 compatible smart TV. 

Whenever macOS Monterey is updated on your Mac, you can also AirPlay videos with it.

4. FaceTime Eye Contact

FaceTime HD and Eye Contact are available on the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. 

This feature gives the impression that the caller is looking directly at you instead of the camera used. 

You can enable Eye Contact in Settings > FaceTime by turning on the switch next to it.

5. Check Image EXIF Data

As well as improving the image quality, Apple now provides EXIF information about photos directly on the iPhone. 

Tap the ‘i’ button next to any photo in Photos to view information like picture size, location, photo date, time, and resolution.

6. Limit 5G usage

When your iPhone 12 Pro Max is in Low Data Mode, automatic updates and background tasks will be paused to reduce data usage over WiFi and cellular internet. 

You can turn it on under Settings > Battery. It can also be enabled through the Control Center.

7. Purchase a 20W USB-C power adapter

There is no charging adapter included with the iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

Cables are limited in the box to one type – a USB-C to Lightning cable. 

So, it would be best if you had a charger that can charge your USB-C devices. 

If you use a USB-C charging cable and adapter, you’ll be able to charge your iPhone more quickly. 

A USB-C charger can charge the iPhone up to 50% in about 30 minutes. 

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A 20 watt or 30-watt charger will result in about the same charging speed as the highest wattage the iPhone 13 Pro Max can draw, about 22 watts. 

However, USB-C chargers usually deliver much faster charging times than the old USB-A chargers.

8. Buy a MagSafe charger.

The device’s in addition to the MagSafe magnetic area on the back of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

As the magnets automatically align with the case, MagSafe is essentially a better version of Qi. 

For Apple MagSafe chargers, Apple enables up to 15 Watt charging using the secure magnetic attachment. 

The fastest charging method is still the USB-C cable, but MagSafe is better than Qi for the best wireless charging.

9. Update your iOS over 5G

With 5G connectivity, iOS updates can be downloaded over 5G on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

By selecting Allow More Data on 5G from Settings > Cellular > Data Mode, you will be able to enable 5G data usage.

10. You can make HD calls with FaceTime.

In addition to FaceTime video calls, Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max can perform 1080p HD video calls with 5G. 

Using Settings > Cellular > Data Mode, you can enable HD FaceTime over 5G by selecting Allow More Data on 5G. 

If you would instead use WiFi, you can do so with FaceTime HD.

11. Using FaceTime for eye contact

To enhance the quality of your FaceTime video calls, you can add Eye Contact to FaceTime HD on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

This feature makes it look like you are looking at someone directly instead of the screen during a FaceTime call. 

By selecting Settings > FaceTime, you can enable this option next to Eye Contact.

12. The Night Mode is available on all cameras.

The camera sensors on the iPhone 13 Pro Max feature Night Mode. 

In low-light situations, you can use both the telephoto and ultra-wide cameras in this mode.

13. View Image Metadata

With the new iOS 15 updates, the Photos app on the iPhone 13 Pro Max now has a needed feature. 

Your iPhone’s camera app can now display the EXIF data for the images it takes and stores. 

Launch the Photos application and tap the photo you wish to view the metadata for. 

Information about the Camera can be found by pressing the ‘i’ button. This includes the lens type, focal length, shutter speed, resolution, file size, and location.

14. You can use the iCloud Private Relay.

Using Private Relay, Safari will route all browsing activity through two internet relays, each located on a different side of the globe. 

As a result, your ISP won’t be able to monitor your data.

Note: The iCloud Private Relay feature is only available to iCloud customers who have paid for it. The Private Relay menu is located in Settings > iCloud.

15. Use drag and drop to transfer content between apps.

Drag and drop allow you to access any text, photo, link, video, document, an audio file, PDF, and more. 

If you wish to move an image, video, or file from one app to another, simply long-press it, open the other app, and drag it there. 

You can drop the content in any other app without lifting your finger off the screen if you exit the app.

The new drag and drop technique is pretty handy and makes copying, pasting, and moving files of all types much faster. 

iOS 15 brings with it a variety of new features that should improve the lives of many users. 

Apple announced the addition of browser extensions earlier this year. But this new feature will not be available until 2019. 

It won’t take long for most apps to incorporate the new feature.

16. Shoot Videos in Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision was first implemented in a smartphone last year when the iPhone 12 launched. 

There was, however, a limitation for non-Pro models of 4K30fps. 

There is no such limitation this time around, so if you have a mini or iPhone 13, you can still use it. 

You can now shoot stunning video footage in 4k60fps and edit it right from your device with the iPhone.

17. You can scan any text using the camera on your iPhone.

Imagine being able to get your iPhone’s camera to automatically recognize and copy text from a sign or piece of paper into an email or a document when you point it at it? 

The live text doesn’t just scan and copy text from photos and your iPhone camera, and it can also scan and copy handwritten notes. 

You can paste the text into any field after you’ve pulled it. 

If you don’t want to type out phone numbers, addresses, and anything else manually.

For the new scan text feature on the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, long-press on a text field as if you would copy and paste the text. 

Only the Scan Text button is now visible. An icon, similar to paper with brackets around it, shows only the scan icon.

Instead of your keyboard, you will see the viewfinder of your iPhone. 

Follow the prompts on the screen after you point your camera at the item you want to scan. 

A message like “Slow Down” will flash if you’re moving the camera too fast.

Your iPhone will recognize and place the text in your document as you align the Camera and Text. To insert the text, tap the Insert button.

18. Use Siri to share items.

You can share various items on-screen, including photos, web pages, Apple Music and Apple Podcasts content, Apple News stories, and Maps destinations that will appear on your iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

Siri can directly request to send an item to Filipe by simply saying, “Send this to Filipe.” Whenever it is impossible to share an article, Siri offers to send a screenshot instead.

19. 5G Icons: What you need to know

With the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s improved 5G capabilities, you’ll be able to enjoy faster internet speeds. 

That means incredible upload and download speeds of up to 200 Mbps and 4.0 Gbps, respectively.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max shows a 5G icon in the status bar if you’re using a 5G cellular plan from your carrier and you’re in an area covered by 5G. 

In addition to the three icon statuses, you may also want to pay attention to the 5 GUW, 5G, and 5G UC icons.

5G — This indicates the regular availability of the 5G network.

5G / 5GUW / 5G -UC— Indicated the availability of a 5G network at high frequencies.

20. Control Smart Data Mode

The 5G network is excellent. That said, its use can also drain your iPhone’s batteries. 

Apple has increased the switchover rate from 5G to 4G with the Smart Data Mode feature on iPhone 13 Pro Max, an extra functionality that allows the phone to switch between both technologies based on network activity.

When scrolling down your Facebook and Twitter timelines, for example, you won’t need 5G. 

Your iPhone will use 4G in those cases if you enable Smart Data Mode. 

Also, Your iPhone 13 Pro takes advantage of faster 5G speeds if you download a video to Apple TV.

Your iPhone 13 Pro Max can be managed with Smart Data Mode by going to Settings > Cellular > Voice & Data. 

The 5G On option disables Smart Data Mode – the 5G On option is always on when the 5G network is available, but it reduces your iPhone’s battery life. The 5G Auto option is always on to enable Smart Data Mode.

21. Turn Off Night Mode

Low-light situations will automatically trigger the iPhone 13 Pro Max to enable Night mode for the best possible photos. 

In low-light environments, you should keep the Night Mode off. 

When Night Mode appears in the viewfinder, tap the yellow button to turn it off. 

The issue is that Night Mode automatically reactivates when the sensor detects low light in the Camera app. 

In iOS 15, Night Mode can be turned off and ensured to remain off. 

Select Settings -> Camera -> Preserve Settings and switch on Night Mode.

22. Take Macro Photographs

Apple’s new iPhone 13 Pro Max includes a macro mode for taking ultra-close-up images. 

The ultra-wide lens can be used by opening the camera app and tapping on the 0.5X button, 

The phone can recognize and capture a macro photo when you point it towards an up-and-close object using the macro mode.

23. Macro Video Recording

There is now a macro video feature on iPhone 13 Pro Max! You can access it by opening the wide-angle camera. 

The iPhone 13 Pro Max will automatically activate macro mode when it gets close to an object.

24. Create a cinematic video

Cinematic mode enables you to pull the focus as if you were physically pulling the focus. 

The cinematic mode simulates the depth of field in professional videography by adding depth effects on the fly on recognized subjects.

In addition to software algorithms, they use color filters to isolate people and pets from blurry backgrounds, which is done to highlight them. 

Make sure you take your videos to the next level by recording Cinematic Videos with your iPhone 13 Pro Max.

20. iPhone 13 Pro Max Tips and Tricks: AirPlay 4K HDR Content

If you have a second-gen Apple TV or a smart 2-enabled AirPlay TV, you can AirPlay 4K HDR content using your iPhone 13 Pro Max. Once your Mac gets the macOS Monterey support, you’ll also be able to AirPlay videos to it.

25. Quick Take Videos

It would be best if you held down the Shutter button while recording a QuickTake video.

Stop recording by releasing the button. Switch to video recording completely by sliding your finger to the right.

26. Photographed in Apple ProRAW

A pro-level picture can now be captured on your iPhone 13 Pro Max using ProRAW instead of a professional DSLR.

It is not possible to use Apple ProRAW without enabling it first. The following steps will guide you through this process:

Select Settings > Camera > Formats. 

Make sure Apple ProRAW is turned on. As soon as you go into the Camera app, you’ll see a button to turn on and off Apple ProRAW.

27. With Find My Support, you can get your MagSafe Wallet Case.

The new MagSafe Wallet case from Apple is an excellent option if you frequently lose or misplace your iPhone. 

If you can’t track your iPhone directly, this case can come in handy. Until then, you can look for the wallet case. 

In conjunction with the iPhone 13, Apple launched an updated MagSafe Wallet case that incorporates Find My functionality. 

With the Find My app, you’ll be able to track down your wallet if it becomes disconnected from your iPhone. This also applies to Apple AirTag-connected devices.

It will tell you where your wallet was when it was last separated from your phone in this case. Real-time tracking, however, will not be available.

28. Use Picture-in-Picture mode to watch videos.

You can view FaceTime calls or watch videos in the corner of your screen while using other apps with Picture in Picture. 

With the larger screen size of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, it is naturally more beneficial to use it with any iOS 15-compatible phone.

Videos in some of the most popular video apps and through Safari can be accessed via PiP. 

During full-screen video playback, swipe up to see the video appear in a floating PiP pane automatically.

29. Use iCloud Private Relay.

The iCloud Private Relay feature, added in iOS 15, prevents websites and network providers from seeing your IP address or browsing history, preventing Apple or your provider from tracking what you do. 

Spammers and prying eyes cannot access your website traffic. 

Data is hidden from both the ISP and advertisers aiming to create an online profile using Private Relay.

Users must be paid iCloud customers to use iCloud Private Relay. 

Activating the toggle can be done in Settings > iCloud > Private Relay.

30. Dolby Vision – Shoot Videos

A Dolby Vision camera was soon available on the iPhone 12 last year, making it the first smartphone to support the format. There was, however, a limitation to 4K30fps on the non-Pro models. 

Since these limitations are gone, you can now shoot 4K60fps Dolby Vision videos with the iPhone 13 mini or iPhone 13 and edit them directly from the device.

31. You can use “space mode.”

The new iPhone 13 Pro is equipped with a new “space mode” that takes better night sky photos.

A tripod for your smartphone is all that’s needed, and you can buy one on Amazon for a low price.

This stabilizes the iPhone during long exposures, allowing it to take more detailed pictures.

With iPhone 13 Pro, it’s even more powerful. The iPhone 13 had this feature already, but it’s now improved.

Night Mode is a feature that allows you to take photos without using a flash in the dark by having an AI automatically brighten your images for you.

Astrophotography on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max is also significantly improved thanks to the noise reduction, improved sensors, and boosted computation for darker scenes.

32. Apps that track you can be blocked

Apple has added an option to iOS 15 that makes it possible to prevent apps from tracking your data. 

Not long ago, Facebook was concerned with this feature, which is excellent for privacy lovers. 

Therefore, if you would like apps to leave you alone, click Settings > Privacy > Tracking and ensure that the “Allow apps to request to track” option is not selected. 

Data collected by all iPhone apps are no longer tracked.

33. Put your junk notifications into a magazine.

My sympathies go out to those who receive useless insurance alerts or food-ordering notifications. 

If you use iOS 15, you can stack them together to get them when you want. 

From Settings > Notification > Scheduled Notifications, you can enable Scheduled Summary. 

There is a choice between the apps you wish to be disturbed by and the time you want to be served.

34. Shortcut for Back Tap

Is it true that you can open a lot of iPhone functions simply by tapping the back button? This isn’t a joke. 

Double or triple taps can be used to trigger shortcuts, such as taking a screenshot or turning off the display, which has been assigned to the Back Tap feature for some time now. 

Select the “back tap” option in Settings > Accessibility > Touch, then select your preferred shortcut.

35. Make use of live text.

IOS 15 can capture text and screenshots directly from the camera on all current iPhone models, including some older models, like Google Lens. 

Whenever you look through the viewfinder, you can see a document icon on the bottom right corner. Copying and translating it is then possible. 

You can also long-press images from your gallery to do the same.

36. Focus mode

By giving you more control over interruptions, Focus mode enhances DND mode. 

You can choose your preferred style by going to Settings > Focus. 

Among these can be one for driving and another for just work-related applications and calls.

37. Trackpad keyboard

Are you tired of manually placing the cursor between long passages of text? Just press the Spacebar key while holding it down for the time being. 

As you slide your finger across the keyboard, your iPhone will vibrate, and the cursor will move. 

Keep it at the point where you would like your cursor to be, and you’re done. It’s that simple.

38. Using AirPods to announce notifications

You can listen for notifications through your AirPods Pro connected to your iPhone and in your ears. 

To enable that feature:

  1. Go to Settings > Siri and Search.
  2. Click on “Announce notifications” and then toggle the switch in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Turn the “Headphones” switch on as well. 

39. Reachability

Back then, if you had a button-equipped iPhone, you could double-tap the home icon to bring things to the bottom of your screen. 

You can do it on the new phones that don’t have a button, but first, you must turn it on. 

Select “Touch” from the Accessibility options in Settings. Turn on the Reachability option. 

You can see the content at the top of the page if you swipe down from the top. 

Is there any tip or trick you like to use on your iPhone 13 Pro Max?

Make sure you use these best tips and tricks for the iPhone 13; they will be fun as well as time-savers.

These are some of the best tips and tricks for the iPhone 13 Pro Max that you should try out today. 

I’ll keep tapping, swiping, and observing everything I discover about the iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

Do we need to add anything to the list that we missed? 

Are there any tips and tricks that you like to use with your iPhone 13 Pro Max? 

I’d like to hear from you in the comment section below. 


When it comes to the iPhone 13, how big is it?

With a 6.1-inch screen and 1170 x 2532 resolution, the iPhone 13 offers an immersive experience.

Apple iPhone 13 is available in what colors?

> The iPhone 13 is available in four colors: Pink, Midnight, Blue, and Product Red.
> Variants of the iPhone 13 mini include the following: Midnight, Blue, Pink, and Starlight;
> Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro is available in the following colors: Graphite, Gold, Silver, Sierra Blue.
> Four colors are available for the iPhone 13 Pro Max: Graphite, Gold, Silver, and Sierra Blue.

What is the 5G network compatibility of the iPhone 13?

Those models who support 5G will find all the iPhone 13 models to keep it.

Is there a cinematic mode on the iPhone 13?

Apple’s iPhone 13 series includes a cinematic mode that enables the focus to change between subjects using artificial intelligence and computational photography.

What will the iPhone 13’s storage capacity be?

iPhone 13-series devices come with different storage options.

The following details are provided:
> 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB versions of the iPhone 13.
> A 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB iPhone 13 mini is available.
> The iPhone 13 Pro is available in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB storage sizes.
> The iPhone 13 Pro Max comes in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB sizes.

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