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Transfer Old iPhone Data to New iPhone 13, Pro, Max

Are you searching How to Transfer Old iPhone Data to New iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13? Then come to the correct web page where we give you full details on How to Transfer Old iPhone Data to New iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13?

Have you just got a new iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro and are now interested in transferring your old iPhone’s data? 

When you have an Android phone, you can quickly transfer information between it and your old iPhone. 

The steps below will demonstrate how to transfer data between your old iPhone and your iPhone 13.

iCloud, iTunes, and QuickStart, formerly known as the Migration Utility, are the three methods that you can use to transfer your old iPhone data to your new iPhone.

You can Backup your iPhone to iCloud and restore it during the setup process on the new iPhone using iCloud. 

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Second, you can use a PC running iTunes to Backup your old iPhone and then restore it on a new iPhone. 

There is no better way than Quick Start because it simplifies the entire process and is the most convenient.

Fast Internet access is an absolute requirement for using the iCloud backup feature. 

Anyhow, there is a chance that the process will take a long time. While iTunes does not impose such limitations, a PC must be connected for this method to work. 

Apple’s iTunes method and Apple’s iCloud method do not depend on you having access to your old iPhone to set up your new phone. 

Whenever you get a new iPhone 13 Pro or 13, you can restore the backup you created before selling the device.

Your old iPhone needs to be accessible for the QuickStart program to work.

How to Transfer Old iPhone Data to New iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13

  • By simply placing your old iPhone next to the new one, the migration process begins. Ensure both devices are connected to Bluetooth.
  • Wireless data storage is possible with a Lightning cable and an adapter, while a wired connection can also be made with the Lightning cable and an adapter.
  • With your new iPhone, you will also need your old Apple ID.
  • A large amount of data transfer may take up to two hours, depending on the amount of data to be transferred.
  • You can also transfer your system settings in addition to your data.
  • In addition, you will have the option of pairing your Apple Watch automatically with your new iPhone.
  • A fast and active internet connection is required if you want to download apps.

Step 1: Align the iPhones side by side.

You may want to bring your old iPhone closely to your new iPhone as it is set up. 

As a result, the QuickStart screen will appear on your old iPhone. 

Touch ID or Face ID should be used to verify your identity in the pop-up.

QuickStart screen
QuickStart screen

Step 2: Using your old iPhone, scan the animation on the new one

Your old phone will need to be scanned using your new iPhone to pair both devices. 

The Authenticate Manually option can be used in case your old phone doesn’t have a camera. 

As a result, it will be able to complete the pairing process.

Step 3: Configure Your New iPhone with Face ID

Your previous iPhone passcode needs to be entered into the new iPhone. The new device will prompt you to turn on Face ID after a few seconds.

Step 4: Choose the method by which you wish to transfer data

When your Face ID is configured, you will be offered to transfer data from an old iPhone or restore an old backup using iCloud. 

It will be displayed by both options how long it will take to complete the complete process.

Transferring from an iPhone is the next step. The Other Options section at the bottom will let you connect two devices over a wired connection to transfer data.

Choosing data transfer method
Choosing data transfer method

Step 5: Follow the setup instructions.

Follow the setup steps where a few terms and conditions will need to be accepted. 

How much data is transferred from the old iPhone may take up to an hour or more? The amount of data on the old iPhone determines how long the process will take.

Unpair your Apple Watch

You must unpair the Apple Watch from your current iPhone before moving content from your current iPhone to your new iPhone.

This method makes it easy to Backup your watch automatically. Your Apple Watch will be backed up automatically when you sync your iPhone or iCloud.

Verify 2-Step Verification with another device

You must enable two-factor authentication (two-factor authentication) for your Apple account. 

Two-step verification is already set up on your old iPhone. A second trusted device should be added to it. Once your new iPhone is set up, your Apple ID needs to be verified.

Using iTunes or iCloud, here’s how you can transfer your old phone data to your new iPhone 13.

Transferring data between your old iPhone and iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro is possible with iTunes.

  • Update iTunes if it is not already installed. Previously released updates can be downloaded from Apple’s website or through the company’s Software Update service.
  • Sync your iPhone 13 with iTunes and start the software.
  • Choose your old iPhone from the Devices list in iTunes.
  • When you click File > Devices > Transfer Purchases, you will be able to save content you’ve downloaded from the iTunes Store or App Store.
  • You’ll need to encrypt the Backup of your old iPhone if you plan on moving passwords, health, or activity data to your new phone. By using this program, you can back up your keychain data, including email passwords, WiFi passwords, and website passwords, as well as health and activity data. To encrypt the device, you will need a password. This password must not be forgotten as otherwise, your Backup will not be restored.
  • For a return to the home page, click here.
  • Check iTunes Preferences > Devices to see if the Backup was successful. It’s essential to know the date and time of your last Backup as well as the name of your old iPhone.

Your iTunes backup can now be transferred to your new iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro.

Step 1: 

Take advantage of the new iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro. Install your new device by following the steps on the screen.

Step 2: 

Select Restore from iTunes Backup under Set Up iPhone.

iTunes Backup
iTunes Backup

Step 3: 

Connect your new iPhone to the same computer that you used to back up your old iPhone.

Step 4:

You can choose between restoring your backups or setting up as new when iTunes asks you. Ensure that iTunes is showing you the most recent backup of your old iPhone. After you select the backup of your old device, click Continue. 

If the Backups are large and your internet connection is fast, you might need to restore them from time to time.

Step 5: 

When your new iPhone restarts, the restore process is completed. You may begin using your new iPhone immediately. Syncing data that was not in your Backup (such as music, videos, apps, etc.) will require connecting your new iPhone to iTunes.

Step 6: 

Click the syncing tabs in iTunes to see which data will be synced and to change them.

Step 7: 

It will also ask for your Apple ID, email address, other accounts, and voicemail password again if you haven’t encrypted your iPhone backup. Because of security reasons, new devices do not automatically restore passwords.

How to Back Up Existing iPhones with iCloud

Your device is backed up once a day by iCloud. However, you should back up your old device one last time to iCloud before you migrate to make sure nothing is lost. 

 iCloud Backup Steps
iCloud Backup Steps

Tap Back Up Now in iCloud > Settings > iCloud > Backup. The process of backing up data can take a long time if there is a lot.

Verify that the Last Backup time reflects the time when the backup was performed.

Your old iPhone needs to be turned off now.

From now on, you can download your iCloud backups to your iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro.

Transferring iCloud backups to iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro

Step 1: 

The iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro should now be on. After you select your language and country, you’ll be prompted to enable Location Services based on the instructions on the screen. Choose your WiFi connection when you are led.

iCloud backups to iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro
iCloud backups to iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro

Step 2: 

In the Set Up iPhone menu, click Restore from iCloud Backup.

Step 3: 

Tap Next in the upper right side corner of the screen once you’ve entered your Apple ID and password.

Step 4: 

The terms and conditions will have to be agreed to. Select Agree from the bottom right corner.

Step 5: 

The list of backups will now appear. Choose Restore from the list to restore your most recent backup. Your device should restart once the Backup has been fixed. 

Your Internet connection speed and the amount of data will affect how long it takes to complete the Backup process.

Step 6: 

Following the completion of the restore process, your iPhone will be asked to restart. After that, you can use the device. 

Syncing data that is not contained in the Backup (like music, videos, apps, and so on) requires that the device be connected to iTunes.

Step 7: 

You will also begin to re-download all your apps in the background of your iPhone 13.

Step 8: 

As well as your Apple ID password, your email address, your other accounts, and your voicemail password will be required. Security rules prevent passwords from being transferred to new devices.

If you are using an iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 Pro Max, you should now be able to get started. 

Your old iPhone can be erased after the data has been restored.

Until the data from iCloud is downloaded to your iPhone 13, you should keep the device connected to WiFi and powered up. In the background, iCloud downloads the data automatically.

A guide on transferring data between an old iPhone and iPhone 13 and 13 Pro

If you purchase a new iPhone in the future, you will probably want your entire collection of data transferred over, from your apps and their positions on the home menu to your photos.

Should you know what you are doing, Apple has made transferring everything between iPhones a no-brainer.

Learn how to transfer all your existing iPhone data to your new iPhone 13 in this guide.

  1. Ensure all of your old iPhone’s settings are backed up and up to date by checking the iCloud settings.
  2. As you turn on your iPhone 13, make sure that your older iPhone is close by and also turned on. If you have an old iPhone, you should see a screen asking you to set up a new one.
  3. You can continue by tapping Continue.
  4. If you have an iPhone 13 or 13 Pro, you will see a blue image, and if you have an old iPhone, you will see a camera screen. Just scan that blue sphere to begin transferring the data.
  5. Afterward, you’ll proceed as usual by following the steps and selecting what you want to be transferred over.

However, if you prefer a computer to complete this process, there are also methods to go about it. This, however, is the most effective and simplest one.

Are you wondering how to move data from your old iPhone to the new iPhone 13? Here’s what you can do:

Taking your existing iPhone 13 and transferring it to the new iPhone 13 is an option. 

When you restore data from your iCloud Backup, you can also retrieve data that is kept on your computer, or if you’re restoring data from your previous iPhone directly to your new one, use device-to-device migration. 

Data restoration from a backup has currently known issues, so this article describes how to migrate your data from one wireless device.

Transferring data from one iPhone 13 to another is, without a doubt, most convenient when done device-to-device. 

This Transfer includes data such as pictures, apps, login credentials, device preferences, and so forth. 

Instead of downloading apps from your existing iPhone, like an iCloud backup, they are obtained directly from the App Store. 

As a result, the method is more advantageous than restoring from a backup since you won’t have to relog into all your apps again after the Restore.

Using the QuickStart process, you can migrate your wireless devices from one device to another. 

As always, Backup your current iPhone before transferring data to a new one, just in case something goes wrong.

As part of the iPhone 13 configuration, you are also asked to “Transfer Cellular Plan” if you have an eSim plan. After the iPhone has been set up, select Later to finish the planned Transfer after selecting the numbers you want to transfer.

1. The new iPhone 13 needs to be running iOS 12.4 or later to work with your current iPhone, so both must be plugged into power outlets. You should sit the new iPhone 13 next to your current iPhone and turn it on. When setting up your new Apple device, you can use your Apple ID from your existing iPhone. Tap Continue after confirming that it is the Apple ID you wish to use.

2. The iPhone 13’s screen will display an animated GIF if you hold it up to the camera’s viewfinder. The message that appears will tell you that you are finished setting up your new phone.

iPhone 13's screen with animated GIF
iPhone 13’s screen with animated GIF

3. You’ll need to change your passcode if the current one isn’t accepted. When prompted, you should change the passcode.

4. You can set up a Face ID on your iPhone 13 using the steps below.

5. Transferring data from your iPhone 13 to your computer is as easy as tapping the Transfer from iPhone button. Apple Pay and Siri are some of the additional settings that should be available for you to transfer to your new iPhone.

6. You will be asked to transfer the data and settings from your Apple Watch paired to your current iPhone.

7. While the data migration process is ongoing, keep both iPhones plugged into power and near each other.

Transferring data between iPhones can take a while, depending on the existing smartphone. On the data transfer screen, Apple displays an estimation of how much time it will take for the data to be transferred.

Wired connections are an option for those with slow wireless networks. Besides the Lightning to USB 3 camera adapter and Lightning to USB cable, you need a Lightning to USB cable. 

Your iPhone 13 can then be connected to the adaptor by plugging the Lightning to USB Cable into the adaptor and then your current iPhone adapter. Continue to follow the above steps to connect your iPhone.

Ensure you adequately erase every bit of data on your old iPhone before selling or trading it in for a bit more cash.

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I hope you like our article on How to Transfer Old iPhone Data to New iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13.

If you switched from an iPhone 12 to a shiny new iPhone 13 Pro, please comment below and tell us how the whole process went for you. Were you able to transfer it successfully, or did you have to set it up again?

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