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Steps To Take A Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy M31 [Best 6 Methods]

I will show you how to take screenshots on the Samsung M31 today in this article. Keeping an eye on your Samsung Galaxy M31 and wondering how to take a screenshot is easy with our guide.

Additionally, screenshots are a standard feature on mobile phones, and many people use them frequently. 

A social media moment, a high score from a game, or even a payment receipt can be captured and shared. 

The purpose of this post is to illustrate how to take screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy M31.

The Samsung Galaxy M31 makes taking screenshots easy. Also, taking a screenshot on a Samsung device is easy, thanks to multiple options. 

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The following are four different ways to do the same thing. Depending on what is most convenient for you, you can choose one of them.

Six methods for taking screenshots on Samsung Galaxy M31

1. Use hardware keys to take a screenshot of the Galaxy M31.

Various methods exist for taking a screenshot, but the most common way is to use the side buttons of the Galaxy M series.

  1. You need to navigate to the page where you want to print screenshots and set up the screen accordingly.
  2. While holding the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously, you must select the screenshot you wish to print. There will be a flashing and a slight shrinkage of the screen.
  3. It will take a few seconds before the screenshot tool strip appears at the bottom of the screen. Scrolling screenshots can be taken using the tools, or screenshots can be edited using the tools. The screenshot is saved automatically if you do nothing.

2. You can take a screenshot using your palm when you are using the Galaxy M31.

With Samsung Galaxy M31, you can perform many everyday tasks through gestures. Taking a screenshot with the palm of your hand is one of these gestures. Default settings enable this gesture. You can still make sure, however, by following the steps below.

  • Click Settings and advanced features, then select Motions and gestures.
  • By swiping the switch to the right, a Palm swipe to capture should be enabled.

Once it is configured, you can take a screenshot using your palm. To do that,

  • Screenshots should be taken with a properly adjusted screen and content.
  • Slide your palm across the screen of the M31 by placing it at the edge of the screen. The motion can be done right to left or left to right.
  • Taking a screenshot is indicated by the screen flashing and shrinking.

3. By using the assistive touch menu, you can take screenshots.

A touchscreen menu with more than one option is known as an assistive touch menu. Following are the steps you need to follow to take a screenshot this way.

  • In Settings, select Accessibility, then Interaction and dexterity. Activate the Assistant Menu.
  • Upon entering the Assistive menu, a screen will appear.
  • You will now be able to grab a screenshot of the page you selected.
  • To access the Assistant menu, tap on the icon.
  • Click the Screenshot button.
  • This will allow you to save a screenshot.

4. The Galaxy M31 has ways to capture long screenshots and scroll screenshots.

Scrolling the screen will help you capture screenshots that are longer than the phone display. To accomplish that,

  1. Your screen and content should be set up the way you like.
  2. Use the assistive menu, palms, or buttons to take screenshots.
  3. Select the scrolling capture button from the tool strip that appears. The next page will be scrolled to, and the screen will be captured. If you tap the button more than once, the screenshot adds additional length.

5. With the Samsung Galaxy M31, you can capture a screenshot with your voice.

In today’s smartphones, Google Assistant makes it possible to take screenshots just by speaking. I’ll take a screenshot of whatever is on my screen.” Google replies, after which a screenshot will be accepted.

In addition, you can combine commands to ask Google to take a screenshot and post it to Facebook or Twitter.

6. Taking a screenshot of a Samsung Galaxy M31 screen using an application

Here is the best screenshot application I found for you if you feel like taking a screenshot. You can take screenshots very quickly using Screenshot Easy, which is a screenshot-taking application.

Final Words

We’ve completed our list of ways to capture a screenshot of the Samsung Galaxy M31. 

Do you think there are any alternative methods of taking screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy M31? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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