Straight Talk Flip Phone
Straight Talk Flip Phone

Top 3 Best Straight Talk Flip Phone: Prepaid Plans and Packages

Here we present the best and top 3 Straight Talk Flip Phone with its plan & packages. When the flip phones first came out, everyone wanted to have one of those phones. They were very popular before. In this era of smartphones, many people may not remember flip phones, but they are still available.

Still, a large number of people use flip phones. They are the best phone for basic communication. They are easy to use as there aren’t many apps and functions like smartphones. The call sounds are better sometimes better than a smartphone. Flip phones can last 2-3 days with just one charge. They are also small and much cheaper.

Over time flip phones have become old but so are the people who loved these phones. Senior citizens still love flip phones. Because most of the time, they are not compatible with smartphones with unlimited functions.

Flip phones can be the first phone of your kids. You might want your kids to have a communication device to communicate with them while they are not close to you. But a smartphone could be too much for a kid. In that case, a flip phone will be a good choice.

Again even if you have a smartphone, you can also use a flip phone. You can use a flip phone as a backup phone. As smartphones charges don’t last for a long time, flip phones will come in handy. Flip phones will also attract fewer robbers.

Today’s flip phones are not like it was before. They are both upgraded and updated.

We have found the best straight talk flip phones available now in 2021 for you.

  1. Plum RAM 8
  2. Plum flipper 2
  3. LG 441G

 The details are written below.

1. Plum RAM 8

It is a rugged phone. Additionally, is the strongest flip phone you can find now. Also, it has an IP68 rating and certified military grade. This phone is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. For a senior citizen, This will be a perfect flip phone. It will also be the best phone for kids who break stuff easily.

Design: The phone looks strong just by design. Even though it’s a rugged phone, it still looks very good. The orange color on the black body of the phone makes the design very attractive.

The buttons of the phone are very big. It also has a dedicated camera and flashlight button and an SOS button. You can save an emergency number on the SOS button. Just clicking the SOS button will call on that number.

Display: Additionally, It comes with 2 displays. The internal display is TFT type 2.4 inch display. The external display is small and will only show the caller’s name, time, and date.

Camera: It uses a 5MP camera. The pictures are not that good but can be used for taking normal pictures. For a cheap phone, you can’t expect a good camera. These phones are mostly built for basic communication. But for the price 5MP is a very good camera.

Battery: It uses a 1200mAh battery. It will give you 8 hours of continuous talk time in one charge. On stand by it will last 128 hours (5days) with just one charge.

Connection: It is a 4G phone. As network providers are slowly stopping 2G and 3G, it will be a great phone for the long run. Because 4G is not going to stop soon. It also supports dual sim.

Storage: It has 128MB of internal memory, but you can increase it to 32GB using a Micro SD card.

Package contains: It will come with a charger, USB cable, headphones, small screw diver, and a charging base.

The small screwdriver is to open the back part of the phone.

The phone is best in durability. But the phone uses a lot of old hardware. This phone is mostly good for calling and massaging. For the other stuff, it is not that good. If you want a flip phone that is very durable and only use for calling and massaging, then it will be the best phone for you.


  • Highly durable.
  • Has 4G.
  • 5MP camera.
  • Has flashlight.
  • Dual sim.


  • No Wi-Fi.
  • No Bluetooth.
  • Old hardware.
  • Very few functions.

2. Plum Flipper 2

It is a very slim flip phone from the same brand as before. It’s a very beautiful phone that you will like. It’s also small and very lightweight.  So, it’s very comfortable to use with one hand. The body is made with a special material that prevents all kinds of scratches.

Plum flipper 2 has all most all the functions that you need.

Design: Just as we mentioned before, it’s very slim no matter from what angle you see it. The design is also very simple, but it also makes it very beautiful. It’s available in 3 colors Red, Black, and Navy Blue.

The buttons of this phone are big and soft. It also has 3 dedicated buttons for camera, flashlight, and music. One-click and it will take you to the camera or music function or turn on the flashlight.

Display: Like other flip phones, it doesn’t have 2 displays. It only has 1 display. It is a TFT-type 2.4-inch display.

Camera: The camera is only 1.3MP. At this price, we can’t expect a good camera. But you can use it for normal things like taking pictures of objects.

Battery: It uses a Li-ion 750mAh battery. For the size of the enough to give you a long battery backup. With one charge, it gives you up to 4 hours of talk time and on standby, it’s 150 hours (6days).

Connection: It is a 2G phone. Now that there are 4G and 5G available, a 2G is a bit of a problem. But in places where 2G is still available, it won’t cause any problem. It also supports dual sim.

You also get Bluetooth on this phone.

Storage: It only has 32MB of internal storage. But you can use a micro SDcard to increase to 16GB.

Package contains: it includes a charger and a headphone.


  • Has a flashlight.
  • Supports SDcard up to 16GB.
  • Slim body.
  • Has Bluetooth.
  • Dua sim.


  • Doesn’t support 3G or 4G.
  • Only a 1.3MP camera.
  • Low internal storage.
  • No Wi-Fi.

3. LG 441G

In the end, we have the LG 441G flip phone. It is a classic-looking 3G phone. It has almost all the necessary functions you need in your everyday life.

Design: The design is a bit classic with some modern touches. On the ride side of the phone, you have the volume button and charging port.

Display: It comes with 2 displays. The internal display is a 2.2-inch display. The external display is very small almost 1 inch. It only just shows you time and date.

Camera: It has a 1.3MP camera. Not a good one but you can use it in some cases.

Battery: It uses a 950mAh battery. It will give you a 3½  hour talk time and on standby, it will last up to 7 days. It is a 3G phone, that’s why it drains charge faster.

Connection: It supports 3G. So, it will give you good connectivity and speed. It also has 2.1 Bluetooth. You can share with others using Bluetooth.

Storage: It has 256MB internal memory but only 82MB usable. There is no Micro SD card slot.

Package contains: It only includes a charger and a battery.


  • 3G – Yes
  • 2 displays.
  • Bluetooth.


  • No 4G.
  • No Wi-Fi.
  • Low internal storage.
  • No Micro SDcard slot.
  • A 1.3MP camera.

These are the best Straight talk flip phones. They are not filled with high-quality features and hardware but enough for daily life. These phones have better call quality than a smartphone. If you don’t like high-tech android smartphones then use these phones.

Straight Talk Flip Phone FAQs

  • Can I download or install an app?
  • No.

  • Can these phones connect with Wi-Fi?
  • No.

  • Can I listen to music or download them?
  • Yes, you can listen to music. But you cannot download them. You have to download music on another device and then use Bluetooth to transfer them into these phones. You can also transfer music to an SDcard through your PC.

  • Will Walmart’s Straight Talk plan work?
  • Yes.

  • Do these phones have GPS?
  • No.

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