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iPhone X Vs iPhone XR

iPhone X Vs XR is one of the most searched comparisons of iPhone of 2021 because both devices have a great fan and user base around the globe.

If you’re an Apple fan, you undoubtedly wouldn’t be able to wait before the upcoming iPhone model comes down. However, there is a problem, you can’t sometimes justify paying the higher price of the new launch.

On top of all that, the last several models of the iPhone didn’t have many new innovative features making it much harder to decide which one is right for you based on performance and value.

iPhone X and XR Compare
iPhone X and XR Compare

If you’re planning to purchase the winner of iPhone x vs XR are 2 relatively recent versions that may immediately spring to mind. So what is the dissimilarity between both the iPhone x vs XR, and which one is the best for you?

Throughout this article, we decompose everything that you need to learn regarding X and XR versions, which include features, ratings, advantages, disadvantages, cost, and much more – to help you make the right decisions.

If you just stick to the end of this article, we’ll give you the opportunity to make some insane good offers on the latest and certified used iPhone models!

Generally speaking, the iPhone X & XR both are fantastic smartphones that have received much-respected feedback from the Apple audience.

They have both their location, each matching some certain type of consumer. Evaluating which one is better for you is just a value proposition, specifications, and personal choice.

It’s now 2021 and although the iPhone X still seems fairly fresh. It’s been a while since iPhone X was launched you’re curious if you’re still good off like the XR, you’re not the only one!

Let us just dissolve the features that each smartphone has to deliver to get through to the roots of which iPhone is better for you to buy; the iPhone X or the iPhone XR.

The iPhone X symbolizes the removal of the home button and produces a solid body iPhone safe from dust and water like few other devices.

They both can live underwater at 1meter for approximately 30 or 40 minutes without taking any damage.

However, the XR increases the limit up to 2 meters. Apple also implemented the Face ID, which further proceeded with the XR.

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The XR is a larger, heavier handset. It looks more like a tiny phone, and that can be a two-handed phone for most users. Apart from the scale, the biggest improvement is a quicker chipset.

The quality of the OLED display panel in the X is much greater than the XR. Each cell phone has its own benefits and weaknesses.

Now let us see every segment that buyers recognize most essential while purchasing a new smartphone to give an insight into which iPhone (x vs xr) is suitable for you.

Here is all a detailed comparison of iPhone X Vs XR:


The color offerings for the iPhone X are minimal. You’ve got options on the usual grays, blacks, as well as silver. It’s elegant and full of glass, though. It feels fantastic in your palm. It’s lightweight even though this is coated in stainless steel.

iPhone x vs xr : Design
iPhone x vs xr : Design

The iPhone XR has a broad variety of color choices and designs available. It’s covered in aluminum instead of stainless steel. Several complained that this causes the device to feel inexpensive.

It is perhaps one of the compromises used by Apple to lower the price for this alternative.

The iPhone XR has a cool look with a broad range of colors. The popular colors are 

  • White 
  • Black 
  • Blue 
  • coral
  • Yellow  
  • Red 

Yet, when many users cover their smartphones with covers, color vanishes easily as just an attraction. Due to its size and color, the iPhone XR really succeeds with a stunning appeal as it sits on the shelf of the Apple retailer.


The iPhone X uses a combination of 2 back cameras. They are a 12-megapixel f/1.8 wide-angle camera lens and even a 12-megapixel f/2.4 telephoto camera lens, also with OIS. 

Including they enable 4K video recording up to 60 frames per second, 1080p slow-motion up to 240 frames per second, alongside outstanding single photos.

iPhone x vs xr : Cameras
iPhone x vs xr : Cameras

Apple has opted for a single 12-megapixel f/1.8 wide-angle camera with an OIS on the XR. This is strengthened by a faster chip and sensor.

The Neural Engine in the A12 Bionic chip enables innovative ways of photography including the Smart HDR that enhances the capturing of highlights and shadows in photographs, the Depth Control that helps you to adjust the depth of the field while taking a shot, as well as the improved Portrait selfies.

Moreover, the iPhone xr has the potential for recording 4K videos at a maximum of 60 frames per second and also 1080p slow-motion videos at a maximum of 240 frames each second.

With the introduction of the iPhone X, the standard of the camera took a major jump into the coming years.

The dual 12-megapixel relative advantage promised good images than the existing phone models. The dual configuration offers an optical zoom benefit. Regrettably, these were dropped to the iPhone XR.

Although with the lack of dual configuration, the iPhone XR remained in portrait selfie mode. Portrait image mode lets you shot pictures of people with a slight blur of background blur and better exposure to the object.

This helps you to produce high-quality professional studio images of friends and loved ones.

The lack of the increased zoom function can be an annoyance. You may need to move somewhat nearer to your object, where the iPhone X enables you to zoom from even more ranges.

Almost all smartphones enable smart HDR picture processing. Smart HDR allows us to take several images at different exposures and then merge everything into a single compact image.

Unless you’re a picture enthusiast, the iPhone X is the perfect phone both for photos and videos. Although the iPhone XR is indeed an upgrade over previous versions until the iPhone X is launched.

Applications & Performance

The iPhone X arrives with iPhone operating system 11 and now the iPhone XR brings with iOS 12. There are quite a couple of major advantages to iOS 12, but just don’t let that be a decisive reason to buy an XR.

Users can update their operating system(IOS) 11 to 12 on their iPhone X and have the same advantages.

iOS 12 provides higher processing efficiency even when protecting battery life. You can also update it on an outdated iPhone 6 & applications can launch up to 40 percent faster.

iOS 12 as well provides AR-enabled applications and app developers can take advantage of design features that require Augmented Reality. Advancements are also made for Siri voice assistant, Facetime, and amazing animated emojis.

The biggest improvement to the iPhone XR seems to be the update to the A12 Bionic chipset. The A12 works with a speedier CPU. It’s 1.5x quicker than the iPhone X: 4 x 2.49 Gigahertz & 4 x 1.6 Gigahertz vs 2 x 2.53 & 4 x 1.42 Gigahertz.

The scale of the semiconductor decreases from 10nm to 7nm. In addition to a more powerful processor, the iPhone XR advances on X with quicker LTE including dual SIM functionality.

If you really require speed and are a heavy application user, you will see a big difference with XR against X compared to the processing capacity it has.


By its display, the iPhone X comes out on top. It offers an OLED Retina screen versus the stock XR Lcd screen.

The phrase “retina display” is the terminology used by Apple for its technology. The details displayed are so smooth and clear that it is difficult for the human eye to differentiate between independent pixels.

The whites are lighter, and the blacks are darker, providing a wonderful contrast that you don’t get from other LCD screens.

The pixel density is significantly greater at 458 pixels each inch compared to the iPhone XR pixel value at 326ppi, and even the resolution is greater at (1125 x 2436) compared to the iPhone XR resolution at (828 x 1792). 

Even though the resolution might not be quite as good, the XR wins on the screen resolution. However, with a bigger display, high Definition 1080p content cannot be viewed. 

If you’re watching a lot of media content on your computer, you’ll enhance the pleasure of the better image quality that the iPhone X offers.

iPhone X Vs. XR: Price

64 gigabyte256 gigabyte64 gigabyte-Refurbished
iPhone x$899$1049$479.99
iPhone xr$599$899$489.99
Apple iPhone XR Vs. X Price Table

As you’ve seen, selling prices is significantly different between a fresh iPhone XR or an iPhone X, but Apple no longer offers brand-new iPhone X devices.

It is a trick of Apple’s plan with the XR was to launch a phone with identical and often improved functionality than the X but at a reasonable price point.

The new iPhone might be a lot different, but you could still find relatively inexpensive refurbished iPhone x’s at about a similar cost as the latest iPhone xr.

Since the XR dropped in at a cheaper price, and the desire for the iPhone x was not as high as before. For that reason, it moves to the second-hand market.

Battery Life

The iPhone XR is fuelled by Apple’s new A12 chipset which is faster and better than the iPhone X A11 chipset. 

Each smartphone is quick and easy to use, and although it’s difficult to see too much difference in performance. Yet you can certainly assume that A12 helps to make the battery life a little longer.

Adding to the reality that the XR’s Lcd display consumes lesser energy and also has a bigger 2942mAh battery, so it’s not difficult to see that the XR comes first in this battery department between two iPhones.

Battery life can be difficult to determine. One of the traditional indicators is the analysis of talk time. The battery life for both XR and the iPhone X raises by 4 hours. The X declares 21 hours of uninterrupted talk time and the XR increases it to 25 hours.

One explanation the XR has enhanced battery life is the decreased performance of the screen. Although you may not be allowed to discern the output of the OLED screen from the Lcd screen of the iPhone XR.

The LCD display panel increases the efficiency of the battery life. Through having a bigger smartphone, Apple was able to add a bigger battery within the XR.

Each model supports wireless charging. However, the wireless charging of the iPhone X is significantly quicker than the iPhone XR. The wireless charge adapter is not provided in the device package which is an extra purchase.


The iPhone XR is about 5 percent larger than the two models, but that additional size makes it something like 10 percent bulky and thicker.

The explanation behind this disparity in overall weight is that the iPhone X uses a thinner, more compact Amoled screen than a thicker LCD display.

Apple covered the iPhone XR with aluminum instead of stainless steel to adjust for the bigger and thicker LCD. Aluminum can be a compromise for others since stainless steel epitomizes quality products.

iPhone x & xr Dimensions

It’s important for some scale. However, big isn’t always good. Gripping a bigger smartphone might prove to be problematic.

And you may need to buy extra add-ons to keep it running or make it feel more confident in your palm.

Most are likely to do it with a bigger size, particularly when multimedia is significant. You’ve got to think about how you’re using your smartphone and whether the additional size will boost your comfort.


It can sometimes be difficult to locate the iPhone X. You can browse for it on old product discount giving sites such as Best Buy, Walmart even Target, and discover several other versions much easier than you might find the X.

The price of the smartphone decreased Apple’s production and consumption production. The iPhone X has also been removed from the Apple official site.

The iPhone XR had quite a demand in the marketplace because a result of pricing and production increased significantly. The Apple iPhone X is easier to purchase in the second-hand market. 

Apple can’t produce as much of them as they’d have not much demand and many of them were transferred to the secondhand market. In reality, you will sometimes get an iPhone X at the very same pricing as a higher version of XR.

Apple iPhone X & XR: Network Carriers

During the time of the iPhone XR launch. Apple introduced a SIM-free version of the iPhone which can be used by any operator. It’s much more difficult with the iPhone X and previous models.

Many of the iPhones have been produced exclusively for some carriers. And due to network limitations. You can’t instantly switch phones between carriers. 

If you are linked to a particular carrier, and you believe that the X is perfect for yourself, ensure that phones are accessible for certain carriers, or search for an unlocked handset that operates on any carrier service.

iPhone X & XR: Customer Reviews

Generally speaking, the iPhone X was a huge success. Including over 15,000 feedback on Google+ and a rating of 4.7/5 stars. The traditional home button is completely removed the first time from the iPhone X. 

This caused a lot of discomfort at first for users particularly at the price range that Apple was pushing for. Through time, customers have gotten used to the functionality.

As well as the other versions will proceed not having any kind of home button. Unless the absence of the home button is a concern, then every version after that, particularly the XR, would be a huge disappointment.

On the other hand, Sum up, the iPhone XR was just as popular as the X. Including over 13,000 comments on Google+ and also a rating of 4.7/5 stars, the reviews are still as strong as the X.

Apple x vs. xr color: red & black
Apple x vs. xr color: red & black

iPhone X: Pros

  • Big Gorgeous OLED screen: The super Oled screen separates the iPhone X from all of the past versions of Apple’s flagship devices. And also the iPhone X screen renders all the colors visually beautiful because it has genuine blacks, allowing high-level brightness, which arrives with even a 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio. This is one of the big advantages.
  • Portrait selfies are excellent: The iPhone X allows the front and rear portrait mode. X has an 8-megapixel front-facing camera so that the user can take perfect Portrait Mode Selfies with cool backgrounds. And cinematically blurred surroundings can be used.

And 12-megapixel backside wide-angle cameras including telephoto cameras provide a function called Portrait Lighting that adds studio-quality ambient lighting to your images. The portraits I’ve seen shot with an iPhone X are unbelievable.

  • Speed of Chipset Is Fast: Within the iPhone X is an A11 Bionic processor which builds in 64-bit architecture, an integrated M11 motion coprocessor as well as a neural engine.

This computing power greatly improves the speed of smartphones so that applications can be opened and in a flash. In particular, you’ll note how smooth the gameplay experience with the iPhone X is.

  • Facial recognition is working really well: Described as the Face ID, the face recognition functionality offers reliable authentication when the user unlocks his/her iPhone X and pays with Apple Pay. The Front camera has a TrueDepth camera for face recognition and is very simple to set up. Face ID evaluates over 30,000 intangible dots to construct a depth map of someone’s face that guarantees reliability and eliminates identity fraud.
  • Wireless Charging: Whenever the iPhone X, iPhone 8, including iPhone 8 Plus were revealed by Apple during September 2017. One of its highlightings had been wireless charging. These smartphones became the first Apple flagship devices to enable wireless charging and seem to be compatible with Qi. And thankfully, there is also a range of Qi wireless chargers that have been commercially available when Apple announced that wireless charging would be allowed on its latest smartphones.
  • IP67 Rating: iPhone X is IP67 qualified. This implies that the iPhone X is fully dust-proof. It can tolerate water submersion around 1 meter or 3 feet for 25-30 minutes. This ensures users can be confident that your iPhone X will continue to work even though they use it in a bathroom or in a pool.

iPhone X: Cons

  • Notch Feels Strange: A lot of people could feel weird about the iPhone X. When you enjoy games or watch videos on youtube, it’s weird that a segment is missing. So it takes some time and becomes adjusted to swiping left down to go to notification center and swipe right to go control center. 

Since Apple launched the iPhone X, programmers still had to struggle to make their applications work across the corner. As a result, a range of apps without to help the notch then they may appear unstable.

Amusingly, a range of Smartphone manufacturers has chosen to create notch smartphones as well. This includes smartphones made by LG, OnePlus including Huawei.

  • Feels Large In The Pocket: The scale of the iPhone X is 5.65 x 2.79 x 0.30 inches. Depending on this scale, you should feel fairly massive in your pocket trousers. And in certain situations, you may also have a difficult time allowing it to suit in the pocket of your jeans.

And furthermore, you can also have a hard time adjusting your wallets and handbags. This may encourage many people to search for unique sizes of clothing with wider pockets including accessories to accommodate larger iPhones.

iPhone xr: Pros

  •  Top Class Design: The iPhone XR sounds identical to the iPhone XS as it has identical rounded edges and reinforced glass on the rear including a notch on the front of the screen. At a display length of 6.1-inch, the iPhone XR looks like such a phablet, but it really is shorter than the XS Max.
  • Outstanding Battery life: A key advantage is the battery life of the iPhone XR over the other iPhone, such as XS and XS Max. With fewer pixels for each inch of energy, the battery life of the iPhone XR is one of the lengthiest premium phones in 2018.
  • Dual SIM Mode: Amazingly, The iPhone XR supports a dual SIM feature. So, now users can use the smartphone for individual and commercial phone numbers. Make sure: For this feature to function, the iPhone XR must be unlocked.
  • IP67 Rating: The iPhone XR provides an IP67 rating that means it is dustproof and XR can be operated a minimum of 3.28 feet underwater or 1 meter, duration 30 min. This isn’t quite as great as the IP68 rating on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, although it is useful for those users who like to use XR while swimming.
  • Powerful hardware: Internal parts of the iPhone XR were not compromised by Apple. The iPhone XR utilizes the very same A12 Bionic processor as the iPhone XS and Max.

This means that applications are easily opened, animations are not delayed. Even though Apple improved iOS 12 to dramatically boost the performance of its phones in 2018. The iPhone XR is blazing fast. Another reason for this speed the iPhone XR has a massive 3GB of RAM constructed as well. You will find a change in particular if you update to the iPhone XR from the iPhone 6S or 7.

iPhone xr: Cons

  • No 3D Touch: The iPhone XR has a Haptic Touch instead of a 3D Touch. 3D Touch is much better because users can click application icons to enable Fast Actions like the “Take Selfie”. You can also use it for opening the Notification Center. 3D Touch already has a function called “Peek” & “Pop,” that enables users to preview menu options and easily activate those actions.

3D Touch phones also enable a technology called Live Wallpapers. This helps you to apply your wallpaper to animate it on the assumption that this is a live picture.

Apple is seeking to substitute for the absence of Haptic Touch on the iPhone XR by providing some Fast Action options on certain applications. Although it’s relatively slow. Again, “Peek” and “Pop” don’t work properly. Live wallpapers even don’t fit on the iPhone XR.

  • Single Camera: In terms of providing a cheaper price for the iPhone XR, this one has a single camera instead of dual cameras on the XS and XS Max. The iPhone XR doesn’t even have a 2X zoom lens. In most situations, the iPhone XR’s digital zoom is necessary.

The single-camera also has restrictions on the Portrait Mode. Portrait mode applies a bokeh feature to the images, meaning that the background of images can be blurred while taking a shot on the subject.

iPhone XR has a drawback of Portrait Mode that you can only use it on humans. But, you can’t use it for taking pictures of your dog or food items.

iPhone X and XR: FAQs

Which one is better: iPhone x or xr better?

It offers an OLED Retina screen versus the stock XR LCD display panel. iPhone x provides you 458 pixels which are greater than iPhone XR pixel density at 326ppi.

And the resolution is much higher at iPhone X  1125 X 2436 compared to the iPhone XR resolution at 828 x 1792.

Why is your iPhone XR affordable than your iPhone X?

The XR is affordable mostly due to cheaper parts like the aluminum body frame. Although Apple gives you an LCD display screen and lowers video quality to save money. This is still lightyears away better than ones before the X.

Does the iPhone XR box have the AirPods? 

Yeah. However, they’re wired earbuds, because you require an adapter to use. Unless you choose to go wireless, you have to buy it separately.

Is it good enough to justify the upgrade from iPhone X to XR?

The iPhone X stays a Powerful great smartphone and overrules the XR in a variety of respects. However, the XR has a faster processor, a bigger display panel, and also a lower cost tag attracts the buyer very much than iPhone X. 

Is 64GB sufficient for an iPhone XR?

For most consumers, 64GB will be enough. However, if you like storing large amounts of music, podcasts, videos, and photos on your devices, you will eat up the 64GB quickly.

What’s the main distinction between an iPhone X vs XR?

Pricing is the most noticeable distinction between the 2 phones. The XR arrives somewhat cheaper than the X. But if you’re drawn to the X. You may get great offers on a pre-owned device.

The iPhone XR is a speedy smartphone and provides long time battery life. Although it’s thicker and bulkier.

The iPhone X defeats the iPhone XR with its impressive high-end displays and picture and video capabilities. If you are using your smartphone for recording videos or photography, the X is a preferable device.

Which iPhone should you buy iPhone x vs xr?

This really relies on your own technical requirements and uses as well.

The iPhone X should be chosen, if:

  • You require high definition video and audio.
  • Photography is your interest, and to be imaginative with photographs and videos.
  • You like a tiny, slimmer, lighter smartphone.

iPhone XR should be chosen, if:

  • You would like to make your smartphone a workhorse
  • You enjoy a strong, transparent system with a clean look.
  • Efficiency and speed are critical
  • Need long-lasting Battery life 
  •  Searching for an inexpensive iPhone


Undoubtedly, iPhone x vs XR both are amazing handsets and both have some positive sides as well as negative sides. It’s the appropriate time to start figuring out which one to buy is better for you.

But, before purchasing you must read our full article deeply and focus on these two iPhone x or XR. For more queries please come to the comment sections. Cheers.

Apple iPhone XR Vs. X Video Reviews:

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