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Smartphone Sanitizer

What is a smartphone sanitizer:

Do you know how important a smartphone sanitizer? It is a gadget that helps us disinfect our smartphones from various, bad bacteria, germs, and other microorganisms that resides on the surface of our smartphones.

Do we need a smartphone sanitizer:

it is not like we will die if we don’t use a smartphone sanitizer. But now in 2020, we are going through a global pandemic, now we have to keep ourselves clean, hygienic as much as we can.

We have to wash our hands as often as we could to prevent getting infected with any kind of disease or bacteria, virus, and everyone is doing that, but are we washing our smartphones?

Smartphones are like a part of our body now, we can’t do anything without them. The reason we need to clean or sanitize our smartphones is that it contains a lot of bad bacteria and viruses.

A lot means a lot according to a scientist from the University of Arizona a phone contains 10x more harmful germs than most toilet seats not only that it carries 18x more bacteria than a flush handle in a men’s toilet.

According to journalist Boby Caina Calven from Seattle Times, per square inch 25,127 bacteria is on your phone surface. Without absolute necessity, we don’t want to touch the toilets but we are touching our phones every time like after eating, before eating, after sneezing, or coughing.

This makes all the efforts to keep ourselves clean goes in vain. After washing or sanitizing our hands “a swipe on the phone bacteria comes along”.

Again covid-19 is a virus that can also spread via smartphones, the reason is a covid-19 virus can live on a smartphone screen for 96 hours or 4 days at room temperature.

All the germs along with the covid-19 virus they are successful in transferring from surface to surface and droplets from sneezing or coughing are enough to transfer these germs.

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Smartphones are always on our side we are carrying it everywhere even in the toilet we are touching our phones after touching many things again leaving them onto various surfaces without knowing what was there before.

We also clean our houses and toilets but we are not cleaning our phones. You can say we have a lot of reasons to clean or sanitize our smartphones.

But we also don’t need a smartphone sanitizer we can also use alcohol or something that has 70% alcohol in it. But sanitizer has some advantages again disadvantages too.

How do smartphone sanitizers work?

Smartphone sanitizers use UVC light to kill germs or bacteria. By wavelength ranges, UV is categorized. UV-C or Ultraviolet-C is also known as “germicidal UV” has a short wavelength between 200 to 280nm.

To kill the microorganisms, it destroys their nucleic acids and the ability to reproduce or can say disrupt their DNA. Again the effect is limited to the microorganisms it doesn’t affect the device the device will be safe.

3 important reasons why should we own a smartphone sanitizer:

For hygiene purposes: In this pandemic, we need to do our utmost to keep ourselves clean. Though we are using masks, washing hands, using sanitizer we are not completely safe people are still getting infected by the deadly virus.

The reason is we might be forgetting or neglecting or making mistakes which could be the reason for getting infected. So we need to sterilize the objects that come in contact with us in our everyday life like smartphones, watches, wallets, keys, credit cards, etc.

Prevent diseases to spread and get infected: If we sanitize our everyday products it reduces the chance of getting infected and spreading at the same time. This germ thrives on surface transfer but sanitizing smartphones and other everyday objects prevents the surface transfer.

You gave it your best: It’s up to you whether you will use a mask, you will wash your hands, or clean your phones. But if you take all the necessary steps you can take, it will make you feel a lot safer.

Should we go for the UV sanitizer or alcohol

We can also use alcohol instead of UV sanitizer. But again a tool is a tool if you know how to use it, if you don’t it’s nothing but a piece of garbage. If you use alcohol you need to know how to clean with alcohol.

And if you are a person who is very sensitive about germs and bacteria you should go with the alcohol or cleaning products that have 70% alcohol in them. For UV sanitizer you need to put your phone in it and turn it on.

But alcohol is much more batter than UV sanitizer, the reason is because of certain smartphone designs, dirt UV light became unable to reach some spaces.

If you are a person who wants to clean your phone thoroughly then go with the alcohol, again it’s free or you can say much cheaper than a UV sanitizer. If you want it for family use then go for the UV sanitizer.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), solutions containing at least 70% alcohol will properly sterilize our devices and kill the coronavirus.

Top 5 Smartphone sanitizer mentioned below that you can use:

There are the top 5 sanitizers for your smartphone-

1. Homedics UV clean phone sanitizer

Homedics UV clean phone Sanitizer
Homedics UV clean phone Sanitizer

It’s a portable smartphone sanitizer. It’s very convenient to use and transport between your bags, purse, and suitcase. You don’t have to connect it with electricity while sanitizing your phone.

You just charge it and then you can carry it anywhere and sanitize not only your phone but also your other necessary things like keys, credit cards, phone case, eyeglasses, makeup brushes, jewelry, and other small things that you can fit in it.

It uses two UVC LEDs to cover your phone properly. It needs 3 hours to charge from 0 to 100. There are 70 cycles per charge which are actually 35 because it needs two cycles to fully sanitize your phone or the thing you are sanitizing.

It needs 30 seconds per side and a total of 60 seconds to completely sanitize your phone. You have to flip your phone after 30 seconds to sanitize the other side. Homedics claims It kills 99.9% bacteria and viruses.

In a test, it shows it kills 98.2% after 30 seconds and 99.9% after 60 seconds. How to use it? First pop-up the lid unzip it place your phone on the silver side then zip it.

Now here is an important thing, the Pull Tab( the thing that you hold on to pull) has to touch the magnet. Which magnet? When you zip it back you will see a magnet where the Pull Tab going to stick.

If the Pull Tab doesn’t stick to the magnet, the sanitizer won’t start. After all, this, press the power button. If the light is blue it’s working if it’s red then the zipper is not completely closed so close it properly.

Again you have to take off your phone case to sanitize your phone. The sensitizer can fit almost any phone. It can be used around elders, kids, and pets, it’s very safe.

 Homedics comes in three different colors Purple, Red, and Black.

2. Safe+Mate by Case-Mate UV Sanitizer

Safe+Mate by Case-Mate UV Sanitizer
Safe+Mate by Case-Mate UV Sanitizer

You can use it at your office and at home. Safe+mate needs to be connected to a power source to have enough voltage powering your sanitizer to kill the bacteria and viruses. It uses 8 UVC LEDs to sterilize your device.

Needs 3 minutes to sanitize and it has a reflective base and device prop for 360 Degree coverage. It sanitizes your phone in a single cycle you don’t have to flip your phone to sanitize the other side.

Also, It has audio updates and light indicator features. Audio update updates you when the sterilizing process starts and ends and the light indicator shows the sterilizing progress. How to use it?

Well, it’s easy, open the lid, place your phone inside, close it perfectly then press the power button. It will say “Sterilizing” and when it’s over it says “Sterilizing over”. And it’s done.

You can use other things besides phones like master cards, keys, and other small things that fit in it. It can fit almost all phones but some phones which have bigger screen size might not lay flat so you need to put it at an angle to sanitize the phone. It also has an auto shut-off feature. After sterilizing it shuts-off automatically.

3. PhoneSoap Pro smartphone sanitizer

PhoneSoap Pro Phone Senitizer
PhoneSoap Pro Smartphone Senitizer

The PhoneSoap pro is the latest and fastest sanitizing device. There are others like PhoneSoap 3, wireless, and Go. It has 3 ports 1 USB-out, 1 USB-C out, and 1 USB-C in. You can charge two devices while sanitizing via USB and USB-C.

It has 4 UVC lights, a large sanitizing bay, and a vacuum plated aluminum shell on the inside that adds reflectivity which achieves 360-degree sanitization.

It has double the lights than the PhoneSoap 3, Wireless, and GO that’s why it takes 5 minutes rather than 10. PhoneSoap claims it can remove 99.9% of germs. How to use it?

It’s easy. First, open it put your phone inside, and close it. Then you will see a thunder bold design on the lid just press it and it will start. The thunder bold design also an indicator that shows it’s working.

Again it has two different settings Manual, and Automatic. To switch between them hold down on the indicator for 3 seconds until you hear a beep sound.

In the manual, you put your phone inside and press the indicator and in automatic, you just put your phone inside it will start automatically.

It comes in 5 colors Lavender, Mint, Blue, White, and Charcoal.

4. Homesoap Smartphone Senitizer

Homesoap Mobile Phone Senitizer
Homesoap Smartphone Senitizer

This is also a product from PhoneSoap. It is bigger than PhoneSoap but works the same way. It needs 10 minutes to sanitize your things.

Not only sanitizes your phone but also your tablets, Nintendo, remote control, bottles, children’s toys, and other things that can fit in it.

If you have children it will be a good thing to buy because children throw their toys here and there who knows if the toys were in a hygienic place or not.

Has 2 large and powerful UVC lights and its inside surface is reflective which helps the light to surround the item inside it and kills the microorganisms or germs.

Also, It has 1 USB-A and 1 USB-C port with which you can charge your devices while sanitizing. It also has the same Automatic and manual future as PhoneSoap.

This Sanitizer comes in two colors White, and Black

5. Samsung Qi Wireless Charger and UV Sanitizer

Samsung Qi Wireless Charger and UV Sanitizer
Samsung Qi Wireless Charger and UV Sanitizer

It’s a sanitizer that supports wireless charging. It takes 10 minutes to sanitize your phone but it doesn’t have a reflective surface so might not give you 360-degree sanitization.

So to ensure, you can sanitize your phone twice, first, 10 minutes and flip your phone and another 10 minutes total 2o minutes. Samsung claims that it was tested by companies like SGS, and Intertek that it can kill 99% of germs and microorganisms.

Again it can also charge your phone while sanitizing. How does it work? Open the lid put your phone close it and press the power button. It will sterilize your phone. It can also sterilize other things too.

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