Top 10 Cell Phone Signal Jammers Review and Buying Guide

Cell Phone Signal Jammers

Cell phone signal jammers are a commonplace term in recent days. They are mostly used in concerts, confidential meetings, alsoplaces that demand minimal disturbance.

The jammer is a device that works on the radio frequencies of cell phones. It transmits radio frequencies to the same tower as the cell phone and disrupts the connection by producing a similar signal which is much powerful than the cell phone.

The mobile phones which are in the signal range of the jammer, thus get disabled and no further communication can be made through it.

From pre-historical times, jamming has been used for multi-purposes and in different fields. There are different types of jamming viz, mechanical jamming, electrical jamming, inadvertent jamming, etc. 

In the United States, however, if the jammer is used intentionally to disrupt or disable mobile phone service, then it is rendered illegal.

Also, some activities like advertising, selling, or importing of Jamming devices are strictly prohibited in the States under Federal law. The authority can, however, utilize cell phone signal jammers in some specific cases.

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Signal jammers can, sometimes pose threat to cell phone users in form of service interruption and communication glitch.

If the user feels that his/her cell phone is being jammed, he can undertake the following measures to ensure safety and protect his/her cell phone. These include-

  • Moving to a different location.
  • Also, the jamming device, if found, must be perished.
  • Using a smartphone that can work on different radio frequencies.
  • Contacting the law enforcement body of the area. 

Among the commonly known jammers, the top-notch jammers are being listed below:-

Details of Top 10 Cell Phone Signal Jammers:

1. 8 bands portable cell phone Signal jammers:

This cell phone signal jammer is priced at USD 253.50. This is a strong signal jammer that covers a fairly wide range that can disrupt communication within 5 to 20 meters of its positioned location.

It works very well with 3G network, 4G LTE, 5G Evolution, GSM, Wifi, and also GPS with its battery power having a duration of about 1-2 hours.

Its antennas extend up to 112 mm and weigh about 1 kg. It is available with a manual, a power adapter, also a car charger.  

2. 10 antennas military jammer

This jammer is priced at USD 422.50. This jammer is available with a 10-bands frequency that can overpower mobile signals within a 5 to 20 meters range. The jammer can work with networks of 3G, 4G LTE, GSM, and GPS.

The battery has a duration of at most 2 hours also it weighs about 1.5 kg.

The jammer is installed with a power switch and a power light and it also has a manual that enlists all the terms of use and specifications of the jammer.

3. Portable Cell phone blocker with a cooling fan

It is priced at USD 165.62. This jammer has the advantage of being carried about along with the user. Also, It covers a range of about 5-10 meters and can work with 4G LTE, 3G, GSM, PCS, SDMA, and DCS. It does not weigh so much and is provided with a cooling fan. It has a standard power option. 

4. Portable Cell Phone Signal Jammers With 6 Antenna

This jammer is priced at USD 250.12. It covers a range of 20 meters and weighs about 1 kg. It can work with 4G WIMAX, 3G, GSM, Lojack, and DCS. However, it does not work with wifi. Its battery has a durability of about 2 hours and is available with a car charger. 

5. High-power handheld 16-band jammer

The jammer is priced at USD 846.29. This jammer has a high-power life also works on 5G, wifi, VHF, LOJACK, GPS. It covers a range of 25m and is capable of overpowering two signals simultaneously. 

6. 22 Antennas Full Bands Jammer

This jammer is priced at USD 799.99. It can not only work with 3G, 4G, AND 5G signals but also with Wifi 2.4G, 5G Hz GPS Lojack, RF 315 MHz, 433 MHz, and many other signals. It contains an infrared remote control and furnishes a power of 42 Watts. 

7. N8N Military High Power Portable Mobile Phone Signal Jammers

This 8- band portable jammer is priced at USD 563.28. It’s can jam a wide range also has a control button that enables it to select different frequencies. It covers a range of about 5-40 meters and furnishes high output power.

It can jam wifi, Lojack, and GPS signals. Due to its small size, it is easy at carrying and can also be hung from the arm.

8. 12 antennas desktop mobile phone jammer

This jammer has a price of USD 899.99. It can jam 3G, 4G, AND 5G mobile signals. It’s can disrupt wi-fi, Lojack, and GPS signals as well. It can cover a wide range of about 80 meters. 

9. Hidden 8 Bands Cellphone Network Jammers (Portable)

This pocket cell phone jammer has a price of USD 379.99. It can work with 2G, 3G, 4G, GPS, also Wi-Fi signals.

It is easily carried and is mainly used in places that demand confidentiality also silence like concerts, museums, theater halls, churches, banks, training centers, etc.

10. EO 10 military cell phone jammer

This jammer is priced at USD 681.00. It can jam a wide range of areas and also possesses the facility of multiple frequency bands.

It can disrupt the signal of a large array of networks like GSM/CDMA, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, Lojack, Wifi, Walkie talkie, GPS, UHF/VHF, and RF signals like 868 MHz, 433 MHz, 315 MHz. Also furnishes high power and has good battery life.  

Merits and Demerits:

 Every object has a positive and negative side. Signal jamming also involves both merits and demerits. Jamming allows a country to remain peaceful also is an effective means of using wireless technology as long it is in the correct and safe hands.

On the other hand, jamming creates a fuss in places like shopping malls when people cannot connect when they need to. 

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