Huawei new Hongmeng OS is faster than Android and macOS

Not long ago, the United States federal government put Huawei on a trade blacklist. The Chinese company submitted to trademark it’s Hongmeng OS (Operating System) in a minimum of 9 nations. It was supposedly mulling a rollout to change Android and Microsoft’s Windows, with tests, recently started in China. Now, Huawei’s founder Ren Zhengfei has stated in an interview with a French publication Le Point that Hongmeng OS is ‘most likely’ faster than Google’s Android and Apple’s macOS.

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The Huawei chief likewise exposed that Hongmeng OS is more than a simple replacement for Android. And moreover, it isn’t going to be restricted to tablets or smartphones. But it will be more flexible as it is going to be utilizing the OS to power a suite of devices. Starting from routers, PCBs (printed circuit boards), data centers and more. Huawei likewise has plans to utilize the OS in autonomous vehicles. While he did not define how huge of a speed benefit Hongmeng OS has more than Android and macOS. Rather, his claim does include some fuel to reports that Huawei’s service is around 60 percent quicker than Android. He declared that HongMeng OS has a processing delay of fewer than five milliseconds. And likewise, it is going to be faster than Android and even Apple’s macOS.

Zhengfei likewise acknowledged that both iOS and Android have robust developer assistance, which is why Huawei is actively pursuing the development of a rich app ecosystem and an app store. The business is going to hold a two-day developer summit in August in China to attempt and get as many developers as it can onboard.

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