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7 Best Android Apps For Testing Wifi Speed

Are you searching for the best android apps for testing wifi speed? Then you come to the correct webpage.

Android apps for testing wifi speed help users understand whether their internet connection is running smoothly or slow or fast. They also help people to know if their Internet connection is stable. 

The majority of us nowadays use broadband internet or wifi instead of mobile data. 

Mobile data and Internet usage are common among many people. While using wifi or mobile data to access the internet, you may encounter some problems due to speed or our location. 

Specifically, you need to know if you can use the specified speed or get full speed using mobile data. 

Would you like to know exactly how fast your phone’s wifi is?

In today’s tune, we mention three Android apps that can assist you in finding it. Using this method, you can determine your Internet speed details from your smartphone and then contact your ISP. 

If the problem of speed doesn’t arise, you will not have to read about it.

Sometimes, you can still experience a slow internet connection even when you use a high-speed connection. 

Have you ever wondered whether the wifi connection you have gets the right speed? 

It’s no longer necessary for you to feel tired. The wifi Service Provider no longer needs to be notified whenever our internet service becomes very slow, or our video keeps buffering. 

To do so, you can use an Android app in your hand to measure the speed of wifi or the internet.

Here are a few easy-to-use and reliable wifi Speed Test apps that you can use today to discover all the details about your internet speed. 

Here Are 7 Best Android Apps For Testing wifi Speed

There are several apps you can get started with right now. However, let’s focus on the ones we have today.

1. Meteor

Meteor allows you to check the speed of your wifi connections and the speeds of 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile networks. 

You will be able to obtain accurate and reliable results once you learn how to test wifi speed. 

One-click on this app will provide you with a comprehensive internet speed test within seconds. 

The download speed, upload speed, and ping do not need to be checked separately in this case.

If you check the speed, you will see the download, upload, and ping rates. 

Meteor also lets you know which applications have the fastest internet connection. 

The Internet speed is visible inside an app so that you can track it. You can view the ping rate and download and upload speed in the YouTube app. 

You will see the separate download and upload speeds of YouTube and Facebook if the internet provider gives you separate bandwidth when you take broadband internet.

For example, you may notice that the upload and download speeds on YouTube and Facebook are much lower at the time, but you can contact the provider later.

Additionally, there are a lot of annoying advertisements when you access other apps to check the internet’s speed. 

Because of this, you will likely feel annoyed after viewing the advertisement. 

In contrast, you can have a completely ad-free experience with the Meteor app. 

Therefore, any advertisement is not a problem with this app.

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2. Speedtest by Ookla

The Ookla Speed Test app allows you to check your mobile device’s upload speed, ping speed, and download speed. 

For example, when your internet connection is slow, you can inform your internet service provider of the information from the app. 

It will be easy to diagnose your ISP problem and give you a quick solution if you present a realistic picture of your internet speed.

The Ookla Speed Test app can also be used to test your internet connection for video streaming. 

It’s great to use Ookla’s Speedtest app to test streaming video performance. 

Using this app, you can test the video quality on your network by playing a few clips. 

According to the network quality and the percentage of buffering in the video, you can see the video’s quality. 

As a result of checking the video quality on your network, you will see the latest result; in this case, there will also be buffered from the video resolution and video playback.

You must first install the Speedtest by Ookla app and grant some permissions to function properly.

This app also provides a VPN service. You will, however, only get 2 GB of free bandwidth per month with SpeedTest VPN. However, you can upgrade the app to take advantage of their VPN service unlimitedly.

3. Internet speed test Meter

With the Internet Speed Test Meter application, you can determine your wifi connection’s download and upload speeds. 

The interface of this app differs from that of other apps, even though it functions the same. 

This application has a colorful interface that is very easy to understand. 

If you want to use this app at night, you can toggle between the Light and Dark modes.

Internet Speed Test Meter gives you the option to view your internet speed results and save them in the History section of the app so that you can see the results of your past internet speeds in the future. 

When your wifi speed drops, you can test your connection or fix the problem with the Internet Speed Test Meter app.

While using this app, a lot of ads appear. However, the premium version of this app will prevent you from seeing any ads in the app and allow you to access the Speed test unrestricted every day.

4. SpeedTest Master

Android users can use SpeedTest Master to check their internet speed with ease. 

When you open the app, you will get a Start button, and clicking it will show you your Internet download and upload speed. 

This app will display your internet speed results, but you must first view an advertisement to access it.

You can use the wifi detector in SpeedTest Master to identify wifi networks nearby. 

Furthermore, SpeedTest Master can be used to test ping and wifi strength. 

Your wifi signal strength can be checked with this app. Furthermore, every time you perform a speed test, it is saved in the History window. 

The History tab allows you to access the previous week’s or month’s data. 

So you can compare your internet speed from one day to the next.

You can get the most out of the SpeedTest Master app by opting for the premium version, even if the free version works well. 

You can remove all ads from the SpeedTest Master app by upgrading to the premium version. 

Speed tests cannot be performed unlimitedly in the free version. 

Additionally, you can determine who is using your wifi and check the latency of different websites in the premium version.

5. Wifi Router Master

You may experience low internet speed on your mobile for several reasons. 

You can tell that your wifi internet speed has slowed down in this case by using the wifi router master app. 

In addition to checking your wifi speed and identifying who is on your wifi network, this app also checks the strength of your wifi signal.

You can monitor the upload and download speeds of your wifi network using the wifi Router Master app. 

Like in other apps, you can also access additional information about your Speed test history and details about all the results you had when you used this app. 

You may, however, experience some difficulties with this app. 

Due to the large number of ads that may be shown to you, you may have trouble using many of the features of this app. You can, however, try this app, as you can with other apps.

6. Simple Speed Check

A simple application that measures your internet speed, Simple Speedcheck is what the name suggests. 

You can check your internet speed with the help of this app. 

It is, therefore, easier to measure internet speed with this app than with other apps. 

Using this app, you can detect multiple problems with your internet connection, from your internet ping monitor system to all the problems related to your connection.

The results of your previous tests can also be viewed easily with this app. 

Also, you can use this app to get some additional information and get several different types of internet tips. Like other apps, this one contains advertisements as well. 

However, the premium version of the Simple Speed Check app allows you to use it without ads. You will then receive a free app called Simple Speed Check, which has no ads.

7. Simple Speed Check

Simple Speedcheck lets you see your internet connection speed simply by typing in the app’s name. 

You can check your internet speed with the help of this app. 

Thus, it’s easy to measure internet speed using this app versus other apps. 

Using this app, you can detect multiple problems with your internet connection, from your internet ping monitor system to all the problems related to your connection.

The results of your previous tests can also be viewed easily with this app. 

Also, you can use this app to get some additional information and get several different types of internet tips. Like other apps, this one contains advertisements as well. 

However, the premium version of the Simple Speed Check app allows you to use it without ads. Afterward, you’ll get an ad-free version of Simple Speedcheck.

Test the speed of wifi from your smartphone–Apps For Testing wifi Speed

You may notice that your smartphone is slowing down for several reasons. 

If it doesn’t work for you, you may have a weak signal, use a VPN, or misplace your router. 

There may also be various reasons why your wifi internet speed is low. 

Nevertheless, you can solve your problem without contacting your internet service provider using the abovementioned apps. 

To investigate why your internet is slowing down, you do not need to contact them.

Various speed test apps can be used to measure your home or office internet’s upload, download, and ping speeds. 

Using these apps is very easy; they do not require such permission, and the results will be displayed in a very short time. 

The above apps can also be used to find out if your internet provider is providing you with enough speed. 

Your internet service provider will need to be contacted immediately if you suspect that he is cheating you. 

These apps will hopefully be of great assistance to you.

The apps discussed today perform nearly the same functions, though their user interfaces and features differ slightly. 

All apps, though, measure the internet connection speed and serve the same purpose.

Final Words

Hope you like Our article/blogpost on the best android apps for testing wifi speed. If you have any questions or queries regarding the best android apps for testing wifi speed, mention those in the comment section. 

FAQs–Apps For Testing wifi Speed:

What’s the recommended speed for your wifi?

It is considered good to have at least 25 Mbps of internet speed. It is often the best option to choose internet plans that are fast enough to support multiple devices and users at once.

Does 100 Mbps sound fast?

Even if you have an internet connection of 100 Mbps, several factors determine your experience of it, such as: How many devices are connected and being used simultaneously?

Is it possible to find the speed of wifi on my Samsung?

You can turn on the speed meter in the notification panel by tapping on the Settings icon in the app, then selecting the Notifications tab. Toggle the switch to make notifications active.

What’s the reason for the slow wifi?

Many factors and issues can affect the speed of your internet connection. Perhaps your router is malfunctioning, or it’s too far from your TV or computer to work. Your modem and router may need a reboot, or you may need to upgrade to a mesh network. Nevertheless, bandwidth throttling could also be the cause of your slow wifi.

Does 500 Mbps work well for gaming?

Gaming is considered okay with speeds of 3-8 Mbps. It might not be sufficient if many people are accessing the internet at the same time. You are considered excellent when your speed is between 50 and 200 Mbps.

Is Netflix compatible with my current internet connection?

One standard quality stream should be connected at 3 Mbps, and a high-definition stream should be connected at 5 Mbps. It would take around 10 Mbps to stream two HD quality streams simultaneously, and so on.

Is it beneficial to have two routers?

Your internet speed won’t improve by adding a second router. You may nonetheless be able to achieve the theorized speeds advertised by your ISP if you use this setup to optimize your ISP’s performance.

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