Low Battery Time

Is It Low Battery Time On Your Smartphone? 15 Apps Can Be Culprit

Do you know the Low Battery Time problem can occur via 15 apps? You must use these apps efficiently to recover the low battery time problem on your smartphone. 

You can download a variety of apps to meet your smartphone’s needs or for entertainment. 

But these apps are not only a hassle, but they also waste precious storage space on your device! 

And, the rapid drain of smartphone batteries is also a result of some popular apps.

There have been 100 such apps listed in a recent report. 

Below are the top 15 apps that cause low battery time on your smartphone


One of the reasons why smartphones run out of battery is because of this popular messaging app.


WhatsApp is next on the list, followed by Instagram. Facebook owns these two social media platforms.


After video calls became a popular feature in Corona, the zoom app took a front seat. And, up to 100 video conferences can be held simultaneously with this app.

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An app like Uber or Lyft is one of the reasons for the drain on a smartphone’s battery.


YouTube, Google’s video platform, powers video streaming. You can watch videos via YouTube, Google’s largest video platform.


And, the phone’s battery runs out very quickly, even for this e-commerce app.


The popular dating app is also responsible for the phone’s battery draining so quickly.


In addition to Facebook, the battery consumption of that app has also risen.


In addition to wasting battery, this professional social media app drains your phone’s battery.


Moreover, Telegram will drain the phone’s battery faster than WhatsApp even if you use it frequently.


As well as draining the battery quickly, this Snapchat app uses up the data plan as well.


Among its many uses is video calling through this instant messaging service.

Bigo Live

The Bigo Live app lets you watch live streams. Live streams enable communication between people around the world.


Application for making hotel reservations. The discount program includes a wide range of offers.


Again, the Likee app allows users to upload and share short videos.

Final Words:

Hope you like Our article on low battery time on your smartphone; if you still have some queries or questions regarding low battery time, mention those in the comment section. 

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