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Where you shouldn’t keep your smartphone | You must know in 2022

You shouldn’t keep your smartphone here and there because it can cause significant accidents.  All of us have smartphones now, more or less. When people sleep or eat at night, they often keep their phones with them. 

Check out these five tips in 2022 about where you shouldn’t keep your smartphone.

Some studies point to the possibility of increased risk when people carry their phones with them at all times. In some places, you shouldn’t use your smartphone.

Better not to put the phone under the pillow:

There is nothing good about putting your smartphone under the pillow and falling asleep. As the device emits electromagnetic radiation, headaches and dizziness may result. Humans are believed to be harmed by this radiation, according to some studies.

Do not put on the back of the pants:

Phones are always kept in the back pockets of pants by a lot of people. There is a greater risk of breaking a phone in such circumstances. The pain can also affect the legs, according to medical professionals.

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It is also dangerous to keep in the front pocket:

A smartphone is commonly carried in the front pocket of a person’s pants. Nevertheless, many doctors have said that this may reduce fertile sperm counts.

Put the phone in the kitchen:

Please don’t put your phone away after reading this report if you placed it near the kitchen gas. When the phone is near the gas, it can be dangerous. This could result in the phone catching fire or exploding.

Keep away from children:

Keeping phones out of reach of children is a good idea. Children can drop the phone without them realizing it. Keep the phone with your child if you want them to be hyperactive or distracted.

Hope you like our article on where you shouldn’t keep your smartphone; if you still have some questions or queries regarding where you shouldn’t keep your smartphone, mention those in the comment section. 

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