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Do Your Mobile Phone Get Wet During The Rainy Season? 3 Pro Tips

Most of the time, mobile phones get wet during the rainy season, and We have some Pro tips that can help you solve your mobile phone get wet situation.

Apart from the rainy season, recent rainfall rates are high for various reasons, which explains why if you are outside, your phone gets wet. The cell phone may be damaged entirely if it is not waterproof.

Once your phone is wet, you must do a few things as soon as possible.

The phone must be handled immediately if it gets wet to prevent damage. 

Pro Tips To Solve Mobile Phone Get Wet During The Rainy Season: 

Switch off the mobile phone

Mobile phones should be switched off as soon as they get wet in rainy weather to reduce the risk of danger.

Removing the battery is a good idea if it can be done.

It is a good idea not to use your phone again until you get home or to a dry, safe place. If you take out the SIM card once you get to a safe area, you can use the phone again.

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Placing the phone near the light bulb is a good idea.

Place the phone by the light bulb after wiping it well with a dry cloth or tissue paper.

During a 10-15 minute dry-off period, all the water can be removed from a wet phone.

Within 10-15 minutes, the water can be removed entirely from the phone. Nevertheless, it is best to keep it on all night.

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