LG Rebel 4 Smartphone Review and Feature Details 2021

LG Rebel 4 Smartphone

Are you searching for a budget-friendly LG Rebel 4 smartphone?

I got this Total Wireless LG Rebel 4 for around $30 on Amazon in 2021.

So I figured, you know. Yeah, we gotta try that out. 

Now before we go again, getting too excited. 

Additionally, Rebel 4 phone supports 4G LTE and it is an area locked phone. 

So you can’t put it on a normal carrier, which for the type of person buying a $30 smartphone. 

That’s probably fine, you’re probably extremely budget-oriented.

Also, This smartphone is technically called the Total Wireless LG Rebel 4. 

I never heard of it before, super curious what the Rebels smartphone version 1,2, or 3 looked like. 


And if there are furthermore rebel smartphones, but for this phone, I have a kind of level set really low expectations. 

Because it’s a near $30 mobile phone so I expect almost nothing out of it. 

When doing the whole unboxing experience, you open the box, and the box had no branding and was just a generic white box.

The phone comes disassembled, the back is off, you have to put the battery in. 

In which some people might like to put the battery input back on. 

It doesn’t put a charge, so you need to charge it out of the box for five hours, which I did. 

And then I started the phone up. Now, when putting the battery in I noticed it’s a 2500 milliamp-hour battery which is not bad.

That puts  LG Rebel 4 pretty much on the safe side because its screen pixel resolution is small, so it consumes low battery power.

Once I thought LG Rebel 4 has an 800 milliamp-hour battery or something awful but thankfully it doesn’t.

Together with I am impressed with its battery life in my use of the phone over time, the battery doesn’t degrade crazy fast.

So the battery is a plus point on this Rebel 4 for around $30 smartphone.

Review Of The Total Wireless LG Rebel 4 Smartphone:

LG Rebel 4 LTE is a wallet-friendly LG system. LG launched this as a minor update from its old-aged brother LG Rebel 3. 

The LG Rebel 4 is fitted with a 5-inch High definition IPS touchscreen and a snapdragon chipset.

Also, The chipset and the touchscreen are sufficient to turn the smartphone appealing. 

Particularly given that it still comes with an inexpensive price of $29.87.

Total Wireless Rebel 4 even offers an 8-megapixel Selfie flash camera, 16 GB usable internal memory, and GB Ram. 

As well as, it operates on Android 8.1, which mostly was the not newest Android edition in the industry at the moment 2021. 

But good enough to run all android apps of this budget-friendly smartphone in the USA.

Below is a detailed overview of the review of LG Rebel 4 LTE. 

We looked at every part of this smartphone to see if Rebel 4 is good enough to justify considering.

Rebel 4 LTE Mejor Specifications:

LTE BandL212VL or L211B
Dimensions144.8 x 71.9 x 7.9mm
Resolution720 x 1280
RAM2 or 1 GB
BatteryRemovable 2500mAh
Front camera5 megapixel
Operating SystemAndroid 8.1
Storage16 GB
Screen size5.0-inch
Rear camera8 megapixel
CPU1.4 GHz Quad-core, Model: Qualcomm Snapdragon 425
Pixel Density294 PPI
Touch Screen Panel Multi-Touch
Screen TypeIPS
ProcessorARM Cortex-A53, Cores: 4 1400 MHz 
GPU Qualcomm 500 MHz-Adreno 308
SensorsAccelerometer, Proximity, Light
Headphone Jack Yes ( Traditional)
USB Micro USB 2.0
StatusAvailable On Amazon

LG Rebel 4 Camera:

While figuring out that the whole smartphone has a rear camera of 8 megapixels, users will not be disappointed. 

Also, This seems to be an appropriate resolution for smartphones at that budget point.

For capturing video, Rebel 4 is just no special, additionally, the rear camera will capture a 1080p full HD video.

Correspondingly, LG Rebel 4 rivals, including Motorola E5 and  Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit, even launch with 8-megapixel cameras. 

Although image quality may not be a special feature of Rebel 4. 

We have worked to identify more about the camera that distinguishes this smartphone from its counterparts.

The very first aspect we’ve found is Faster Focus. This aspect functions like Auto Focus, but only when it’s doing well. 

LG is using a system to calculate which entity to concentrate on, and the smartphone does so pretty easily.

Even then, unlike any mobile device in this budget range. 

The camera fails when the weather or the lighting situation is far away from desirable.

For instance, in low lighting conditions even where there is too much brightness in between the subject and the background.

LG aims to equip the camera with functions along with HDR for a less ideal scenario. 

Unfortunately, there is no manual control. But you’re not going to be allowed to change ISO or user preference White Balance manual control.

About The The camera shutter:

The camera shutter lag is a delay between now and when you hit the shutter key then when the camera eventually takes the image.

We also admire the minimal shutter delay capability. 

In reality, several cheap smartphones have quite a shutter lag problem.

Whenever this lag occurs, the image will turn out fuzzy. 

That’s because there’s a chance that perhaps the smartphone could switch mostly within milliseconds of the distance, making a blurry image as a consequence. 

Thus, since Rebel 4 does have a nil shutter delay, consumers can catch high-resolution images easily and smoothly.

LG Rebel 4 seems to have a 5 MP  camera sensor for the front camera. 

And this takes good selfies thus far in the. 

The Auto Shooting aspect is important to mention to the front camera. 

And it allows you to immediately take selfies leveraging face recognition software.

Face ID image-taking option is cooler than Samsung’s Palm Gesture Image Shot, in our experience.

LG Rebel 4 Storage:

LG Rebel 4 does have a storage capacity of 16 GB from which 10 GB is free to consumers. 

It is an appropriate sum of storage for a near 40 dollars handset. 

Although we’re pleased that operating systems have just approximately 1/3 of the overall storage capacity. 

Especially in comparison to Samsung devices, LG has a lightweight OS launcher. 

And it has much less crapware or bloatware, that’s why there is so much free storage available.

This LG Rebel 4 smartphone even arrives including an expandable storage memory card slot. 

Again, It is a shame, therefore, since Rebel 4 also gives near to 32 GB of memory storage. 

This amount is relatively small while you compare at Galaxy J smartphones with a size of 400 GB. 

Moreover, with its  32 GB storage, potential customers may have to upgrade their storage memory cards quicker. 

Particularly if users shoot several photos and high definition videos.

Rebel 4 Performance:

Rebel 4 from LG is equipped with a 1.4 gigahertz quad-core Snapdragon chipset that operates next to 2 GB of RAM.

If users upgrade from the release of Rebel the previous year they will find a major improved performance in results.

This processor makes it start applications faster with much less wait time. 

While you are doing multi-task, RAM can accommodate several applications. 

Websites are also loading seamlessly as like battery smooth. 

Since then, there seems to be no performance-related problem for browsing and social media.

In comparison to daily duties, Rebel 4 also does a decent job of managing specialized tasks.

And it also includes multimedia, streaming, and also some mobile android games.

While Rebel 4 does not always arrive including a solely devoted graphics chip (GPU). 

Our analysis has shown that the Snapdragon chipset works better in gaming than equivalents including ARM or Mediatek chipset.

Even so, with just 1.4 gigahertz optimize clock speed and Quad-Core configuration not quicker than Octa-Core.

LG Rebel 4 is limited to lightweight android games. 

Although that was certainly better than none at all.

User interface

The Dynamic User interface interaction of Rebel 4 is still powered by Android 8.1 Oreo. 

This Oreo 8.1 is a pretty much good edition of Android in 2021.

LG still maintains Android as it is, despite implementing too much functionality. 

As a consequence, LG Rebel 4 users have a much smoother experience.

You must see numerous smartphones featuring heavy launchers.

Including Samsung, which appears to display glitches while entering the Lock screen. 

Our team hasn’t had that encounter with LG Rebel 4. 

Again, You can use the home screen effortlessly, although a lot of applications are operating in the background.

LG hardly keeps adding personalized applications like the QuickMemo+ app. 

Important App:

QuickMemo+ is a note-writing software with extra functionality that the standard notepad might not have.

LG also introduces multi-window assistance to Rebel 4, which is something with nice additional features. 

As this phone touch screen is wide sufficient, it’s convenient to place multiple applications together on one device.

Again, It appears perfectly acceptable, in that market value, to not even demand stringent security attributes like fingerprints. 

However, researchers have been displeased since Rebel 4 does not at all introduce Face Unlock. 

Particularly when the camera now also utilizes facial recognition software.

However, Privacy measures remain the standard attributes of PIN, Code, and Pattern. 

LG may not even empower Rebel 4 via KnockOn nor KnockCode.

It is their personalized authentication methods that feature on other versions, including LG Fiesta 2.

Also, LG Rebel 4 sensors too were fundamental with proximity detectors and this is the accelerometer. 

Even so, this smartphone does not at all launch with an indicator notification light that flashes whenever there’s an incoming notification.

This is such a letdown for all of us because the flash indicator is an ability to determine incoming messages despite requiring to turn on the display of the phone.

So, the performance level of the Rebel 4 is reasonable, but again not outstanding. 

This is how we summarize the analysis of LG Rebel 4 on the success level.

LG Rebel 4 Connectivity:

LG Rebel 4 supports most other three network frequency bands like 2G, 3G (Generation), and 4G LTE. 

The network call quality is superb in this LG Rebel.

We haven’t had to face any calls dropped up to this point.

Since we received calls to a crowded place, we can often hear the person on the phone. 

There are disadvantages to voicemail messages. Cellular phone data eventually turns on to connect voicemail.

However, it was easy to configure a connection for the worldwide web. 

There seems to be no problem trying to connect mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Besides, If you want to use GPS; it is easily accessible for navigation purposes. 

Bluetooth, as well as micro USB ports, can be used to link to many other devices.

But, LG Rebel 4 does not at all have NFC which means (Near Field Communication) advanced technologies. 

ANd NFC also doesn’t arrive as a shock to the smartphone around this going rate.

LG Rebel 4 Battery:

Rebel 4 is packed including a 2500 mah power battery, a fair capacity for such a 5-inch display smartphone. 

LG maintains that the Rebel 4 battery will achieve 12 days on standby. 

Also, LG Rebel 4 talk time is approximately 16 hours a day.

That being said, the real battery performance will differ depending on the utilization and the network. 

We find that even the battery life is good, as the smartphone can do a whole total day along with daily use and all on; for example, cellular network, GPS Location services.

The battery power supply is even now a micro USB slot. 

This LG Rebel 4 mobile device doesn’t help quick charging either. 

However, in particular, it is indeed relatively easy to refill the battery back to a healthy level, because the volume isn’t too high.

One other aspect more about the Rebel battery is that it has removable battery features. 

Again, for some consumers, this is an enticing aspect, since the removable battery is more versatile than the non-removable device.

LG Rebel 4 Pros:

  • High-Quality Full HD Screen
  • Good Processor At This Price
  • Face Detection Selfie Portrait Mode
  • Reasonable Pricing

LG Rebel 4 Cons:

  • No Notification Light
  • Only 32 Gb Expandable Storage Memory
  • Not Attractive Back Cover Design

Total Wireless LG Rebel 4 Price:

Total Wireless LG Rebel 4 Price which supports 4G LTE is available on Amazon for $29.87 & FREE Returns and Rebel 4 has a good 4.4 out of 5-star rating.

LG Rebel 4 Carrier Plans:

Mobile Carrier PlansPriced Start
Simple Mobile123.75 USD
Total Wireless125 USD
Straight Talk134 USD
Net10120 USD

Final Thoughts of LG Rebel 4:

In summary, our ultimate decision on the analysis of LG Rebel 4 model no: L212VL/L211BL is relatively favorable. 

This smartphone is a wise alternative for a $40 affordable mobile device. 

Again, It has a wide monitor, a satisfactory processor, a good camera, and convenient applications.

LG Rebel 4’s general functionality and features are a convenient feature. 

For example, a face detection camera, LG capture+, including QuickMemo sophisticated notepad. 

Finally, We advocate Rebel 4, yet not before caution about its disadvantages. 

Since we’ve already discussed Rebel 4’s in each section.

Again, LG Rebel 4 is in a close battle against its Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit major rival. 

These smartphones have identical technological specifications.

And, they also emerge from the branded products of the caliber. 

LG succeeds on many dimensions, including less bloatware. 

Rebel 4 has more space for internal memory and a significantly quicker chipset.

Besides that, Samsung has far more adjustable storage capacity and 2600 mah power battery capacity. 

Despite obvious parallels, these slight variations can be an important point for customers to determine.

Now, we hope that you like our review of the total wireless LG Rebel 4 smartphone.

If you have any query regarding this total wireless LG Rebel 4 smartphone write in the comment section.

LG Rebel 4: FAQs

Is LG rebel 4 a decent smartphone?

Yes, according to the price range and performance ratio the LG Rebel 4 is justified in the price with all its advanced features.

When the first time LG Rebel 4 launched?

The LG Rebel 4 mobile phone was launched in 2018. 

It is driven by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor (MSM8917), 2 Gb ram, and 16 Gb internal memory storage. 

And, LG Rebel 4 is running Android OS version (Oreo) v8.1 from the box.

Would there be a distinction here between rebel LG 4 and LG 4 LTE?

All these smartphones now have faster quad-core chipsets.

But, the Rebel 4 has an updated and significantly stronger edition. 

They carry a similar amount of RAM, internal storage including display size. 

However, the Rebel 4 has much more resolution for enhanced detailing.

Does LG rebel 4 support wireless charging?

No, LG Rebel 4 does not support wireless charging and Rebel has a micro USB port with a 2500 mah power battery.

Is there a hotspot for the LG Rebel 4?

The LG Rebel 4 also has an efficient quad-core chipset and runs on the USA’s most stable 4G LTE thunder fast networks. 

And with maximum flavor, the LG Rebel 4 is indeed equipped with hotspots. 

Hotspots enable you to transfer your Internet access at home while on the go.

LG Rebel 4 Smartphone Video Review:

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