Top 15 Mobile Phone Manufacturers in the World [2021 Updated]

Top 15 Mobile Phone Manufacturers

Top 15 Mobile Phone Manufacturers in the world that are listed in the article. As well as, who successfully tackle and stable in this pandemic situation.

As well as, these top mobile phone manufacturers don’t stop their production. Also, never stoped their research to innovate new and futuristic cool mobile devices.

Comparatively, some mobile manufacturers may face some decrease in smartphone sales.

But when the Covid -19 situation becomes a little good, then they manage to increase the smartphone sales.

The overall scenario of 2021 is much normal and better than 2020 in the mobile phone industry. 

Because smartphone manufacturers keep launching new and newer smartphones and smart devices every month and with consumer-friendly prices.

About Top 15 Mobile Phone Manufacturers In The World:

When you plan to purchase a mobile phone, do you need to know the top cell phone manufacturers in 2021? 

As smartphones are nowadays in the hands of all wealthy people to average income people. 

It’s sensible to gain straight-to-hand information about telecom firms just to become more cautious when purchasing a mobile device.

You may be shocked to know that some mobile manufacturers and brands want to make a monopoly so they introduce sub-brand like RealMe, Oppo, Vivo, and One Plus.

Identically, these all brands are part of  China’s BBK Electronics Corporation.

Video of Top 15 mobile phone manufacturers in the world:

Video Of Top 15 Mobile Phone Manufacturers In The World

A list of the top 15 mobile phone manufacturers in the world with details is given below, also check their upcoming smartphone models here.


Samsung Phone Manufacturer. Number one of Top 15 mobile phone manufacturers in the world
Samsung Phone Manufacturer

Samsung is the world’s leading rank 1 smartphone manufacturer in 2021. 

Likewise, this famous cell phone brand has developed a huge empire from its own by producing emerging technologies, particularly smartphones. 

Now, this company is now a champion and a leader of many other smartphone brands. 

Also, Samsung also performs a significant economic part in South Korea’s Gross domestic product and overall foreign currency.

General Knowledge Regarding SAMSUNG Smartphone Manufacturer:

Company FounderLee Byung-Chul
Samsung HeadquarterSeocho District, Seoul, South Korea 
Samsung CEOKim Hyun Suk & Kim Ki Nam
ChairmanLee Kun-hee
Company Launched13 January 1969
Net Worth80+ Billion USD (Only Mobile)
Sales Per Year322.2 Million Mobile Units
Revenue Per Year230+ Billion USD
First Samsung Mobile Phone ModelSamsung SGH-100
Brand CountrySouth Korea
Samsung Brand Rating9.9 out of 10
Samsung Production Per YearAround 400 Million Cell Phones
Best Samsung Mobile ModelsGalaxy $21 Ultra 5G, $21 Plus 5G,& 21 5G
Best Samsung Model Market Price1,199 USD
Popular Samsung Smartphone ModelsSamsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, Z Flip 5G, Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G, Note20 5G/20 Ultra 5G/ S20+, etc.
Data Table of Samsung Phone Manufacturer

2. Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone Manufacturer. Number two of Top 15 mobile phone manufacturers in the world
Apple iPhone Manufacturer

Apple’s iPhone is currently at the highest point of the smartphone manufacturer brand for consumers who want to pursue costly premium lifestyles to show off. 

It seems people can recognize the smartphone fashion trend for it in the consumers. 

Since this brand remains three years ahead of its competition and produces a mobile device just unless they may make it different than most. Apple is in the number 2 position from the top 15 mobile phone manufacturers in the world.

General Knowledge Regarding Apple iPhone Manufacturer:

Company FounderRonald Wayne, Steve Wozniak, and Steve Jobs 
Headquarter1 Apple Park Way, Cupertino, California, the United States of America
CEOTim Cook
ChairmanArthur D. Levinson
Company LaunchedApril 1, 1976
Net Worth258.53+ billion dollars
Sales Per Year220+ Million iPhone Units 
Revenue Per YearUSD 54 Billion
First iPhone ModeliPhone A1203
Brand CountryThe United States of America
Brand Rating9.9 out of 10
Best iPhone ModeliPhone 12 Pro Max
Best iPhone Model Market PriceUSD 1,099
Popular iPhone ModelsiPhone 12Pro & Max pro, 11 Pro, 11, 10/10S/Max, etc
Data Table of Apple iPhone Manufacturer

3. Huawei

Huawei Phone Manufacturer. Number three of Top 15 mobile phone manufacturers in the world
Huawei Phone Manufacturer

The company is amongst the most well-known cell phone manufacturers in the world in 2021. 

Also, their smartphones sport outstanding sensors, exquisite architecture, high-performance processors, and far above imagination. 

Distributing its mobile services and smartphones to 170+ countries, almost (worldwide). 

As well as, This company is currently the fourth biggest mobile brand in the world. 

Additionally, Huawei’s super smooth performing applications, quick charge, and nice appealing design are enough to attract you. This brand is in the number 3rd position from the top 15 mobile phone manufacturers in the world.

General Knowledge Regarding Huawei Smartphone Manufacturer:

Company FounderRen Zhengfei
Huawei HeadquarterShenzhen, China
Huawei CEORen Zhengfei
ChairmanRen Zhengfei
Company LaunchedSeptember 1987
Net Worth85+ Billion USD
Sales Per Year (Price)110+ Billion USD 
Revenue Per YearApproximately 8400 Million USD
First Huawei Mobile Phone ModelHuawei C300
Brand CountryChina
Huawei Brand Rating9.8 out of 10
Huawei  Production Per Year200+ Million Mobile Units
Best Huawei Mobile ModelsHuawei Mate 40 Pro Plus & P40 Pro/Plus
Best Huawei Model Market Price2,600 USD
Popular Huawei Smartphone ModelsHuawei Mate 40 Pro Plus, Huawei Porsche Design Mate 40, P40 Pro Plus, Mate XS, Mate 30 Pro, P30 Pro, etc.
Data Table of Huawei Phone Manufacturer

4. Google Pixel

Google Pixel Phone Manufacturer. Number four of Top 15 mobile phone manufacturers in the world
Google Pixel Phone Manufacturer

Well, Google Pixel is now one of the top highest quality android smartphone devices. As well as, services to choose from if you’re frustrated while using Samsung. 

Also, seeking an option that’s good enough to justify an iPhone. 

Besides this, with its sleek architecture, the Google Pixel promises you an incredible camera, particularly in low-light circumstances.

It provides versatile applications and revolutionary hardware that will improve your experience better than ever before. The brand is in the number 4th position of the top 15 mobile phone manufacturers in the world.

General Knowledge Regarding Google Pixel Smartphone Manufacturer:

Company FounderGoogle LLC
Google Pixel Headquarter1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043 USA
Google Pixel CEOSundar Pichai
ChairmanEric Schmidt
Company LaunchedFebruary 2013
Net Worth300+ Billion USD
Sales Per Year9.5 million Mobile Units 
Revenue Per YearApproximately 3.5 billion USD
First Google Pixel Mobile Phone ModelGoogle Pixel
Brand CountryThe United States of America
Google Pixel Brand Rating9.8 out of 10
Google Pixel Production Per YearMore than 10 million+ Mobile Units
Best Google Pixel Mobile ModelsGoogle Pixel 5 (5G)
Best Google Pixel Model Market Price650+ USD
Popular Google Pixel Smartphone ModelsGoogle Pixel 5 (5G), Google Pixel 4A (5G), Pixel 4 XL/ 4,etc
Data Table of Google Pixel Phone Manufacturer

5. OnePlus

OnePlus Phone Manufacturer. Number five of Top 15 mobile phone manufacturers in the world
OnePlus Phone Manufacturer

In recent times, OnePlus became one of the industry’s best competitor mobile phone brands. Together with, giving its high quality devices at a reasonable and wallet friendly price.

Of course, in today’s world, the OnePlus manufactures several impressive smartphones with high-quality flagship devices and long-lasting built quality. 

You’re never going to hesitate to purchase this company’s brand mobile devices with a reasonable amount of money. 

Also, Its flagship killer and the perfect combination of features and efficiency. 

Allowing you to experience the best android OS functionality of the OnePlus Android smartphone. OnePlus is in the number 5th position from the top 15 mobile phone manufacturers in the world.

General Knowledge Regarding OnePlus Smartphone Manufacturer:

Company FounderPete Lau Carl Pei
OnePlus HeadquarterShenzhen, China
OnePlus CEOPete Lau
ChairmanPete Lau Carl Pei
Company LaunchedDecember 16, 2013
Net Worth1.4+Billion USD
Sales Per Year7+ million OnePlus Mobile Units 
Revenue Per YearApproximately 1.5 billion USD
First OnePlus Mobile Phone ModelOnePlus One
Brand CountryChina
OnePlus Parent CompanyBBK Electronics Corporation
OnePlus Brand Rating9.8 out of 10
OnePlus Production Per YearMore than 8 million+ Mobile Units
Best OnePlus Mobile ModelsOnePlus 8T
Best OnePlus Model Market Price750+ USD
Popular OnePlus Smartphone ModelsOnePlus 8T, OnePlus 8 Pro/8, OnePlus 7T/7 Pro, etc.
Data Table of OnePlus Phone Manufacturer


OPPO Phone Manufacturer. Number six of Top 15 mobile phone manufacturers in the world
OPPO Phone Manufacturer

Advanced to the leading ranking by having outstanding smartphone camera technologies in addition to only making a mobile device. 

Currently occupies one of the highest slots in the cell phone industry. 

This modern consumer is searching for a smartphone brand with a diverse and high flagship specification. 

Its camera sensors, hardware components, do not overheat easily for mild or intense usage. 

Vooc charger, long battery running time, and impressive gaming performance will persuade you to purchase one Oppo camera smartphone as soon as possible. World famous OPPO is in the number 6th position of the top 15 mobile phone manufacturers in the world.

General Knowledge Regarding OPPO Camera Smartphone Manufacturer:

Company FounderTony Chen
OPPO HeadquarterDongguan, China
OPPO CEOTony Chen; Mike Wang (India)
ChairmanTony Chen
Company LaunchedFounded-2001; Globally registered October 10, 2004 
Net Worth450+ Million USD
Sales Per Year30+ million units Oppo Mobile Units 
Revenue Per YearApproximately 138+ Million USD
First OPPO Mobile Phone ModelOppo U701 Ulike
Brand CountryChina
OPPO Parent CompanyBBK Electronics Corporation
OPPO Brand Rating9.8 out of 10
OPPO Production Per YearMore than 30+ Million Mobile Units
Best OPPO Mobile ModelsOppo Find X2 Pro
Best OPPO Model Market Price949.99+ USD
Popular OPPO Camera Smartphone ModelsOppo X2 Pro/X2, Oppo Reno 4 5G/4Z 5G/ Reno 3 Pro, Reno 4 Pro 5G, Find X,Lamborghini Model OPPO Find, etc.
Data Table of OPPO Phone Manufacturer

7. Xiaomi

Xiaomi Phone Manufacturer. Number seven of Top 15 mobile phone manufacturers in the world
Xiaomi Phone Manufacturer

(Ml) Xiaomi is the world’s top mobile phone manufacturer, especially in the Asia region. And also its international success is not established in a single day. 

This company was created with the best value for money approach. 

And (Ml)/Xiaomi is primarily an internet marketing and promotion strategy company. 

It provides top-class mobile experiences to hundreds of thousands or millions of people via MI smartphones. 

And Ml has no retail shop everywhere excluding India, China, and Singapore. 

From the Xiaomi Mi series to the Redmi the most value-for-money mobile phones. 

They’re well built and widely believed that can quickly attract your eye. The well-known brand is in the number 7th position of the top 15 mobile phone manufacturers in the world.

General Knowledge Regarding Xiaomi (Ml) Smartphone Manufacturer:

Company FounderLei Jun, Li Wanqiang, Wang Chuan,Hong Feng, Liu De, Wong Jiangji, Zhou Guangping,Lin Bin
Xiaomi HeadquarterHaidian District, Beijing, China
Xiaomi CEOLei Jun
ChairmanLei Jun
Company LaunchedApril 6, 2010 
Net Worth47+ Billion USD
Sales Per Year120+ million units Xiaomi Mobile Units 
Revenue Per YearApproximately 25+ billion USD
First Xiaomi Mobile Phone ModelXiaomi MI-1s
Brand CountryChina
Xiaomi Parent CompanyXIAOMI Corp-W
Xiaomi Brand Rating9.8 out of 10
Xiaomi Production Per YearMore than 210+ Million Mobile Units
Best Xiaomi Mobile ModelsXiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G
Best Xiaomi Model Market Price999.99+ USD
Popular Xiaomi Camera Smartphone ModelsXiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, Mi 10, Mi Mix Alpha, Mi Note 10, Mi 9 Pro, Redmi K30 Pro, Black Shark 2 Pro, Mi 9T Pro, Redmi K20 Pro Premium, etc.
Data Table of Xiaomi Phone Manufacturer

8. Vivo

Vivo Phone Manufacturer. Number eight of Top 15 mobile phone manufacturers in the world
Vivo Phone Manufacturer

This company is doing phenomenally as being among the leading cell phone manufacturers with its high-tech devices. 

And Vivo’s specification that you’ll enjoy swimming in the tech ocean around. 

Androids with a practical camera and the manufacturer’s international standard processing technologies will persuade you to choose them quickly.

Vivo smartphone is also known for its stylish design and user-friendly operating system with massive customized features.

They also spends a lot of money in its research and development sector to innovate futuristic and modern smartphones. Vivo is in the number 8th position of the top 15 mobile phone manufacturers in the world.

General Knowledge Regarding Vivo Smartphone Manufacturer:

Company FounderDuan Yongping, Shen Wei
Vivo HeadquarterDongguan, China
Vivo CEOShen Wei
ChairmanShen Wei
Company Launched2009
Net Worth470 Million USD
Sales Per Year50+Million units Vivo Mobile Units 
Revenue Per YearApproximately 27+ Million USD
First Vivo Mobile Phone ModelVivo V3
Brand CountryChina
Vivo Parent CompanyBBK Electronics Corporation
Vivo Brand Rating9.7 out of 10
Vivo Production Per YearMore than 50+ Million Mobile Units
Best Vivo Mobile ModelsVivo X50 Pro
Best Vivo Model Market PriceUSD 880
Popular Vivo Smartphone ModelsX50 Pro, Vivo X50, V17 Pro, Vivo V20 Pro, V20, S 1 Pro, Y50,Vivo NEX 3 5G, etc
Data Table of Vivo Phone Manufacturer

9. Asus

Asus Phone Manufacturer. Number nine of Top 15 mobile phone manufacturers in the world
Asus Phone Manufacturer

If you are a mobile gamer you must know about the world’s topmost powerful gaming smartphone Asus ROG 3.

When you are operating a generic computer in your college or workplace. 

This PC most definitely contains a motherboard and component built by Asus. 

Asus is the top computer motherboard manufacturer in the world.

And they have been providing long-lasting quality motherboards for many years. 

This top-of-the-line hardware manufacturer wants to sell Android smartphones with many unique features, various sensors. 

And Asus provides a powerful design smartphone, a high-quality touch screen, and so on. Asus is in the number 9th position from the top 15 mobile phone manufacturers in the world.

General Knowledge Regarding Asus Smartphone Manufacturer:

Company FounderT.H. Tung, Ted Hsu, M.T. Liao, Wayne Tsiah, Luca D.M.
Asus HeadquarterBeitou District, Taipei, Taiwan
Asus CEOSY Hsu and Samson Hu
ChairmanSY Hsu
Company LaunchedApril 1989
Net Worth$5.56+ Billion
Sales Per Year32.5+ million units Asus Mobile Units 
Revenue Per YearApproximately 660+ million USD 
First Asus Mobile Phone ModelZenFone 4
Brand CountryTaiwan
Asus Parent CompanyAsusTek Computer Inc.
Asus Brand Rating9.6 out of 10
Asus Production Per YearMore than 40+ Million Mobile Units
Best Asus Mobile ModelsAsus ROG Phone 3
Best Asus Model Market PriceUSD 900+
Popular Asus Smartphone ModelsAsus M series Mid Range,Asus ROG Phone 3, etc.
Data Table of Asus Phone Manufacturer

10. Sony

Sony Phone Manufacturer. Number ten of Top 15 mobile phone manufacturers in the world
Sony Phone Manufacturer

Sony always targets those smartphone consumers who want a DSLR like a camera in a smartphone. And a very futuristic high pixel density touch screen.

Also, sony focuses on its audio output but they charge much higher for their smartphones. 

They may be the pioneer manufacturer to deliver a special water-resistance technology. 

And it guarantees high stability in their Android smartphones that instantly attracts customers.

Sony’s an incredible Xperia family, with plenty of totally different characteristics and features. 

Also, it nearly rules the smartphone industry that has helped this business remain at the top of all its market. Sony is in the number 10th position from the top 15 mobile phone manufacturers in the world.

General Knowledge Regarding Sony Smartphone Manufacturer:

Company FounderAkio Morita; Masaru Ibuka
Sony HeadquarterTokyo, Japan
Sony CEOKenichiro Yoshida
ChairmanKaz Hirai
Company LaunchedOctober 1, 2001
Net Worth$186+ Billion
Sales Per Year7+ Million Sony Mobile Units 
Revenue Per YearApproximately 77+ Billion USD 
First Sony Mobile Phone ModelSony Ericsson P990
Brand CountryJapan
Sony Parent CompanySony Mobile Communications Inc
Sony Brand Rating9.6 out of 10
Sony Production Per YearMore than 6.9+ Million Mobile Units
Best Sony Mobile ModelsSony Xperia 1 II
Best Sony Model Market Price1,199+ USD
Popular Sony Smartphone ModelsSony Xperia 5 II, Xperia PRO, Sony Xperia 5, Sony Xperia 1 II, etc
Data Table of Sony Phone Manufacturer

11. LG

LG Phone Manufacturer
LG Phone Manufacturer

Their smartphones take a top place in the smartphone universe for their dynamic high-quality display and sharpness with great brightness of touch screen.

They also deliver you a stylish design and show off features.

With too many peaks and troughs in the smartphone industry, LG is the 1st manufacturer to have a reliable flagship display with a Quad HD screen. 

But nowadays, LG is ranked one of the top largest manufacturers of Android smartphones.

This manufacturer’s smartphones have a distinctive rear-button interface. 

Also, LG has entry-level smartphone offerings that would be sufficient to fascinate you.

General Knowledge Regarding LG Smartphone Manufacturer:

Company FounderKoo In-Hwoi
LG HeadquarterLG Twin Tower 128, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo District, Seoul, South Korea
LG CEOJo Seong-Jin
ChairmanJo Seong-Jin
Company LaunchedOctober 1958
Net Worth25+ Billion USD
Sales Per Year (Price)5.25+ Billion USD
Revenue Per YearApproximately 2.8 billion USD 
First LG Mobile Phone ModelLG KU990 Viewty
Brand CountrySouth Korea
LG Parent CompanyLG Corp
LG Brand Rating9.6 out of 10
LG Production Per YearMore than 5+ Million Mobile Units
Best LG Mobile ModelsLG Wing 5G
Best LG Model Market Price800+USD
Popular LG Smartphone ModelsLG G7+ ThinQ, V40 ThinQ, LG V30S+ Thin, LG V30+/v30, etc.
Data Table of LG Phone Manufacturer


Nokia Phone Manufacturer
Nokia Phone Manufacturer

Do you remember the world-famous Nokia model Nokia 1100?

The most selling smartphone of Nokia phone manufacture.

NOKIA was the top leading smartphone manufacturer focused on a great camera and battery life. 

Since the very start of cellular mobile modern technologies. 

Nokia has been representing her passion and love to offer us the best edition of it, to make our life smoother. 

Android smartphone models of this manufacturer offer us a winning mix of robust architecture. Also, reliable hardware, improved applications, superb performance, and great battery life.

General Knowledge Regarding Nokia Smartphone Manufacturer:

Company FounderEduard Polén, Fredrik Idestam, Leo Mechelin, 
Nokia HeadquarterEspoo, Finland
Nokia CEOPekka Lundmark; Rajeev Suri (India)
ChairmanSari Baldauf
Company LaunchedMay 12, 1865
Net Worth25+ Billion USD
Sales Per Year15+ million Nokia Mobile Units 
Revenue Per YearApproximately 27+ Billion USD 
First Nokia Mobile Phone ModelNokia 1011
Brand CountryFinland
Nokia Parent CompanyNokia Corporation
Nokia Brand Rating9.6 out of 10
Nokia Production Per YearMore than 40+ Million Mobile Units
Best Nokia Mobile ModelsNokia 8.3
Best Nokia Model Market Price699.99+ USD
Popular Nokia Smartphone ModelsNokia 8.1, Nokia 7 Plus/7.2, Nokia 5.1 Plus, Nokia 9 PureView, Nokia 8 Sirocco, etc
Data Table of Nokia Phone Manufacturer

13. Motorola

Motorola Phone Manufacturer
Motorola Phone Manufacturer

The company went to the down market in the last few years.

But they come back in the smartphone industry game and launch a couple of value-for-money mid-range smartphones in 2021.

The company as well concentrates heavily on countries in South Asia, such as India( Varat), Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

For this region, Motorola produces entry-level and low-budget smartphones to grab market shares.

Once this American brand took the position of top mobile device manufacturer before coming to smartphones.

Moreover, Motorola smartphone manufacturer has very prosperous credibility for its reasonable price. Also, it’s great battery life, and high-tech functionality. 

It is good enough to justify balancing quality and value at the same point.

General Knowledge Regarding Motorola Smartphone Manufacturer:

Company FounderPaul and Joseph Galvin
Motorola Headquarter1303 East Algonquin Road, Schaumburg, Illinois, USA
Motorola CEOBrayn Lopez
ChairmanSergio Buniac
Company LaunchedSeptember 1928
Net Worth$25+ Billion
Sales Per Year12+ Million Motorola Mobile Units 
Revenue Per YearApproximately 7.5+ Billion USD 
First Motorola Mobile Phone ModelMotorola d520, 1998
Brand CountryUnited States of America
Motorola Parent CompanyMotorola Mobility LLC, Lenovo
Motorola Brand Rating9.5 out of 10
Motorola Production Per YearMore than 15+ Million Mobile Units
Best Motorola Mobile ModelsMotorola Razr 5G
Best Motorola Model Market Price1400+ USD
Popular Motorola Smartphone ModelsMotorola one zoom, moto 24 Verizon, Motorola One Fusion+, moto G®, etc
Data Table of Motorola Phone Manufacturer

14. Tecno

Tecno Phone Manufacturer
Tecno Phone Manufacturer

The “Tecno” is one of the top smartphone manufacturers of Hong Kong and China-based companies.

As well as, Techno wants to capture the entry and mid-level smartphone market and wants to sell tons of android phones in 2021.

We should appreciate them because they bring good competition and good smartphones to provide greater value at a justified price.

Thanks to the stronger success in the online world, strong leisure features, and superior standard specifications. TECNO is a leading manufacturer of mobile devices in the world.

This mobile company also provides you high-end smartphones at affordable prices for all customers. 

They has an outstanding screen style and quality at a very reasonable price.

General Knowledge Regarding Tecno Smartphone Manufacturer:

Company FounderGeorge Zhu
Tecno HeadquarterShenzhen, China
Tecno CEOGeorge Zhu
ChairmanGeorge Zhu
Company Launched2006; 15 years ago
Net Worth$394 Million
Sales Per Year (price)USD 74 million 
Revenue Per YearApproximately 36+ million USD
First Tecno Mobile Phone ModelTECNO Phantom 6, 2018
Brand CountryChina
Tecno Parent CompanyTranssion
Tecno Brand Rating9.4 out of 10
Tecno Production Per YearMore than 8k+ Mobile Units
Best Tecno Mobile ModelsCamon 16 Premier
Best Tecno Model Market Price274.99+ USD
Popular Tecno Smartphone ModelsSpark 3,Camon 12 Pro, Camon 12, Pouvoir 3 Air, etc.
Data Table of Tecno Phone Manufacturer

15. Lenovo

Lenovo Phone Manufacturer
Lenovo Phone Manufacturer

If you are using a Laptop or Brand PC you must hear the name of the world’s top famous brand Lenovo.

They dominated the laptop and PC industry for a very long time now they come to the mobile industry to dominate as well.

Lenovo has a great plan to offer great phones in 2021 to capture a good portion of the mobile consumer market.

Also, This manufacturer has generated a revolutionary buzz among many of the fresh generation young stars. 

With the help of flagship high-end android smartphones that provide devices for one-handed functioning and top-notch specifications.

Lenovo produces mobile devices with a complete set of smart prices, software, sensors, screens, specs, and much more.

General Knowledge Regarding Lenovo Smartphone Manufacturer:

Company FounderLiu Chuanzhi
Lenovo HeadquarterBeijing, China
Lenovo CEOYang Yuanqing
ChairmanYang Yuanqing
Company LaunchedNovember 1984
Net Worth$23+ Billion
Sales Per Year 35+ million units mobile units 
Revenue Per YearApproximately 14+ billion USD
First Lenovo Mobile Phone ModelLenovo S8
Brand CountryChina
Lenovo Parent CompanyLegend Holdings
Lenovo Brand Rating9.3 out of 10
Lenovo Production Per YearMore than 40 million Mobile Phone Units
Best Lenovo Mobile ModelsLenovo Legion Pro
Best Lenovo Model Market Price599.99+ USD
Popular Lenovo Smartphone ModelsLenovo Z5 Pro GT/Z5 Pro, Lenovo K10 Plus, K10 Note, A6 Note, Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G, etc
Data Table of Lenovo Phone Manufacturer

Ranking Table of Top 10 Mobile Phone Manufacturers In The World:

NB: This according to wikipedia data, annual sales and popularity:

RankManufacture NameCountryApproximately Net Worth 2021
1SamsungSouth Korea$1.3 Trillion
2AppleUSA$1.5 Trillion
3HuaweiChina$80.69 Billion
4Google PixelUSA$310 Billion
5XiaomiChina$47 Billion
6OnePlusChina$1.5 Billion
7OppoChina$455 Million
8VivoChina$475 Million
9AsusTaiwan$5.57 Billion
10SonyJapan$159 Billion
Ranking Table of Top 10 Mobile Phone Manufacturers In The World

Warp Up:

An important note: All of the data you have seen in this article we collect via our highly expert web research team.

But the telecommunications and smartphones industry is a continuously boosting and growing industry, as you know. 

And it has a first pace so the data of sales, revenue, and production can differ from time to time.

We provide you with accurate data on these top 15 mobile phone manufacturers in the world.

We hope you will get a piece of good knowledge to read our top 15 mobile phone manufacturers in the world article.

And this knowledge will help to guide you to buy your new smartphone for you and your loved ones.

So, which smartphone manufacturer’s brand will you choose to buy your next daily smartphone? write in the comment section. 

Top 15 Mobile Phone Manufacturers In The World: FAQs

Which smartphone manufactures brand is #1 worldwide?

Android lovers must say Samsung but ios lovers must say iPhone. 

But, in overall price to value ratio Samsung is far ahead of Apple. 

No doubt, Apple is the best in the smartphone industry but their price is very high and not affordable even for above middle-class families.

Who is the biggest global manufacturer of mobile devices?

As the world’s biggest mobile manufacturer, Samsung holds the title, and Apple still makes much more return on investment.

Chinese handset manufacturers have grown steadily worldwide and are exhibiting strength in the coronavirus disease outbreak.

Is the Apple ios iPhone better than Samsung Galaxy smartphones?

A much more secure is the ios iPhone. This has a great face ID for verification and an even better application privacy. 

Also, there is a smaller chance of installing software containing ransomware on iPhones even than on android smartphones. 

Samsung phones, though, are still very discreet, so it’s a differentiation that might not be a huge deal.

What mobile device or smartphone is Elon Musk using?

Elon Musk is using Apple’s iPhone currently. As just an example of why corporations should employ new people to fix software-related problems.

Which smartphone or mobile device is the safest in the world?

Whenever it did come, to security the Google Pixel 5 or Pixel smartphone is the strongest Android smartphone. 

From the outset, Google designs its phones to be stable.

And you get regular security updates to ensure that potential vulnerabilities won’t leave you behind.

Why is the Apple iPhone too costly?

Several of the key factors for iPhones is that it is too costly for Apple to have its personalized hardware and applications. 

Coming to the applications and the android market. 

The iPhone is the first place where most of the programmers released their applications. 

Before anywhere else because this, in essence, adds to the high premium price of iPhones.

Why are iPhones used by famous people or celebrities?

Famous people or celebrities have used them in films and shows and they are often paid for by Apple. 

They quite probably use phones off-camera although most celebrities are quite non-technical or not tech-savvy individuals. 

However they assume that iPhones are indeed the flagship phone on the marketplace thanks to Apple’s presumed popularity, but this is simply not the truth.

Did the Apple ios iPhone get hacked?

As per an analysis by a cybersecurity consultancy. Hackers obtained access to iPhones via a robust cybersecurity loophole. Also, Apple designed an email program that Apple has not yet addressed.

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