Android Microphone Not Working During Call, How to Fix? [Fixed]

Microphone Not Working During Call

Before we go to the tutorial of “Microphone Not Working During Call” we need wat to share a few valuable data about android. You may skip this part.


Android provides superior quality phones at reasonable rates. It has powered 81% of mobile phone users in the USA. Accommodating as much as smartphone users (260 million) as in the United States of America.

America has now become a worthwhile destination for smartphone companies. It is expected that the number of people using smartphones will increase to about 300 million by the year 2022.

With the globalization of business and marketing. The smartphone industry in the USA is constantly modifying itself.

And making room for the newest products being launched in both, international brands as well as local ones. However, in some cases, the local products beat the international ones in the market.

The products manufactured in the US displayed a notable market value of around 490 billion U.S dollars in the year 2016. As a result, one can witness the reduction in the average prices of phones in the American country.

The United States is a developed country undergoing significant changes in each business sector or working space. Hence, smartphones have become an absolute necessity for the maximum share of the population.

The android market is currently facing its ups and downs because of the ongoing tensions between the American and the Chinese government. Chinese brands are also likely to suffer because of the boycott of made in China products.

The covid-19 pandemic also showed an immense impact on phone sales for the year. The American market is bound to have a good time for the year 2021 because of the 5G  trend. And the market targeting domestic products like Jio and Micromax.

Microphone Not Working During Call: Resolving the Issues:

The inefficient working of the microphone in an android phone is not something unheard of. Manufacturers might use this strategy for being cost effective and that is used on features like microphone, speakers, camera, and storage.

This is also one major reason why android devices require more care as compared to Apple iPhones. Users often complain about the microphone not working in the middle of calls.

This proves to be frustrating as well as inconvenient for people on important business calls. The causes for such an occurrence are as under:

  • Malfunction of the software
  • The harm caused to the hardware
  • The sound being hindered. In this case, there could be dirt gathered up around the mic.
  • Lack of software upgrades in the device
  • Unwanted third-party applications

Surprisingly, there are ways one can fix these problems without wasting time and money to get help from a technician.

To solve the problem, the device might just require nothing but a regular inspection and some mistakes to avoid. Down below is the guide to follow and fix the major issues accordingly:

1. Restarting the Device to Fix The “Microphone Not Working During Call Issue”:

Performing a quick restart can help freshen the system of the phone. And help to clear open applications that slow down the working of the device.

Wait for 10-30 seconds before turning it on again. Check if the process worked. Here are another related issue “headphone controlling phone” issue and solution.

2. Use a pin to clean the microphone:

As one uses their android device extensively without maintenance. There can be an accumulation of dirt, small debris, or fabric pieces surrounding the microphone.

A pin can be used for this purpose. This proves to be a problem for the majority of people.

3. Disabling the noise reduction:

Mainly known as noise suppression is an unconventional feature present in android phones. Wherein the background noise is lowered to prevent unnecessary disturbance on call or when recording a video.

However, this could also play up to be one of the reasons for the microphone to not work at its best. To avoid this,

  • Open settings
  • Select the option of Call Settings
  • Disable the noise reduction option
  • Restart the device
  • Do not use more than one microphone:

One has to be certain that their smartphone is not connected to another Bluetooth device as that might have its own microphone. Make sure to disconnect and use only one. This could happen without one noticing the connection beforehand.

4. Forcing Bixby Voice to stop to Fix The “Microphone Not Working During Call Issue”:

As observed mainly in the Samsung Galaxy devices, the feature called Bixby’s voice could also be an obstacle for the proper functioning of the microphone. To disable this feature,

  • Tap on apps after opening settings
  • Select the Bixby voice option
  • Tap on the Force Stop option and check if the problem is resolved
  • Install the application called Phone Doctor Plus:

This application is multifunctional and highly authentic. The application provides a system that aids in the thorough examination of one’s microphones as well as earphones related to the device. It has the ability to inspect roughly about 30 hardware items on your device.

5. To get rid of undesirable third-party applications:

Who doesn’t possess unused, silly, and extra applications on their phones? This goes without saying that these contribute greatly to the malfunction. Also, cause many other minor glitches in the device.

Safe mode can be used to disable these applications temporarily. If this is not the case, the root problem could be present within one of these. One can open settings and check which applications are using the microphone. And alter the settings accordingly.

One can also opt for a factory reset which can help contain crucial information and also backup the device.

6. Blocking the microphone:

This is a trivial reason but could still play a role in the poor quality of sound while on call. One has to make sure they are not pressing the microphone while talking.

When the above mentioned methods fail. One can visit a technician and look for what faults are present. However, it is strongly advised not to open up the device yourself rather get it repaired by someone with advanced technological knowledge as that might cause internal damages.

If you’ve newly purchased your smartphone and it still carries a warranty. You can use that to your benefit, if not extra charges apply.

In case of a faulty microphone. One can also ring up a trustworthy service to know more details about the respective device.

How To Fix “Microphone Not Working During Call Issue” Video Tutorial:

YouTube Channel: Yendry Cayo Tech

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