Why are My Headphones Controlling My Phone? [Solved]

Headphones Controlling My Phone

The question is “Why are Headphones Controlling My Phone?”. The utilization of headphones and other Bluetooth devices has escalated in recent times.

It is a celebrated item in the market not just because of the great convenience that comes with it. But also because of how trendy and smart they look.

The prime purpose of the device is to provide personal sound in the listener’s ear without interruption as it completely blocks the surrounding noises.

One can relish the exceptional quality of audio as compared to speakers or other conventional sound devices.

It also serves as a great means of escape from the things happening around. And just sinking into the melodies of the music playing in your ears.

With the exclusive launch of Apple’s Air Pods, the wireless sound system has gained tremendous market value. College students and businessmen are commonly use it.

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The outer structural design is simple and basic yet has elegant visuals. The far-reaching trait these portray is that they are cordless which is the main property that attracts the consumer’s attention.

“Headphones Controlling My Phone” Issue Solved:

The headphones with wires get tangled up or come in the way of one’s movement of the hand. Also, the phone should carry around because of the physical connection.

However, this type of hindrance is eliminated in the case of a wireless headphone system.

Headphones are not only for listing to music. But also for work as they make our hands-free which is immensely beneficial.

Some believe that it is inappropriate to wear headphones while working whereas some claim that it drives away unwanted distractions. And creates a focused and productive work environment.

An amplifier is one of the many stunning features of a headset. It aids in the adjustment and volume of the sound.

On a professional level, the devices use for communication, video-editing, healthcare, military, pro-level gamers, etc.


Regular usage of headphones alters the internal settings related to connection and plugging. Some of them are as under:

  • One of the earpieces getting connected to the device while the other piece does not. This requires disconnecting via Bluetooth and connecting both of the pieces back on. This process helps connect the other piece too.
  • In some situations, the audio seems to be playing on the phone but cannot be heard in the listener’s ears.
  • The device not recognizing the headset device at all.
  • When on call, there are instances where an echo can be heard from the opposite side of the call.
  • Inadequate wireless connection.
  • In some cases, there is a constant disturbance from Siri.
  • Blockage of the headphone jack.
  • There are times when the headphones are plugged out but the mobile device remains under headphone mode.
  • The headphone jack often causes volume alterations.

Airphones Controlling Facts:

Several users complain about their phones acting up when connected to headsets. This might happen if the cable present inside is broken.

The advanced sockets display a feature that enables it to detect the jack. In case of a poor connection, the settings keep going back and forth from headphone mode to normal. This is shown on the device itself.

When an android device is concerned, the prevailing issue is the headphone mode settings. Even after the headphones are not plugged in anymore. The headphone mode is still on which causes further sound problems when using the device.

Being in the headphone mode, you cannot make phone calls or listen to music. And watch videos without using your headphones.

To resolve this issue, one can plug in the audio device. And unplug it again until the android device stops recognizing it. After insertion into the jack, gently rotate the plug.

The same setting alterations can see in an Apple iPhone as well. This mainly happens due to a minor glitch in the software.

The glitch also occurs when headphones other than the ones manufactured with the product are used.

Steps below to solve the “Headphones Controlling My Phone” issue:

Practiced switching off the headphone mode

  1. Eject the headphones plug out and plug it back in.
  2. Getting rid of unwanted dirt or other kinds of accumulation over the jack of the headphone.
  3. Performing a soft reset to drive out issues in the software. The reboot clears out the data present in the random-access memory (RAM). However, it will retain your personal information. This method is no different from the one where you restart your phone after switching it off for 30 seconds. And start the device again.
  4. Android users have the freedom to look after the administrative set-up in their phones. Applications such as Disable Headphone or Enable Speaker permit the user to perform a manual switch from headphones. To speakers without the requirement of a physical headphone connection.

When in Bluetooth mode, there could be more than one existing device waiting to be connected. Or when one is joined with the jack improperly.

These are the reasons why there is a sudden disturbance caused by Siri. The fact that iPhones work efficiently with their headphones is evident.

In case, you lose or damage the headphones. Make sure to use genuine ones in their replacement to avoid such software errors.

External factors influencing the headphone system could also affect the connectivity issues or harm the jack.

The outside structure of the headset with tiny buttons for control could be failing due to excess moisture or other contamination.

To prevent such a situation, one should make sure to get hold of water-resistant headsets. And also take care while storing them.


Keeping all technological concerns in mind. The headphones do not cause any damage to the phone provided it has genuine software make-up.

If your phone is functioning inefficiently because of the headphones. There could be one of the above-mentioned problems, or something could be wrong with the phone’s operating system.

Headphones should be used tenderly. Rough and constant usage could affect the life-line of the product.

Video of Fixing The “Headphones Controlling My Phone” Issue”

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