Most Frequently Hacked Passwords

Most Frequently Hacked Passwords You Shouldn’t Use

In the age of the internet, it is advisable to use passwords to take digital services. Here you’ll learn about the Most Frequently Hacked Passwords that You Shouldn’t Use.

This is a risk if the password is not protected. This means that if you do not have a strong password can be hacked at any time.

Passwords A Mozilla Foundation report states that whenever you create a password, do not set it with the names of superheroes. 

The report advised Internet users not to create Most Frequently Hacked Passwords.

A Mozilla Foundation study found that users are often using the same password repeatedly. Users’ data can be accessed more easily if hackers have access to their passwords.

According to a study based on, also, it is easy to hack the passwords of superheroes. It is advisable not to use such passwords in the account.

In contrast, it has been said that hacker-friendly passwords include your first name, date of birth, and 12345. 

Superman, Iron fist, Wolverine, Shangchi, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Daredevil, Loki, Thor Black, Widow, Cat women, Batman, Spider-Man, and Black Panther are popular passwords among hackers.

In the list above, the passwords that have been most frequently compromised are listed. Hackers accessed the passwords of James Howlett / Logan, Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, and Peter Parker. 

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The complexity of the password is what makes it difficult to crack. It is difficult to hack if you mix numbers and letters.

Nordpass’s annual report revealed the most used passwords in 2020. According to Nordpass’s current report, the most popular password in 2020 will be 123456. Over 23 million people used the password last year.

It was the second most common password after 1234569, 123456, and picture1 was the third one. 

Nordpass released their report earlier this week where about 200 common passwords were revealed.

A password can take as long as three years to be compromised, according to reports. 

Again, some passwords take less than 1 second to be hacked. So we all need to use strong passwords to use the internet.

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