Samsung’s Under-Display Camera Tech set for debut in early 2020

under-display camera

With the advent of the modern era, it has come to the onslaught of technology. And smartphone manufacturers are gunning for more screen estate. This is why manufacturers are pushing that much for a 100% screen-to-body ratio, in short, an all-screen smartphone. But the major hurdle to such a device is the placement of the front camera and sensor array. A solution to all of this might be an under-display camera.

In recent times, we have seen several innovations. Such as – the punch-hole camera, pop-up camera, and even a rotating camera. Of these, the rotating camera is most likely to stay or and be a trend in the future. Although, it seems that the under-display camera feature will finally turn smartphone makers off the notch. And to us technophiles and smartphone enthusiasts, it might finally mean the end of “THE NOTCH” as we know it. Some people love it, while some people hate it. Whereas, some like us are waiting for the right technology to make ‘the notch’ disappear. 

Samsung | Under-Display Camera Innovation

Now, as we have heard from the sources that Samsung is already in the process of developing such a camera. And according to sources, Samsung will be releasing it early in 2020. It remains to see what is different though about this. Since OPPO previously introduced a UDC at MWC 2019. But, the under-display camera feature from MWC is debatable. Since no further information has been provided by the Chinese smartphone manufacturer.

However, Samsung is to come out with an OLED panel in the first half of 2020. This particular type of OLED panel will feature the Under-Display innovation. Samsung has brought two types of equipment to its campuses – the HIAA1 and HIAA2. The HIAA stands for Hole in Active Area. It also implies, the company uses this to drill the hole for the front camera in the OLED panel frame. 

As per sources, the HIAA1 equipment is in use to manufacture the punch-hole display. Whereas, the HIAA2 will be utilized for under-display innovation.

According to reports, the company will utilize the HIAA2 equipment for producing a transparent screen that will house the UDC. The equipment features a laser to drill small holes to enhance the transmission of the light. The above-mentioned process is Laser Etching.

Samsung is focusing on lessening the size and count of pixels in the hole area. Which is done to increase the openness and permeability of the underlayer. The existing OLED substrate isn’t permeable and has a yellow tint.

Samsung Display is planning to procure mass production facilities early next year after using HIAA2 equipment this month. Samsung is expected to launch the under-display camera in the very first half of 2020.

The Challenges

Under-display camera technology is quite attractive. Now, to perfect this, Samsung must overcome challenges such as–rendering the OLED screen region transparent for the camera underneath. Also, an active algorithm is required for balancing yellow light and the haziness of the images taken from the lens. 

Innovation to improve the camera will take time to make use of the camera as an in-display fingerprint sensor in the future.

Besides Samsung, other companies including OPPO, Xiaomi, and Honor have confirmed their work on Under Display Camera smartphones. So, in the coming future, we could see multiple companies working on under Display Camera smartphones.

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