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Watch pictures and videos without opening WhatsApp chat

Several hundred million people throughout the world use WhatsApp chat daily. 

The highest number of cases is in India. A more significant increase in WhatsApp users has also been observed in the USA.

This massaging platform is often updated with new features to win the hearts of users. 

After you read the message, you will recognize the sender. In addition, you can conceal your reading of a message from the sender entirely. The blue tick option is turned off if you prefer not to have it.

Without opening WhatsApp, it is impossible to see a picture or video sent through WhatsApp. 

The pictures/videos can, however, be viewed without opening WhatsApp if you wish. 

Find out How to watch pictures and videos of chat without opening WhatsApp.

Is there a way for iPhone users not to open WhatsApp to view photos and videos?

  1. Firstly, stop chatting on WhatsApp.
  2. Tap and hold the chat you would choose to see a picture or video in and choose the More option and then choose Export Chat.
  3. Save the file in Files now.
  4. Once you have selected a folder, click on it. Remember to choose the folder that you want.
  5. View the picture or video in the file you exported from the chat.

What is the best way for Android Smartphone users to view photos and videos without opening WhatsApp?

iPhone users can still play videos and pictures without opening the WhatsApp Chat, but Android customers do not have that option. 

This is important since Export Chat for Android customers requires the opening of that chat. 

This feature cannot be accessed without logging into the chat. So, in the current version of WhatsApp, only iPhone users can view pictures or videos without opening their WhatsApp phone conversations.

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