Mobile Repairing Tools That You Must Have As A Phone Mechanic

Mobile Repairing Tools

Here in this article, we discuss the most important Mobile Repairing Tools. Also, If you want to be a mobile phone mechanic, you must have a few essential repairing tools and gadgets.

One thing common to each mobile regardless of its price or features is its fragility. Moreover, being a ‘mobile’ device that’s carried almost everywhere.

It is the most vulnerable to damages and breaking. Of course, this suggests that the mobile repairing industry is in high demand. And other people are considerably hooked into it.

Also, if you’re planning to work in this industry, are a beginner, or simply interested in it, knowing the fundamentals of some mobile repairing tools really comes in handy.

Together with, there are some professional tools you must have on your repair desk and be acquainted with. So, let’s mention a number of these for a clearer idea!

18 Most Essential Mobile Repairing Tools:

1. A Screwdriver Kit:

Needless to mention, it is a necessity to possess a screwdriver kit for almost any repair work.

When it involves a mobile, you would possibly have to disassemble or reassemble some parts quite a lot of times.

The dimensions of the screws differ from phone to phone. Thus it is a good idea to possess a kit rather than a single screwdriver which may not fit the aim.

2. A Precision Knife Set:

While doing works of cutting and scraping, this knife set becomes crucial. As well as, the set offers blades in several shapes and handles to which you can suit yourself.

3. Fine Tipped Curved Tweezers:

A pair of fine tipped curved tweezers come in handy when repairing tiny parts of mobiles such as nuts and screws. Also, it provides more visibility, access and control over the work.

4. A Nylon Spudger:

It is a nylon-made tool having anti-static properties. Aside from its general use of poking or nudging small circuits or components. Its back can even be used to hook wires.

5. An Anti-static Brush:

This tool is employed to clean the device. A phone would definitely need cleaning on the within. Also, using just any brush might cause damage to the small circuits within the phone.

Additionally, the anti-static brush comes off as a savior in such a case and cleans the device without causing it any harm.

6. A Soldering Iron:

A soldering iron helps in binding small pieces like resistor, capacitor, transistor, speaker, diode etc.

A 50 watt soldering iron can be used for repairing most of the defects related to mobiles.

When buying a soldering iron, take care to settle on one that’s comfortable for you to carry.

It must be anti-static because the static charge can cause further damage to the phone. Weller and Goot are 2 renowned brands for purchasing good soldering irons.

7. A Soldering Station:

It is constituted of both, an iron and a station. The soldering iron, in this tool, is attached to the station and it is better.

And more convenient than traditional soldering irons, in terms of speed and easiness.

It is good to go for an antistatic soldering station when it comes to safety. Some of the reliable brands for purchasing a soldering station are Goot and Weller.

8. A Solder Wire:

Solder wires are utilized for connecting electronic components like ICs or jumpers.

Since the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) has been introduced, lead free solders became a well-liked choice among companies.

A solder wire is out there in several diameters (2.0mm, 1.5mm, 1.0mm, 0.5mm, 0.2mm, etc.).

Also, a 0.5mm solder wire is the most acceptable for mobile repairing purposes.

Alpha Cookson is a renowned and reliable brand for soldering wires .

9. A Multimeter: The Most Essential Mobile Repairing Tools

You will be surprised at how useful and multi-tasking a multimeter can be (well, the name already suggests so).

It is available in analog and digital variants in the market. For our purpose, it’s mostly a digital multimeter that is used to find faults and check and track various components.

10. A PCB Holder/ Stand:

A holder or a stand for a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) can help to hold it in several positions while doing solder or repair work.

A PCB stand or holder supports the PCB powerfully and only eases up the repair process.

11. An Anti-static (ESD) Mat:

This mat is placed on the workbench to stop prevent any damages to the phones from electricity. This makes it an influential need on the work table.

A pair of anti-static gloves and an anti-static apron also serve an equivalent purpose.

12. A Magnifying Lamp:

For a clearer and magnified view of a PCB, a magnifying lamp is employed. Most of the lamps available have a provision of light for the convenience of the user.

13. A Microscope/ Magnifier: Very Useful Mobile Repairing Tools

We all are familiar with how a microscope or a magnifier works by zooming into the small details.

With the development of technology, tons of those microscopes or magnifiers are now capable of being linked to a display screen for a far better view.

14. A mobile Opener: Must Have Mobile Repairing Tools

Available in several shapes, this tool is employed to open the covering body of a mobile. it is available in materials like tough plastic and metal.

Buying an ESD-safe mobile opener may be a wise choice.

15. Hot Air Blower:

Also known as Surface Mount Device (SMD), rework station or SMD repair system. It maintains flow of hot air and the temperature.

It is important to buy a superior quality and ESD-Safe hot air blower.

16. A Battery Tester: Much Needed Mobile Repairing Tools

Sometimes we skip the most basic tools. A battery tester is employed to research the status and condition of A battery of a phone.

16. A Battery Booster:

If A battery tester tests the battery of a phone to be drained out, this device serves the subsequent step.

As the name itself suggests, battery boosters are used to increase the power of the battery of mobile phones.

17. An LCD Tester: Important Mobile Repairing Tools

The tester checks whether the LCD display of a phone is faulty or not.

It is imperative to select the best tools, even if they are more expensive, while purchasing them.

Cheap and inexpensive tools may not do the job properly or feel comfortable to work with.

The tools that cost more (and are of better quality). Also good for the long term without giving you the trouble of having to purchase the equipment frequently and repeatedly.

Since our mobile phones are electronic equipment with the delicate arrangement. It is advisable to proceed with precision and patience while repairing them.

Never handle a device roughly and always use the required tools. Knowing about these basics is enough to get you started with your mobile repairing experience!

18. Universal Mobile Phone Flashing Software

Additionally, must have the Universal Mobile Phone Flashing Software as a Mobile Repairing Tools.

Hope you got a complete idea about to be a phone repair pechanic. Thank you.

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