How to Reset a Motorola Mobile Phone? [Fixed: 2021 Updated]

Reset a Motorola Mobile Phone

Here is a complete tutorial for “how to reset a Motorola mobile phone”. Amongst the many mainstream mobile phone brands available in the market, Motorola is the most underrated one.

Motorola is known for providing top-notch quality in exchange for the product’s price.  The recent launch of Motorola Edge and Motorola Edge Plus has helped the brand have its comeback in the mobile phone market.

These devices possess cutting-edge technology and features such as 5G accessibility, displays of high definition, and so on. When it comes to the visual quality of the device’s camera and software updates.

The Motorola One series is quite suggested by market experts. However, Motorola phone devices are not seen competing with exclusive brands.

Such as Apple iPhones or Samsung but one must consider the brand if quality and budget are a priority.

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The marketed name of the brand Motorola is known as Motorola Mobility. The brand is of American origin. The well-known electronics company has a remarkable and flourishing history of over 90 years.

In 2011, Motorola Mobility was started by the company. The expertise of this branch includes smartphones and other larger screens.

In 2014, it was bought by Lenovo which is a popular Chinese technology company as its subsidiary.

Resetting your device is extremely vital as it serves as a refreshment for the software and many other features on your mobile device.

Some of the obvious reasons to reset a Motorola mobile phone are mentioned below:

  • When your phone seems to be working slow or inefficiently, it is a clear indication that your device needs an immediate reset.
  • In case of a virus hindering your software system, a reset can get rid of it.
  • If you are planning to sell off your phone, you must perform a reset to drive out private data after you have safely transferred it to another device.
  • The process is also helpful if you think your device is hacked.
  • Reset helps to delete unwanted applications and drop their settings to the default mode.
  • It can also be performed to sort out your memory space and enhance the working of your device.

The option of factory data reset is an effective feature as it erases unwanted data preventing your phone from functioning well.

Everything that is either installed or imported is driven away by the reset process. However, you can choose not to erase the necessary internal data and storage.

You should opt for performing a factory reset only when it’s extremely needed as it wipes off basic data from your device such as contacts, media, application settings, data from the applications, and the system.

In case you are a Motorola user, it should be noted that your device might need regular attention when it comes to resetting.

Mentioned below are some situations wherein a reset can help:

  • When you are unable to remember the passcode or pattern used to unlock your phone.
  • When your device does not respond or simply gets hanged.
  • In some of the Motorola models, the users have reported seeing the sign that says,” Subscriber Not Allowed”. In such cases, you should consider resetting your device to the default mode of factory settings to resolve the issue.
  • When your phone gets locked for no reason.

The ways of how to reset a Motorola mobile phone:


  1. Firstly, start by removing the SIM Card from the device.
  2. Type *#**367628# using the available keypad and drop a call.
  3. As you do the above-mentioned steps, the device will undergo a Master Reset
  4. After about a minute or more, type *#**778337#
  5. As you complete these steps your Motorola phone settings will get restored.


  • To begin with the hard reset procedure, switch off your mobile phone device.
  • Press and then hold on to the Volume down Button together with the Power Button on the opposite edge of the device.
  • As you do so, you will next see a sign indicating the Fast boot mode on the screen of your mobile device.
  • Now, choose the option of Recovery Mode. You have to confirm the mode for the device to take action.
  • Press the Volume + Power Buttons at a time to provide confirmation.
  • An Android exclamation mark should appear on your screen after the step mentioned above.
  • Stop pressing the Volume up Key while still pressing on to the Power Button.
  • Go to Factory Reset by using the Volume Buttons. Hold down the Power key to confirm the action.
  • A factory reset drives away your data.


Google Find My device is one such notable feature that enables Motorola smartphone users to perform the reset.

It also helps to wipe out data from Android. You can also extract the lost data by a hard reset.

If you are considering this option while trying to reset your device. Make sure your smartphone is connected to a consistent flow of internet connection.

And is linked to an active Google account under your use. This method can be carried out without unlocking your Motorola phone with a passcode or pattern.

Follow the steps given as under:

  • Click on the “Google Find My Device link”.
  • Now, use your current and active Google account to log in. Also, you can do this with a desktop computer.
  • Next, you will see three options displayed on the screen:
  • Play Sound
  • Secure Device
  • Erase Device
  • For your purpose, go for the Erase Device option.
  • An Erase all data menu will be exhibited on the screen after selecting the option.
  • Click on the option of Erase.
  • This marks the end of the process and your device will carry out the reset process accordingly.

 Lastly, if all the methods mentioned above fail to solve the issues associated with your device. You can always seek an expert’s opinion or visit a technician as there could be glitches in your device.

Video Tutorial For Reset a Motorola Mobile Phone:

YouTube Channel: S S Mobile Care

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