Reset Blackberry Mobile Phone – Soft, Hard & Factory Reset

Reset Blackberry Mobile Phone

It’s a detailed tutorial to Reset Blackberry Mobile Phone. Smartphones are our universal saviors to help us with most of our problems. But sometimes, it is these saviors that need the saving!

Occasionally, some of the large applications out there may hang your phone and render them ineffective. At other times, it might not be so easy to recognize what is making your phones hang or lag.

If your BlackBerry mobile phone has stopped and/ or is not responding, there may be a number of reasons for it. A brief reset should be able to solve it all and get your phone working again.

There are 3 methods of resetting a BlackBerry mobile phone a soft reset, a hard reset, and a factory reset.

Here is a basic and easy guide to follow for resetting your BlackBerry phone, hopefully, to its previous operating state. Let us look into all the methods for a reset in detail.

A Soft Reset

A soft reset settles a slow or sluggish user interface and makes the phone software go back to its initial state. This method resets your phone without having to remove its battery.

It is essential to know that carrying this out does not remove any user data from the BlackBerry mobile phone, and saving any open files and closing them before performing this reset will ensure nothing important gets wiped off.

Check the steps for a soft reset below. Please note that it is not possible to carry out this reset if your BlackBerry is devoid of a keyboard.

  • Step 1

Press down the alt key on the keyboard and keep holding it down.

  • Step 2

Press the right shift key >> hold it (while continuing to press the alt key).

  • Step 3

Now go to the backspace/delete key >> hold it down, while still holding down the alt and right shift keys together.

  • Step 4

Wait for the phone to reset. When the phone is resetting, you can see its screen turn off and this is the time you can release all the keys.

It may take up to a few minutes (sometimes even more) for the BlackBerry to go back to it’s normal settings.

A Hard Reset

In a hard reset, in contrast to the soft reset, the phone battery has to be taken out for some seconds before putting it back in.

A hard reset is kind of a factory reset in which only the hardware is formatted and updated to the latest version. It is meant to make as many settings as possible go back to their real, original state.

You must opt for this way only as a last resort. You should be acquainted with the fact that a hard reset erases all the memory linked to your BlackBerry’s hardware. Follow the steps given below for a hard reset:

  • Step 1

Remove the battery from the phone by opening the battery cover on the back.

  • Step 2

Wait for a few seconds before reinserting the battery. If you want to be extra cautious, then you can even wait up to 30 seconds.

  • Step 3

Close the battery cover after reinserting the battery. Press the power button to switch back on the mobile phone.

The BlackBerry should get reset. Please note that for a BlackBerry Z10, a hard reset can also be done by pressing and holding its power button at the top, for about 10 seconds. This method is quicker and more convenient.

A Factory Reset

A factory reset will make your device software almost new like as it will clean the entire system of the phone. It will reset the phone to the state it was in, when it came to you from the manufacturer.

Basically, factory reset completely reboots the system, formats it, and sends it back to its factory settings (the ones that were done by the phone’s manufacturer).

A factory reset should only be done when you want to erase all your personal data and information stored on your BlackBerry device.

Or when a software reinstallation is requisite. Proceed only keeping this in mind and follow the steps given below:

  • Step 1

Open your home screen.

  • Step 2

Search through the options on the home screen >> select ‘security settings’.

  • Step 3

Choose the ‘security wipe’ option in the security settings menu.

  • Step 4

Choose what you want to be deleted. Select all the items which you want to erase from your phone. If you want to wipe off your information entirely, then make sure you check all the boxes.

  • Step 5

A code needs to be entered next, to carry out the security wipe. Type and enter “blackberry” into the text field and go on to select ‘wipe’.

  • Step 6

Wait patiently for the wiping process to be completed. The device may reset multiple times while this process is running. Thus it is expected to take a while.

Once the process is completed, your device will power off. After you restart it, your phone will look like it has come straight out of the box and all the data in it will be gone.

Some Useful Information of reset a BlackBerry Cell Phone

These methods are applicable to a majority of BlackBerry mobile phones, though it is to be taken care of that there might be certain different methods to reset your phone’s specific model.

These particulars and specifications are generally given in the instruction manual. Which comes with your BlackBerry mobile phone. Make sure to go through it properly beforehand!

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