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How To Print From Your iPhone? Step By Step Guide [#SOLVED]

Are you searching for how to print from your iPhone? Then you find the right place. 

Apple’s iPhones accommodate file sharing with apps such as AirDrop and iCloud. 

The environment is protected when soft-copies are used. Hard copies, however, are sometimes required for some work.

Apple iPhone users are often unable to understand how to print from their devices. A variety of iPhone apps can be used to print documents. 

The following is a step-by-step guide to Print from your iPhone:


Files can be sent or printed anywhere using AirPrint. Logging in or downloading it separately is not necessary. 

If you wish to print from your iPhone, you need to connect your iPhone and the printer to the same Wi-Fi network. 

People who want to print from iPhones in offices or universities need to know the Wi-Fi password of the location. 

Printing can be done by selecting Print once the file has been accessing via Wi-Fi.

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In each app, the AirPrint button is in the exact location. The share button is first required when using some Apple apps, such as Photos and Safari. You can then click on Print at the bottom of the page. 

This time, however, the exceptional application is mail. When clicking the reply button on an e-mail, the print option is displayed.

What is AirPrint, and how to use it?

Xerox, Canon, Dell, Epson, Fuji, HP, Konica, Panasonic, and many more apps support AirPrint printing. It is necessary to install any of these applications.

Sending files to the printer is easy with apps. Contact a skilled manufacturer and ask them to connect these apps to the printer if they are not connected to these iPhone apps.

Non-AirPrint option

Several people cannot print using AirPrint. As a result, we have a few other options. 

A good example is Princetonopia. Printopia may seem like a good choice, but experts believe Airprint-friendly apps are better. 

There are also some printing apps available in the Apple App Store that require payment.

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