Blocks Your Phone Number

If Someone Blocks Your Phone Number How To Understand In 2021

If someone BLOCKS your phone number, what does that mean to you, and how do you understand it.

There are some signs of understanding if someone BLOCKS your phone number:

1. A blocked number cannot be called

There is no indication that the phone number has been blocked. The person may call the blocked number, but you cannot reach it.

2. People tend to block the phone number if there is a sudden problem

It is common for the boyfriend and girlfriend to block their phone numbers if they do not get along. 

The phone number is blocked not only for boyfriends and girlfriends but also for close people, loved ones, or anyone who suddenly has a problem with it. 

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While this is happening, the blocked number holder may not know that their number has been blocked. In the end, he couldn’t reach that number because it was busy.

3. If you continue to receive the same message after you have called more than once a day, you will understand that this person has blocked you

A telecom operator does not send you a message if someone blocks you. 

Someone may have blocked you if you receive a message you have never received before. 

This is a sign that you have been blocked if the same message appears every time you call the person more than once daily.

4. You will know that someone has blocked you when you call and hear their voicemail when the ring goes to voicemail

The person has blocked you if the phone rings voicemail or says the phone is busy after you call. 

Your number has been blocked if you receive the same response after each call.

5. Calling someone who is always busy or whose phone hangs up after saying busy

A blocked person will always be busy or will hang up after you say you are busy. 

Nevertheless, they might have a lot going on. The person who says busy to you knows that you are blocked, but if you hang up, you’re not clogged. More solutions>>

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