Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch Features Review 2021

Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

You should consider Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch before buying any smartwatch in 2021.

Because of saving your cash in this Coronavirus covid-19 Pandemic situation.

Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch is an old is gold type smart wearable device because S2 gives you still modern features and functionalities.

The idea of wearing a smartwatch isn’t inherently recent.

Yet, probably not in the way that people witness smartwatches in reality.

This may be because many individuals feel that watches do not require being smart. 

While many others consider them as luxury gadgets that are fun to wear but still no one wants these. 

In any case, whenever folks see our stylish smartwatches, we also get a fair amount of attention. 

And, it’s really fun to see the expression of wonder on someone’s face.

Despite numerous releases by minor players including the Intex iRist and Pebble. 

Besides, Garmin, Fitbit, TicWatch, Wickedleak Alpha, Motorola, Android Wear, Fossil, the Apple Watch, etc.

Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch
Samsung Gear S2 watch

And, Samsung’s Gear line of smartwatches and Bands continues to rule the industry. 

The Gear line, which is mostly Tizen-powered, is willing to take responsibility for some genuinely revolutionary.

And, game-changing smart devices, such as the Gear Live and original Samsung Galaxy Gear. 

The new Samsung Gear S2 watch and Bands, which debuted together with the Samsung Gear S2 Classic, are coming from the Korean smart electronics behemoth.

The Detailed Review Of Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch:

The $119 Samsung Gear S2 with Tizen Operating system has a great thing coming for it. 

And, it works on both Samsung and other non-Samsung Android smartphones. 

Moreover, Samsung Gear S2 Watch features a revolutionary spinning bezel that aids users in navigating the device. 

The hundred thousand questions are why people are very fond of this particular smartwatch and what its advantages are. 

And, all the details we will cover in our review of Samsung’s gear s2 watch and bands, 

Samsung Gear S2 Design:

There’s still no denying round smartwatches appear beautiful, and Samsung has followed suit with the Gear S2. 

It is indeed Samsung’s first smartwatch with a circular dial and display and it appears amazing. 

And, the watch’s case is mostly made of titanium, which provides it a good, luxurious feel. 

Gear S2 Design
Gear S2 Design

The grey edition is visually pleasing due to its monotonous design and sleek styling. 

Because of its retro look and sound, this smartwatch strikes the right combination.

Between appearing like a classic wristwatch and a set of advanced technology.

Samsung Gear S2 Display:

A further feature that sets the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch apart from the competition is its completely round display. 

While the Moto 360 2nd Generation is still circular/round, 

The somewhat lovely design is overshadowed significantly by the ‘false tire’ at the lowest of the frame. 

And, the Samsung Gear S2 however has no concern, and the overall appearance is significantly improved by the display’s consistency. 

The 1.2-inch 360×360 pixel Super AMOLED is extremely sharp, with natural colors and black colors. 

And, these two colors are far and away from the finest we’ve experienced on a smartwatch. 

While not as shiny as we would like, the S2 gets pretty bright but isn’t as terrible in direct daylight as we expected.

Navigation Features:

The spinning bezel control system may be one of the main differences between the Gear S2 and many other smartwatch brands. 

Besides, the dial spins in both ways, allowing you to move from screen to screen while you use the app. 

Having to turn it immediately will get you to the extreme ending of the menu relatively soon, which makes navigating generally easy. 

And, the bezel also provides great visual input, making wearing the watch even simpler and much more natural. 

This is far preferable to moving around with the touch interface.

Button Position:

The home and return buttons are located on the right side of the S2 watch. 

If long time press, the lower key acts as the control key, and then if short time press, it opens up the application menu.

Gear S2 Button
Gear S2 Button

Since your choices are made by pressing the pad, we found that the application of the buttons was relatively constrained. 

And, the mic is situated between them which can be used to send voice instructions to the S Voice application. 

Or, it can be used to direct voice responses to instant messaging.

Samsung Gear S2 Strap:

The strap which comes standard with the Samsung Gear S2 is manufactured from rubber. 

While this S2 strap is removable, it is a unique design, and therefore only straps designed specifically for the Gear S2 can match. 

If that was a concern for you, we recommend the Samsung Gear S2 Classic. 

And, it arrives with a retractable leather strap and can be equipped with regular 20mm belts. 

Aside from that, the distinctions between the Samsung S2 and S2 Classic are simply decorative. 

The previous is bigger and somewhat thicker, with a more sleek and seamless appearance. 

Moreover, while the other has a more conventional appearance, with a shaped revolving bezel and conventional lugs.


The heart-rate monitor sensor is located on the rear of the Gear S2, including some simple marking and legislative text. 

And, the band strap unlocks are also included, as well as the whole watch weighs a very pleasant 47g with a diameter of 11.4mm. 

S2 Sensor
Gear S2 Sensor

Again, the rubber band complements the IP68 waterproof.

Meaning you wouldn’t have to think about bringing the watch swimming or making it a little muddy in the shower or wash tub.

But, we don’t encourage you to wash the S2 watch frequently.

Overall, the Samsung Gear S2 is a pleasure to wear and operate.


The Samsung Gear application is used by the smartwatch to monitor and manage the link between both the smartwatch and the app. 

The interface itself is simple and practical, enabling you to switch smartwatch faces, monitor alerts, adjust other features.

And, it also helps to rearrange the application screen configuration, remote control the watch. 

Moreover, it allows us to transfer music and images to the watch’s internal memory. 

You will also utilize the application to navigate the Samsung Gear App Store. 

And, the App store contains the most recent list of applications compatible with the smartwatch.

App Store:

Since Tizen doesn’t even have almost as many applications as Android Wear. 

And, the App marketplace itself is devoid of high-quality apps. 

A good percentage of the current roster are billed, which would annoy people. 

Besides, they have already charged a significant sum for the watch. 

The majority of the current applications are watch faces, and all of them appeared to us to be badly built and cheap looking. 

There are few third-party applications available, but the majority of what you require has been present.

Adidas Running, Nike, HERE Maps, ESPN, CNN, and Google are among the applications that come pre-installed on the smartwatch. 

But, a few of them enable you to load companion applications on your associated mobile device. 

People can also make calls straight from the watch, but you won’t be allowed to connect with it since it lacks a speaker.

Watch Faces:

Samsung’s original watch faces are excellent, and the faces that come pre-installed on the watch are stunning. 

Also, there are specialized faces for the Adidas Running, ESPN, CNN, and Bloomberg applications. 

And, they transmit statistics including such health information, media, or weather updates directly to the watch face. 

There are indeed a couple of watch faces with a touch of imaginative flair built by the Italian fashion firm Atelier Mendini. 

Our current fave was Samsung’s standard simple watch face, which looked better with the Gear S2’s futuristic design.

Samsung Gear S2 Specifications:

The Samsung Gear S2 is fueled by its processor, a dual-core Exynos 3250 chipset. 

And, designed especially for Samsung’s wearable devices and smartwatches. 

The S2 watch also has Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, NFC, and Wi-Fi support. 

As well, S2 has 512MB of RAM, 4Gb internal memory of which only 1.9GB is usable, and the battery you get a 250mAh.

The smartwatch has an accelerometer, gyro sensor heart monitor, barometer, and also ambient light detector. 

And, S2 comes in two colors: grey & silver. 

Some features, including configuring Wi-Fi on the watch, will necessitate manual adjustments. 

And, the watch will display a T9 keyboard which, despite the relatively small size, is fairly simple to use. 

Samsung Gear S2’s speech recognition can be used to make additional inputs.

Samsung Gear S2 Operating System:

For quite some time, Samsung has used the Tizen OS to control the majority of its wearable devices. 

And, the Samsung Gear S2 watch is no different. 

Tizen and Android Wearable devices have some conceptual and practical parallels, yet Tizen is new. 

The key difference between the two smart devices is that Tizen is built in a circle/round shape.

Whereas Android Wear typically works vertically with horizontal gestures to navigate within specific applications or displays. 

And, the circular design complements a rectangular smartwatch and complements the revolving bezel for control.

Samsung Gear S2 Home Screen Features:

If you swipe down from the S2 watch face, then the home screen displays the power status and network connection mode.

And, also audio, the “Do Not Disturb” mode, including display brightness control systems. 

Applications and buttons are located on the right side of the smartwatch screen. 

Whereas unread/unseen messages are located to the left side. 

And they will vanish as users swipe them aside on the smartwatch or launch them on their smartphone.

Samsung Gear S2 Default Apps:

The step tracker, calendar, temperature, audio controller, heart-rate sensor, and activity tracker are among the default  S2 apps. 

And, You will also have a Flipboard-powered media widget, a calendar, an alert, S Health, and a calculator.

Moreover, S2 has shortcut keys to software mounted on the watch. 

All of the applications are also easily accessible from the full device screen.

Samsung Gear S2 Operating Tips:

By tapping, an interface is launched, and navigation can be accomplished with swipes or rounded edges. 

This is undeniably superior to the method Android Wear treats control, and it’s incredibly simple to get adjusted.

And, the pre-installed applications on the Gear S2 are outstanding and well-designed for the unit. 

Fitness enthusiasts can appreciate the watch’s reasonably precise sensors. 

For measuring steps monitoring pulse rate and recording movement.

Samsung Gear S2  Features:

Also, there is a mode where even the watch vibrates you. 

When you’ve been sitting for far too much, reminding you to have a little walk. 

The heart-rate monitor can also be programmed to track your heartbeat at predetermined intervals without your knowledge.

S2 Heart Sensor
Gear S2 Heart Sensor

Providing you with daily measurements that can be viewed and analyzed using the S Fitness application.

The software also displays detail about your steps and habits, and sleep monitoring.

Samsung Gear S2 Performance:

The Samsung Gear S2 is officially exclusively available for Android devices. 

Operating Android 4.4 or higher with a minimum of 1.5GB of RAM. 

But, the minimal specifications are marginally lowered to Android 4.3 if you own a Samsung handset.

Other functionality, including Text, Mailing, and Samsung Pay, are exclusive to Samsung phones.

The manufacturer has also confirmed that iOS updates for the Gear S2 are on the road. 

But, Gear S2 will not be available until sometime this year.

Samsung Gear S2 Test:

And for the course of the experiment, we were using a Redmi Device Note 10 operating Android 10 as the linked smartphone.

However, most of the Gear S2’s features performed flawlessly. 

Even so, there have been some intermittent compatibility problems. 

With the watch occasionally dropping its connection with the tablet.

At moments, the Music player failed to monitor music played on the smartphone appropriately. 

But, these problems were normally fixed by rebooting the watch. 

Whenever it takes to retain its relation, the Gear S2 isn’t nearly as shaky as Android Wear models. 

And, Samsung Gear S2 performance overall is snappy and fluid.

Samsung Gear S2 Battery Life:

The battery life is equivalent to that of Android Wearable gadgets, lasting around 2 days on a single charge. 

It is among the most serious issues with smartwatches. 

However, it can be solved without compromising the watch’s functionality or aesthetic appeal.

Charging is fast and easy thanks to the Gear S2’s wireless charging support. 

And, it’s also the same one that came with the Moto 360 or 2nd Generation Moto 360. 

Simply place the watch on the cradle and it will begin charging. 

And, the charging cradle has a warning light that tells you exactly if the smartwatch is charging.

Or, if S2 has finished charging, which is convenient.

Samsung Gear S2 Pros:

  • Gorgeous, sturdy style
  • Excellent display
  • The rotating bezel is fantastic
  • Tizen user experience
  • Good-looking watch faces

Samsung Gear S2 Cons:

  • The application range is limited
  • Slight connectivity problems
  • Cost-effective

Samsung Gear S2 Mobile Arrival rating (out of 5):

  • Design: 4.7
  • Price: 4.5
  • Performance: 4.7
  • Overall Product Quality: 4.5

Samsung Gear S2 Price:

Samsung Gear S2 is available on Amazon at $119 and Gear S2 has a good 4.2 out of 5-star rating.

Samsung Galaxy Gear S2
Samsung Galaxy Gear S2

And, Samsung Gear S2 classic is available on Amazon at $238 and the Gear S2 classic has a good 4.3 out of 5-star rating.


Whenever it relates to technology, Samsung seeks a ton of new things and some of its efforts have worked out pretty well. 

The Korean manufacturer has now seen progress including its smartphones, laptops, and Televisions. 

However, with the Gear S2, now it has entered the burgeoning smartwatch market.

It’s wonderfully built, has an excellent panel, works admirably, and also has a number to give everybody.

It’s indeed, in our view, the highest quality smartwatch on the market right now.

After all, it presently has a very limited range of compatible software. 

And, it has minor compatibility problems and is reasonably costly at near $119.

As for most hallmark Samsung goods, you pay a substantial premium for the standard on sale.

And, therefore Samsung Gear S2 may not be for everyone. 

This must be the smartwatch we recommend if you can purchase it and also have an Android smartphone.

Moreover, it’s like having a piece of wonder on someone’s wrist.

Hope you like the detailed review of Samsung Gear s2 smartwatch.

If you still have any questions regarding Samsung Gear s2 smartwatch mention those queries in the comment section freely. 

Samsung Gear S2 watch: FAQs

What features does the Samsung Gear S2 watch have?

Via the Samsung Gear S2, you can get mobile updates without having to pull the mobile phone from your bag. 

And, with a look, you will get calendar reminders, emails, and sometimes even news and entertainment scores on your wrist.

Is the Samsung Gear S2 watch still a worthwhile investment?

Although offering the highest quality smartwatch in the industry currently does not mean anything, Samsung’s Gear S2 is without a doubt it. 

The reality that it is less expensive than an Apple smartwatch or an LG Watches Urbane further adds to its appeal. 

If you’re looking for a modern android smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S2 watch is an excellent choice.

Can the Samsung Gear S2 watch make and accept phone calls?

No, you cannot make or receive phone calls while wearing this Samsung Gear S2 watch.

What is the age of the Samsung Gear S2 watch?

In the United States, the Samsung Gear S2 watch was launched on October 2, 2015.

Is a data/carrier plan needed for the Samsung Gear S2?

You wouldn’t need a mobile device with this watch because it has an e-SIM built-in. 

The Gear S2 3G is capable of making telephone calls. 

After you’ve set it up with a cellular plan from a T-Mobile, AT&T, or Verizon account. 

Now, you can toggle off your other smartphone and only use this Gear S2 watch.

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