Top 10 Smartphone Tripod Brands Review and Buying Guide

Smartphone Tripod Brands

Want to amaze your friends with your photography skills, get a Smartphone Tripod Brands. They are the best way to capture crystal clear photographs with your smartphone.

Tripods are of great use to almost all people from vloggers to normal office-going people. Many smartphones already have image stabilization technology but then also you may need tripods under certain circumstances which are discussed below.

And if you made up your mind to buy one then go through our list of ‘Top 10 smartphone tripods’. At first, let’s start with the advantages using of a smartphone tripod.


  • First and foremost they will give you unmatched stability while taking pictures and with the help of that you will be able to capture sharper images.
  • Tripods are great for taking panorama shots. You may find difficulty in linking the images together so at this place tripod comes to the rescue. Using a tripod will give togetherness to your panorama shot.
  • Since haziness is more noticeable in macro shots, using a tripod will ensure that every detail of the object is captured in your camera.
  • Smartphones mounted on tripods receive more light than handheld a smartphone. So, a tripod is a good option for low-light photography.
  • We live in the world of selfies and if you want to bring more dimensions to your selfies then click it with tripods.

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Top 10 Smartphone Tripod Brands List With Details:

1. Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod Kit

This tripod has made up to the top of our list due to its features as compared to its price. The maximum height is 24.7 cm, the maximum load is 1 kg and the weight of the tripod is 215gm.

It also comes with an inbuilt phone clamp that can hold the largest phones and some smaller phablets. The pivot rotates at all angles. After removing the clamp you can mount cameras too.

This is a great buy as it gives you all the accessories related to basic photography at a cheap price. It is foldable so that the hand can comfortably be transported.

Height adjustment is not available and the ball head movement is limited. You can also find its height a little bit short. This product is available for 24 $.

2. Adonit Photogrip: One of the Best Smartphone Tripod Brands

Adonit photograph is a pocket-sized mini tripod stand. It is made up of polycarbonate and ABS which makes it extremely lightweight (64 gm). The clamp fits fat smartphones also.

The tripod comes with a blue tooth remote and supports wireless charging.

Compared to its competition, the tripod is costly or reasonable. The smaller size cannon accommodate larger phones.

3. Joby Gorilla Pod mobile vlogging kit

Joby gorilla pod gives you everything which you as a vlogger want. The weight of the tripod is 540 gm and it has an inbuilt phone clamp whose width is 80 mm.

This ensures that you can clamp smartphones of all sizes on them. The tripod supports all types of cameras as well as smartphones. It has two arms that held a mic and lights.

The flexibility of the pivot head enables you to take photos in portrait and landscape modes.

The tripod is available for 99$.

4. Benro BK10 Mini Tripod & Selfie stick

If you want features like joby gorilla pod at a low price then go for this one. As the name suggests this product is two in one buy .i.e. it works both as a selfie stand as well as a tripod stand.

The maximum height is 35.8inches and the maximum load is 1 kg. The stand has a phone holder. It also has a blue tooth trigger with remote control. The stand is 3 feet in height after completely opening its arms.

The mobile clamp is clunky and does not give vertical to horizontal movements and vice versa. But don’t worry the flexible tripod ball will enable you to do this.

The product is available for 34.95 $.

5. Manfrotto Compact Light Smart

You will come across the term Manfrotto many times if you are searching for a tripod. The closed length is 39cm, the maximum height is 131cm and the maximum load is 1.5kg.

The tripod has a phone holder and its weight is 840gm. This tripod is a full-sized tripod with a clamp. The height is 4 ft. which is good for all purposes.

The ball head rotates up to 90 degrees and you can clamp in both portrait and landscape mode. The model is not compact and difficult to carry while traveling.

6. CamKix blue tooth camera shutter

The Camkix camera shutter is best suited to YouTubers who like to make videos from their homes. The maximum height is 11.2 inches and the model weight is 300 gm.

The tripod has a phone holder which is big enough to accommodate smartphones and smaller tablets as well. It can be mainly used indoors but can be used outside by unfolding its arms.

The tripod is available for 16.99 $.

7. Ubesize Tripod S: One of the Great Smartphone Tripod Brands

You can simply recognize it as snake legs. Its arms are flexible to the extent that they can stick even to the branches of the trees. It will be great if you are making a movie in the forest.

The legs are made of metal with rubber coating for better grip. The phone mount is 3.75 inches in width. The product also comes with a blue tooth remote which makes it reliable for selfies and vlogging.

8. Fotopro Waterproof Phone Tripod

If you are someone who likes to shoot underwater then go for this one. The waterproof tripods are less in number so we have mentioned only one in our list.

The height limit is 10cm, the max load limit is 800gm. It greatly suits small phones and cameras. The flexible legs can be used anywhere.

The product is available for 20 $.

9. Switch Pod

This is another high price and heavy tripod stand. It can be used for nearly everything. The weight of the product is 680 gm. It supports both phone and cameras.

It is made up of aluminum. The legs can be folded and carried in all backpacks. If you need a mic and LED light then simply attach them to its arms.

10. Eocean Selfie Stick Tripod

The ocean is a multipurpose tripod stand that capable to used as a tripod and a selfie stick as well. The tripod is maximally 100 cm in height.

The tripod also has a removable Bluetooth remote control and supports wireless charging. It can be folded and carried in your pocket comfortably. The aluminium build makes the model lightweight.

The plastic remote is not durable.

We don’t know the exact amount, though, but you should get less than $20 for this tripod.

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