Easy Way To Transfer Contacts From Old Phone To A New Smartphone

Transfer Contacts From Old Phone

Two Easiest Methods To Transfer Contacts From Old Phone. One of the things that worries us the most about the excitement of getting a new phone is that now we have to transfer the data from the old phone to the new phone. 

But with the help of Google Cloud Service and some third-party apps, this task has become easier now. 

But most of the time we forget to transfer mobile numbers i.e. contacts from old phones during a lot of hard work to transfer data. 

With this in mind, today we will tell you some simple ways that you can transfer contacts from the old Android smartphone to the new Android smartphone without any worries. 

When you shift from an Android phone to iOS, the process changes a little. 

That’s why today we will give you the information to easily transfer contacts to the new Android smartphone.

Ever since I tell you about the simple method to transfer contacts, I’d want to point out that there are numerous easy ways to migrate contacts that people are well familiar with.

But some users find this simple task difficult, so we are giving you this information.

Here Are The Easiest Ways to Transfer Contacts From Old Phone to New One

1. Contact SIM Card Transfer

This is the easiest and oldest way to transfer contacts from an old phone to a new one. First and foremost, you must preserve all old phone contacts in SIM.

To save all the contacts in the SIM on the old phone, first, open the Contacts app on your Android phone. 

Afterward, select the Settings option. And, the smartphone setting option is located in the upper right-hand corner of Contacts. 

Go to settings you have to choose Import / Export then select Export to SIM card option.

Then all the contacts saved on your old phone will be transferred to SIM. After this process, set your SIM to the new phone SIM and then go to Contacts and go to the settings menu.

Click on Import / Export in this bar setting, then you have to select Import from the SIM card option.

 After a while, all the old contacts will come to your new phone.

Note: I believe that now the old SIM card can store approximately 250 phone contacts. On some modern SIM cards, can keep more than 250 contacts numbers.

2. Contact Transfer from Google Cloud

Google Cloud allows users to transfer their data from one phone to another, which is very easy. 

Contact with data on your old phone can also transfer to the new phone. Let us give you information about this first.

You must visit the settings of the older smartphone to accomplish this. 

Next, touch on Google and see if the contact’s prior toggling icon is turned on. You can switch it on if it’s not already. 

After activation, your old phone’s contacts will be linked to your Google Account within a few seconds.

And, Your smartphone number will be synchronized with your Gmail account if you activate it. 

You will be requested to input your Google Information anytime you sign up for a brand new Smartphone.

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