Google Voice Not Forwarding Texts, How to Solve?

Google Voice Not Forwarding Texts

Why Google Voice Not Forwarding Texts is your issue that you want to solve now.

Is it impossible for anyone to send Google Voice messages to their connected contact number?

This can occur even though you have previously been enabled to send the texts.

For example, if people unlink their mobile phone number for whatever reason.

Such as testing, and afterward re-link their mobile phone number to Google Voice, the forwarding would quit functioning.

And, you will not be allowed to forward Google Voice calls to your smartphone.

The explanation you are experiencing this activity is due to a modification made by Google towards its Google Voice service, most likely in December 2018.

Since landline phones, along with office or residential phones cannot accept text messages.

When you’re using the Internet browser to attach your contact information.

Also, Google suspects it was a workplace or residence number like a landline. Also, the ability to forward text replies is disabled. 

This is an instance of how your Windows computer could appear.

It’s worth noting that the choice to forward messages to the associated number is currently carried out.

Forward message to linked numbers
Forward message to linked numbers

The Solution Of Google Voice Not Forwarding Texts:

The real answer to the issue is straightforward.

You must inform Google Voice that your connected number is a smartphone for it to recognize that you will accept text messages.

  1. Simply following these measures to set up Google Voice.
  1. Users should first login into their Google profile/account & then move to the Google Voice website.
  1. Select the three horizontal bars beside the smartphone symbol in the Main menu.
Legacy Google Voice
Legacy Google Voice
  1. Choose the Legacy Google Voice connection at the foot of the menu.
  1. Now, in the top right section of the web page, choose the Settings Gear.
Setting Gear
Setting Gear
  1. On the Smartphone tab, you’ll find that your Mobile Phone’s default setting is either Workplace or Home.
  1. Shift the setting to Smartphone by clicking the Edit icon The illustration below presently depicts Home.
Edit to Fix Google Voice Not Forwarding Texts
  1. When you choose Smartphone, you can find the following additional boxes:

– This smartphone can receive text messages.

– Text me when there are new voicemails.

  1. Choose the desired option(s).
Activate Google Voicemail on this Phone
Activate Google Voicemail on this Phone
  1. Users may even choose to enable Google voicemail on this mobile device, which they may or may not like.
  1. And. when you select the question mark, a yellow aid box appears that describes what this choice does.
  1. While being on the Settings page, check the Voicemail & Text tab initially.
  1. Then go to the Calls tab to see whether there are any settings you’d like to change.
  1.  Return to the current operating system after switching back to the legacy Google Voice interface (UI).
  1. Changing the URL in google chrome is the quickest way to return to the current UI.
  1. For instance, Update the URL to
  1. Return to the latest UI’s Settings (
  1. And you’ll find that you’ve gained control of the radio buttons.
  1.  Since your linked telephone is now programmed as a mobile phone, you can allow or disable forwarding.
Forward Message to Email
Forward Message to Email
  1. For your comfort, we’ve included all of the URLs for both the Legacy and Latest Google Voice interfaces. 
Features NameLegacy Google VoiceFeatures NameNew Google Voice
CallsLegacy CallsInboxGoogle Voice
MessagesLegacy MassagesTextsGoogle Texts
SpamLegacy SpamSpamGoogle Spam
VoicemailLegacy VoicemailVoicemailGoogle Voice Mail

Text messages can no more be forwarded by Google Voice:

Google Voice includes the ability to send text messages using a user’s contact information and texting app.

And, the application already has a text forwarding function, which allows it.

To transmit a copy of an incoming text to a person’s carrier-based mobile number.

According to reports, the service is about to lose this function.

Besides, according to 9To5Google, Google Voice will shortly end up losing the capacity to forward messages.

The corporation’s help page has modified to represent the movement.

“Text forwarding to connected numbers will cease shortly since smartphone providers have begun to restrict these calls,” Google posted in a post on the help page.

And, stating that the transition is taking place due to operators blocking these texts.

The Google Voice application, edition 2021.10, also has been modified and is now available on the Google Play Store.

According to the report, this change means that the functionality will be phased out earlier rather than expected.

Again, according to the paper, the update is not currently active in the service’s Android app or web applications.

For those that are unfamiliar, Google Voice is a telecommunications platform that offers call forwarding and also voicemail.

And, it enables people to connect different phones to a Google Voice number.

Allowing them to send or receive phone calls on various devices utilizing the same phone number.

However, Google has not included a timetable for when this function will be phased out.

And besides, for now, we’ll be holding our fingers crossed.

Google Voice may no more be allowed forwarding text messages to other mobile numbers shortly:

Perhaps one of Google Voice’s most useful functionality is the opportunity to transmit text messages.

And, using your handset actual number and texting application.

Regrettably, Google Voice will quickly lose its text forwarding capabilities.

Besides, Google Voice will post a letter of your received texts to your carrier-based mobile number through text forwarding.

Enabling you to respond to all these texts straight through your Text message application of preference without launching the Google Voice application.

And, These notes could also be sent to your chosen email account similarly.

A new version to the Google Voice application, edition 2021.10, began rolling out recently through the Google Playstore.

And, our Android Analysis group found a line in it indicating that text forwarding to mobile devices is being phased out.

The notification does not seem to be active in the Android or web applications as of yet.

According to the carefully worded note, several mobile phone companies have started preventing incoming texts from the “ghost numbers” that control Google Voice’s forwarding function. 

And, the operators’ blocking is most probably part of Google’s continuing attempts to remove unwanted calls and texts.

Moreover, Google seems to prefer to stop forwarding and then have it not function with individual carriers.

There is no clear timetable for when Google plans to discontinue this specific Voice function.

Notably, email text forwarding can keep functioning normally and is unaffected by this update.


Google’s well-known services Google Voice Not Forwarding Texts will not work soon for some technical issues.

But, don’t worry they will fix Voice Not Forwarding Texts problems soon.

Hope you like our detailed blog post regarding the solution of google voice not forwarding texts.

If you still have any queries on Google Voice Not Forwarding Texts mention them in the comment section.

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