Latest Phones 2021
Latest Phones 2021

Latest Phones 2021: 5 Best Smartphones In The US Right Now

In 2021 we are bombarded with a lot of new smartphones. Almost every well-known smartphone brand introduced a flagship phone along with their other new phones.

Additionally, all these new smartphones came with some new features, designs, and hardware. These latest smartphones broke the previous smartphone’s performance record.

These new smartphones work like mini computers. It’s not too far when we will be able to use all the computer programs on our smartphones.

But we can say that among all these new smartphones, the best one is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. As this is the best, this is also very expensive.

Other flagship smartphones are also good, even better in some places than the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

All the flagship phones are expensive. The reason is they have all the latest features.

But they also released other phones that also have some new features like the flagship phones. They are also less expensive.

Every well-known smartphone is well known because they are better at something than any other smartphone.

We have researched the specs, performance, features, and prices to find out the top 5 latest smartphones right now.

Here is a List of 5 Best Latest Phones 2021

  1. Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+/S21 Ultra
  2. OnePlus 9/9 Pro
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 20
  4. Google Pixel 5
  5. Google Pixel 4a

We will provide the details of these latest smartphones and why you should consider buying these phones below.

Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+/S21 Ultra

In 2021, they were the first one to come with the latest CPU Snapdragon 888 and Exynos 2100. Which processor you will get depends on where you live.


They also have the best display in the smartphone market right now. The display size starts at 6.2 inches with the S21 and ends at 6.8 inches with the S21 ultra, giving you up to a 120 Hz refresh rate. The displays are Dynamic AMOLED 2X, while the S21 ultra is also Quad HD+.


The cameras are not behind in any way. The first 2 have triple cameras, a 64MP, and two 12MP.

The S21 Ultra comes with 4 cameras. You get a 108MP, a 12MP, and two 10MP cameras.

Samsung Galaxy S21 series mostly got popular because of its camera and the number of features it provides. For a camera person, it will be the perfect phone.

The things that you were disappointed in not having in the Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra are now all packed inside the S21 Ultra. S21 Ultra also brings something new to the S series, and that is the S-Pen. Only the Samsung Note series has it, but now the S21 ultra also supports S-Pen.

The best things that you can get in a smartphone now, you will get all in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

While the S21 Ultra has all the highest features, the S21 and S21+ are not that much behind.

Except for the display size, battery, camera, and RAM, all the other specs are still the same.

Even for comfortable use, S21 and S21+ are more popular than S21 Ultra.

Everybody doesn’t like big displays. Some people like phones with smaller displays because they are more comfortable to use and hold.

Unless you want a phone with all the latest features, and don’t want to spend a lot, then choose the S21 or S21+. You will get almost all the things and performance in S21 and S21+.

Some of the Pros and cons


  • You get huge internal storage from 128GB to 256GB in S21 and S21+ and up to 512GB in S21 Ultra.
  • Both S21 and S21+ will have 8GB RAM, but S21 Ultra has a 12GB and 16GB Ram version.
  • Has the greatest display you can get on a smartphone.
  • Best cameras with a lot of functions.
  • Has 100x zoom capability.


  • Like the new trend, you don’t get any charger and headphones.
  • No headphone jack.
  • No external Micro SDcard.
  • Except for South Korea and North America, all other countries will only get Snapdragon 888 Chipset.

One Plus 9/9 Pro

The One Plus 9 and 9 pro are One plus new flagship phones. One of the big news is One Plus collaborated with Hasselblad in developing the One Plus 9 and 9 pros camera. They did a great job too.

If you don’t know about Hasselblad, then let me tell you they are one of the famous Camera manufacturers in the world.


If we compare the cameras with the Samsung Galaxy S21, they might not bit them. But they are good in other ways. They capture the natural color while taking a photo. If you want to take pictures with natural color, then One Plus 9 and 9 Pro has the best camera.

When it comes to night mode, One Plus takes far better pictures than Samsung Galaxy S21.


One Plus also comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset. So, for those who are unable to get Samsung Galaxy S21 with the Snapdragon 888 Chipset, they can get the One Plus 9/9 Pro.


They also offer big screens. While the One Plus 9 is bugger than Samsung Galaxy S21, the One Plus 9 Pro is the same as the S21+. Both of them are AMOLED displays too.

Charging & Battery:

One Plus 9 and 9 Pro is better in charging and battery backup. Both of these phones come with a 65W charger. They also charge much faster and gives a long-time battery backup. One Plus 9 and 9 Pro only takes 30 minutes to charge from 0%-100%. Even with the 50W wireless charger, it takes only 45 minutes to get the phones fully charged.

The One Plus 9 and 9 Pros price is less than Samsung Galaxy S21 series phones. So, for the price, you are getting a much better phone with all the new features.

Some Pros and Cons


  • Best camera for taking pictures with natural-looking color.
  • Best at taking pictures at night.
  • You get a 65W charger.
  • Has a big great display.
  • The phone gets charged very fast.
  • Cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra.


  • The phone gets heated while using the camera, and the camera doesn’t work until it cools down.
  • You don’t get a telephoto camera.
  • Games are locked at 60fps.
  • No Micro SDcard and headphone jack.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

It was the 2020 Flagship. It has all the specs and features of the S20 ultra with a little bit of improvement.

Among the Note series, it is the latest one. The hardware is also pretty high-end, and the thing that makes the Note series phone popular is the Styles or S-Pen.

The Note 20 ultra is kind of in the middle of the S20 ultra and S21 ultra. This means you will get better performance in Note 20 ultra than the S20 ultra and almost close to S21 Ultra.


The Note 20 Ultra also offers a triple camera, a 108MP, and two 120 MP.  It still gives you good photos. In some cases, you can get even better images than the S21 ultra.


For the processor, you get Snapdragon 865+, which is also a very powerful CPU.


It has a 6.9 inches 120Hz display. It does support WQHD+ but in 60Hz.

You get a bigger display than the S21 ultra and the phone also lighter.

Among all the phones with styles, the best one is the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. This phone is good for people that take notes or need to write a lot of things. People who are interested in using styles or S-Pen can try this smartphone to get the best experience.

This phone is best for productive use.

Even though the price is similar to the S21 Ultra, it will give you a different experience.

Some pros and cons


  • Has very good cameras and features.
  • Works very smooth with the S-Pen.
  • A great big curved display.
  • Packed with all most all best features.
  • Has a Micro SDcard slot.


  • The price is very high.
  • The camera bump is a bit too big.
  • Again, not all countries will get the Snapdragon version.
  • The curved display is a bit annoying at specific times.
  • No headphone jack.

Google Pixel 5

Till now, we have seen the flagship phones. They are all about the latest hardware, features, unique design, big display, and all.

What about people who want a simple phone with a simple design yet beautiful, a small display that is easy to use, and has high performance but not so expensive. For people like those, we have the Google Pixel 5.


Google Pixel 5 is Google’s latest smartphone. It comes with a very simple design. It doesn’t have any glossy finish, just a simple plane aluminum back and frame.


You get dual cameras one of them is 12MP and the other one is 16MP ultrawide. Google phones are known for their cameras. So, they also don’t disappoint you in any way.

You might not see the difference between photos taken by a flagship phone and with Google Pixel 5 till you zoom in.


Here, Snapdragon 765G processor has been used. It will give the best performance both for the size of the phone and for the price.


The display is 6 inches and is a 90Hz display. It is also OLED and HDR10+.


Because the phone has a small display, less refresh rate, and lower CPU, it takes less power to run. Which results in a long battery backup.

So, in the end, it can be said that it’s not for everyone. But many people would love to have this phone.

Some pros and cons


  • The display is now better than the previous Pixel 4a.
  • Has IP68 rating.
  • Can take great photos both day and night.
  • Great battery backup.
  • Give you a very simple and clean experience.


  • No headphone jack.
  • The “Active edge” function has been removed.
  • Some pictures take time to process.
  • Display brightness is not too high.

Google Pixel 4a

Google’s Pixel phones are popular for their camera and the long-time security and update they provide for a low price.

Under 400$, the Google Pixel 4a is the best budget phone ever. It is even the best-selling smartphone on Amazon.

The phone came with a simple design. It doesn’t offer anything as other smartphone brands do.

Even with budget phones, we tend to see triple or quadruple cameras. Most of the cameras are useless. They are there to increase sales only.


But Google Pixel 4a offers only one camera that is 12MP. That one camera can give you great pictures. The quality of the pictures according to the price will surprise you. The pictures look as good as 700$-800$ phones until you zoom in.

It can shoot 4K videos.


It has a Snapdragon 730G chipset. For the budget, it’s a very good processor.


The Google Pixel 4a comes with a bigger display than the previous one. This time it has 5.81 inches display which is also OLED and HDR.

The thing that is unique in this smartphone from other smartphones is it is made by Google. Because it is made by Google, you get some special google features. You won’t get these features on any other phone. These features are also very useful.

People with a lower budget should consider this Google Pixel 4a. It will give you smooth and simple performance for a long time.

Some Pros and Cons


  • Best phone for the budget.
  • Has a headphone jack.
  • Good display.
  • Long-lasting battery backup.
  • Simple design yet looks awesome.
  • Simple and clean UI.


  • 60Hz display


Will the S21 phones work with Samsung Watch?

Yes, it will.

Does the One Plus 9/9 pro comes with the 65W charger?

Yes, It will come with the package.

Which country will get the Snapdragon 856+ chipset in Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra?

Only the US will get the Snapdragon version the other countries will get Exynos 990.

Is the Google Pixel 4a IP68 rated (meaning water and dust resistant)?

No, it isn’t.

Will I get unlimited storage on google drive for photos and videos taken in Google pixel 5?


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