How to Reset LG Mobile Phone? – [Soft, Hard & Factory Reset]

How to Reset LG Mobile Phone

Know, How to Reset LG Mobile Phone. We’ve all heard of the saying “factory reset,” particularly when it comes to our smartphones. Let’s start with a definition of factory reset.

A factory reset, also classified as a master reset, is a way of restoring a computer to its initial settings. In doing so, all data on the computer is discarded, and it is restored to its original company’s settings.

But why would it be necessary to perform a factory reset on every mobile device? If your handset or electrical gadget breaks down. You lose your PIN or unlock password, or you’ll have to delete a file or a virus, or malware, factory reset is the safest solution for saving your device and reusing it as fresh.

Note: A factory reset can only be done if essential since it would erase all of your device’s valuable data. Ever since you reboot your LG computer, create a backup with this Android backup app.

Also, Here we will concentrate on alternative techniques for factory resetting your LG smartphone. As well as We have some methods to follow that How to Reset LG Mobile Phone. You can choose the easiest method which appeals to you:

Here is the 6 easy ways that How to Reset LG Mobile Phone:

I) Factory reset with the help of key combinations.

  • Turn your cell off.
  • Quickly press and keep the Volume Down and Power or Lock keys together on the back of your device.
  • While the LG logo shows on the keyboard, push and keep the Power Key for just a second thereafter pressing and holding it again.
  • As the Factory hard reset screen shows stop pushing buttons, click Factory reset option.
  • Your phone will reset now. 
  • To proceed, click the Power or Lock Key or the Volume key to undo the factory reset,
  • To resume the operation, click the Power/Lock Key or the Volume Keys once more.

II) Resetting using the settings option.

First, from the settings menu, you could also reset your LG phone. This approach is useful if your phone has failed or if any of your configured applications suspend or stop, causing your smartphone to unusable.

All device settings will be reset all of  your records, such as apps installed and preserved file types if you follow the instructions below:

  • Go over to Apps from its Main Screen.
  • Select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Chose Backup and Restore from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Reset Screen.
  • Press OK to validate.

This is indeed a safe and fast way to reboot your phone before missing all of your private info.

III) Resetting Locked LG phones.

This is amongst the most common causes for factory reset.

How many of you have neglected your phone password and got shut out? No, yes, or possibly? Plenty of us, I’m sure, have been through this circumstance, particularly after purchasing a new gadget, and it can be incredibly stressful.

First, let us learn today how to get over this scenario very efficiently as fast as possible.

The Android System Manager would be used to factory reset an LG phone in a fast and convenient manner. The Android System Manager software or the portal can be used to securely wipe a system.

We understand that all Android devices are set up with a Google account, which can be used to automatically wipe the handset registered with a specific Google account.

By using the Android System Manager website, perform a factory reset.

When you erase a computer from afar, all of the data on it is erased as well. The steps are as follows:

1st step:

Go to or device manager and log in with your Google account. Sign in to your account.

Step 2:

To find the phone that needs to be factory reset, tap upon the arrow next to the device name, which will take you to its location.

3rd step:

Once you’ve chosen the gadget to be deleted, you’ll see three options: “Ring,” “Lock,” and “Erase,”

4th step:

Select Erase from the drop-down menu. Everything will be permanently deleted from your LG phone.

IV) Factory reset using Android Device Manager Application:

Any Android phone can also be used to uninstall your Google account-configured device by downloading the Android Device Manager program.

1st step:

On the smartphone, you want to reset, install the Android Device Manager utility.

Android System Manager can be used to reboot an LG phone.

Step 2:

When you sign in to your Google account, you’ll see the installed Android computer, select Remotely reset your LG phone

3rd step:

To pick the device that needs to be reset press the arrow next to the device’s name.

4th Step:

To permanently delete the system files chosen, choose the third method, “Erase.”

V) Alternative Way of How to Reset LG Mobile Phone:

  1. Take out your SIM card and turn off your phone.
  2. Click the Volume Down Key and also the Power Button at around the same instant.
  3. As early when you see the LG logo, activate the Power Button. DO NOT EVER Turn THE VOLUME DOWN KEY ON.
  4. Instantly press and hold the Power Button once more.
  5. The prompt to perform a factory hard reset will appear.
  6. Now let go of ALL the keys.
  7. Proceed to Reset by clicking the Power Button for OK.
  8. Alternatively, you can disable it by pressing the volume up or down keys.

VI) Resetting using code: (How to Reset LG Mobile Phone)

  1. Remove your mobile phone’s SIM card.
  2. 2945#*# is the Master Reset Code to use. Type it.
  3. For your LG Mobile Phone, the steps will indeed show few choices.
  4. Choose the “RESET” option.


Always remember to Back-up your files:

We are aware of the consequences of a factory reset on our LG handset. As mentioned in the prior methods, using the phone reset option often comes with the threat of losing data that we will never be able to retrieve, such as personal images, recordings, and social file types.

As a result, data recovery is critical before attempting a factory reset. To prevent missing any sensitive details due to a malfunction, it is often advisable to backup the data and information once per week. We’ve shown you some of the main ways to reset your LG smartphone today.

It is recommended to use the hard reset solution as a very last casino; nevertheless, Backup & Restore (Android) – the fastest and safest method of securing the data accessible and intact – should be used first.

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