Reset Huawei Mobile Phones: Soft, Hard & Factory Reset!

Reset Huawei Mobile Phones

How to reset Huawei Mobile Phones? Soft, Hard & Factory Reset. Here is the total solution with easy steps in well explained. So, not to worry, just you need to apply the following steps that we mentioned below.

Our Android devices are very easy to use and provide a lot of customization which may change the dynamics and mechanisms of our phone. Most of us have a habit of toying with our device’s settings.

Sometimes, unknowingly we disturb the balance of our phone’s operating system due to which our phone starts to misbehave. So for these types of issues, we have to hard reset our device.

This article is addressed at “how to reset Huawei mobile phones”. Here, we will be discussing when to reset your device, the prerequisites of resetting, and finally how to reset your device. So, let us begin with defining the two basic terms related to resetting.

  1. Soft reset — A soft reset is simply turning off your device and then turning it on after few seconds. We usually soft reset when we are facing a network issue or when an app freezes/doesn’t work properly. A soft reset can easily mend minor problems in our phone and no data is lost while doing so.
  2. Hard reset — On the other hand a hard reset is a bugger beast. It erases all the data on your phone, so say goodbye to your data if you haven’t backed it up.

When to Reset Huawei Mobile Phones

  1. Does your screen become unresponsive or laggy? You want to perform some task but the touch holds you back. Some part of the screen isn’t responding completely. Then, you have to hard reset your phone.
  2. When your device force closes frequently. Multitasking on your device might seem impossible because the battery is being drained again and again. This is due to a fault in the clock speed of our device which can be restored to normal by hard reset.
  3. When your phone is locked or you have lost your password. Then you have to reset your device using its soft keys.
  4. You have either lost your device or want to sell it. Then it becomes necessary to hard reset to maintain the security of your data.

Prerequisites of resetting Huawei Mobile Phones

  1. Switch off your device if you are resetting by using recovery mode.
  2. Make sure that your battery is over 70%. The whole resetting process takes a lot of time so a higher battery level will ensure that no problem arises in between. No one wants their device to power off between the process.
  3. Install backup software for your device. You will not want your data to vanish away within minutes. You can install whatever backing software matching your requirements. Also, you can backup your photos on Google Drive, music on Cloud, and rest on your PC or any other external storage.
  4. Clear cache data of your device before reset. This will ensure that the resetting process takes a shorter time.
  5. Don’t charge your device while the resetting process is going on.

Note— If you feel like something is wrong in your device or it is taking a lot of time to reset then quickly remove the phone battery( for removable battery models) and install it again after 5 minutes. You have to again repeat the whole process.

Here is The Ways of How to Reset Huawei Mobile Phones?

We have listed three ways through which you can reset your device. Either you have your password or not you will be able to reset your device with the help of our guide.

Resetting through recovery mode

You don’t need your password in this process. This process is extremely useful when you have lost your password or can’t remember it.

Step1. As previously said simply turn off your device.

Step2. Press and hold the power button, home button, and volume up button at the same time for 15 secs. This will enter your phone in android recovery mode.

Step3. Here you will see various options and it will look like something very technical. But you have to use “factory reset/wipe data” option.

Note- You have to navigate between the options by volume up and down button. Select an option by using the power button.

Step4.  Another screen will appear on your device and then select ‘reboot system now’. Hence, you have successfully reset your device without any passcode.

It is a bit complicated process but don’t worry we have an easier one for you.

Resetting through settings

You need your phone password (if you have any) to complete this process. This is the easiest and most straightforward method.

Step1. Go to settings

Step2. Go to backup and reset. You will find this option under personal or additional settings. You have to use your phone password at this step.

Step3. Tap Factory data reset

Step4. Again tap ‘reset device’ and the resetting will begin.

Reset by android device manager

This process is really helpful when you have lost your phone and don’t want strangers to access your data. You need your google account and password for this process.

Step1. First of all, take any mobile phone or PC and visit the android device manager on the web.

Step2. Enter your credentials to log in.

Step3. Once you have logged in, three options will appear on the screen (ring, lock, erase).

Step4. Tap erase

Step5. Once again you will be asked which device to erase, so tap your device and hence you are done. You have successfully saved your data from strangers.

Overall, resetting your Huawei Phones is not a tedious task and anyone can do it. You just have to take the necessary precautions and be aware of the consequences. Ensure that you have backed up everything.  We have covered everything which you needed to know about resetting.

Hope we have given all the answers to your questions. And a final remark, don’t act like a tech master yourself if the problem persists in your device then contact Huawei support.

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