Top 10 Smartphone Projector Brands Review and Buying Guides

Smartphone Projector Brands

Welcome to this thrilling and brand-new analysis of Smartphone Projector Brands. Projectors were once large, heavy devices with fragile lights which were only used during meetings and company presentations.

Furthermore, as technology has advanced, projectors are becoming portable models with a plethora of interesting characteristics.

Several of them will be now outfitted for LEDs and have many lumens, allowing them to produce amazing picture quality. Preferably, innovation has advanced to the point where you can actually link your projection to your cellphone.

You can watch it at any time and any place of your wish. Mobile phone projectors can also be used with smartphones, notebooks, PCs, Mac Books, and other devices.

They use wires to connect remotely to smartphones and other mobile devices. As a result, you will not require an HDMI connector or Wi-Fi.

Mobile phone projectors, as with most contemporary projectors, are stylish and small enough just to bring and use anytime.

Top 10 Smartphone Projector Brands List With Details:

1. DBPOWER 2400Lux Mini Projector

This projector’s panel life would last up to 50,000 hours. As a result, you should anticipate it to last for many years. Because the projection was designed with simplicity in mind, this can be usually related to a cellphone, tablet, or iPad through a USB port.

It comes with a projecting range of 1.5 to 5 meters and a projecting area of 32 to 176 inches. The company has outfitted this with a strong doubled copper tube chilling system that reduces noise while also providing excellent thermal transfer.

2. DBPOWER 120 ANSI Portable LCD Projector

This is considered as one of the best mobile projectors in the market. Well, this is due to the 60-percent higher brightness of this projector compared to most 2400-lumen LED projectors.

With that said, it is the most popular projector for viewing movies and photos, playing video games, and for other modes of entertainment. It has a 3000:1 contrast ratio that also supports 1080P and 720P resolutions.

Moreover, it comes with aspect ratios of 4:3 & 16:9, as well as a display dimension of 30 – 176” (inches), projection distance of 1.1 – 1.5m.

3. VIVIMAGE Explore 2 : One of The Best Smartphone Projector Brands

VIVIMAGE Explore 2 is a high-definition video projection. It has 5000 lumens of brightness and is useful for digital media.

And it has a respectable screen resolution of 720P and can promote 1080P. This Wi-Fi projection also has a pixel density of 3000:1.

Furthermore, when it is Wi-Fi certified, the projector can indeed be controlled remotely with IOS or Mobile apps. When combining the devices, the only other thing to remember would be that the channel should be 2.4G.

4. YABER Y60 Portable Projector: One of the Great Smartphone Projector Brands

While this YABER Y60 is identified as “mini,” that’s not the norm when it comes to the scale of the pictures it delivers. More specifically, it is offered with a screen dimension of up to 200 inches.

This display’s visual acuity is still good enough to warrant a citation in this evaluation. Due to its fantastic natural resolutions of 1080*720P and a stunning contrasting ratio of 5000:1, these units are able to provide such excellent image quality.

5. HOMPOW 3600L Smartphone Mini Projector

You can connect your device straight to the HOMPOW Mini Projector using an Hdmi cable. We can send photographs and videos by connecting either apple or Android device.

Moreover, the projection is compatible with a variety of technologies, including laptops, Wii, DVD, USB disc, TV sticks, and virtually all mobile phones.

However, regarding copyright concerns, this presenter does not promote the retention of privileged videos.

6. POYANK 4500Lux LED Wi Fi Mini Projector

The POYANK Mini Projector is Wi-Fi compatible, which removes the need for numerous connectors. All you should do is configure the screen’s Wi-Fi setting and then link your mobile phone straight to the projection.

You could also use the existing USB connection to connect two – cellphone and projection – directly. This mini projector has a screen resolution of 1280 by 720 and can promote a maximum resolution of 1920 by 1080.

7. AuKing Portable Mini Video-Projector

The AuKing Portable Projector, with such a respectable image resolution of 2000:1 and a temporal definition of 1080p, can give you lots of 35% sharper pictures than comparable projectors. It provides a luxury home theatre perspective which you will undoubtedly enjoy.

And that little guy’s projections display sizes from 32 inches – 170 inches at a projected distance of 1 m to 5 meters. Furthermore, this DVD projector features a strong cool process that enables to expand lamp life to 55,000 hours.

8. TOPVISION Mini Projector

To link this mobile projection to either laptop or smartphone, users wouldn’t need an HDMI amplifier or a Wi-Fi network. That’s also due to the fact which all you really need is indeed a USB cable to do this.

In several other words, the mini projector works with computers and phones. It also interacts with the Amazon Fire TV, pcs, TF Card, USB drives, and televisions.

Its brightness has been increased to 2200 lumens, making it lighter than display screens with 1800 lumens.

9. QKK 5500Lumens Mini Portable LCD Projector

The QKK LCD Projector has a temporal quality, making it more suitable for online games and cinema. The projection is also versatile, making it ideal for on-the-go programming. It can be used on a tour either on a camping vacation.

At such a distance of one meter to 4 meters, the projector display ranges from 40 to 170 inches. The best projection display, as per the supplier, is 120” (inches) at 3 meters.

10. Vankyo 2400 Lux LED Portable Projector

Only high-quality smartphone screens would give you a better visual experience. It’s why we’re delighted to inform you that perhaps the Vankyo 2400 Lux LED Portable Screen is now available.

Its 2018 updated lighting provides +40% more illumination than standard projectors. This component also supports 19201080 clarity and also has a pixel density of 2000:1.

Having said all that, a portable projector is among the better options for home theatre. Its viewing sizes vary from 32 to 176 inches, with such a projecting range of 4.9 to 6.4 feet.

This comes with an extra carrying bag, making it easier for the user to carry and utilize for the on-the-go entertainment and instant adventures.

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