Bajaj Chetak e-Scooter – All set for a 2020 comeback

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The Bajaj Chetak was among the highest selling two-stroke scooters in India. It ruled over the Indian market for over three decades. In fact, it was so popular, it achieved ‘ICON’ status. And is now much loved and fondly remembered by millennials.

But, after 13 years of production setbacks, Bajaj redesigned the Chetak as an All-Electric scooter. Now Bajaj has revealed their contender in this growing segment of electric two-wheelers. And it will be sold via the existing Pro-Biking outlets along with KTM and Husqvarna.

Bajaj Chetak | Retro Styling

Now, we don’t need to take a second glance to know that Bajaj has taken the route of retro-styling with the Chetak. The details around the new Chetak are quite scarce at this moment.

After teasing with images and shorts on social media, Bajaj finally unveiled the scooter on October 19. While the design fits the overall retro theming, it seems to have missed the mark at a few places. But it may be a compromise to compete with the other e-scooter manufacturers.

With the curvy bodywork, multi-spoke wheels and contoured-seat design it looks quite chic and timeless. Now going back to the original Chetak, whose design was from Piaggio’s Vespa Sprint. Similarly, the newer model does seem to echo with the modern era Vespas.

Bajaj Chetak | Quality Importance

The Chetak is a premium product and gets treated as such. And to that extent of giving extra attention to the smaller bits. Like the feather-touch switchgear and the Full-LED lighting console. Combined with the high-quality materials used in the mirror stalks, pillion footpegs, and the side stand.
It will be one of the first scooters in the Indian market has a metal unibody, unlike the other manufacturers. The entire rear unit seems to be a single unit as there are no joints. Thereby, giving a sense of class and high-fashion. Also, stitching on the seats portray contrast with a retro-style weave pattern.

Realistic Performance

A 4kW IP-67 certified electric motor is powering the new all-electric Chetak. Powering the motor is a Non-removable Li-ion battery that can charge at a standard 5A or 15A electric outlet. Bajaj Auto has said that it will also provide a home-charging station at a nominal cost.

It also features two riding modes, namely – Eco & Smart. The Bajaj Chetak offers 95Kms of range in Eco Mode, the sport mode has a limit of a more modest 85Kms. Also as Rajiv Bajaj points out that the figures are through real-world testing. And ARAI test figures will be much higher.

Unique Transmission

Bajaj appears to have taken a unique route of using a swingarm-mounted motor. This results in power being sent directly to the rear-wheel mounted automated gearbox. The new Chetak also features a tubular single-sided suspension at the front and a mono-shock at the rear.

The e-scooter will make use of 12-inch wheels. As for braking power, it has a disc at the front, while the rear has a drum brake. The rear drum also comes with regenerative braking.

The manufacturer hasn’t revealed much info on how it works. Although the digital display shows a neutral light. There is also what appears to be five notches – showing a 5-speed transmission.

Electric Features

Currently, there are several other features present on the scooter. Those are –

  • Digital Console,
  • Horseshoe-Shaped LED Headlight with DRLs, and
  • Sequential LED Blinkers.

There’s no manufacturer logo present, apart from Chetak’s branding. Apart from that, there is a mobile app that will assist the rider.

Pricing, Specifications, and Colors 

According to Bajaj, due to the level of required localization achieved, attractive pricing will be possible. There are cost-cutting measures such as the rear drum brake and the simple digital display rather than a TFT.

It will cite a figure between 1-1.5 lakh ($1410 – $1481) which is better than the competition. The Chetak has also passed the FAME II subsidy test. So, there will be a tough price competition since there are other electric scooter manufacturers at the price point.

The new Chetak will be launched in and around January 2020. It will initially be sold in Pune and Bengaluru followed by a European launch after the official launch.

Since there are no specific colors mentioned but it will possibly be in six options at launch. The Chetak will be competing against the likes of Okinawa, Hero Electric, Ather Energy, and Avan Motors.


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Source: Autocar India | Digit | News18

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