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Microsoft Surface Pro X | The Review

Microsoft Surface Pro X_featured

The Surface Pro has been the best Windows 2-in-1 ever. It provides a useful, familiar desktop environment for multitasking in a lightweight tablet shell. But the line has not changed much physically since the Pro 4. A serious refresh is much needed, and, luckily, Microsoft is ready to show us …

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Best Way to Take a Screenshot on Any Device

Take a Screenshot on Any Device

The best way to take a screenshot on any device is something you must know in today’s modern life because we use various devices every day. Are you interested in saving the screen you’re looking at on your smartphone or computer? Screen-capture technologies support smartphones and desktops. Many third-party options …

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Best Way To Take a Screenshot on Windows 10 Device

Screenshot on Windows 10

Are you searching for the best way to take a screenshot on any Windows 10 device? Then you come to the correct webpage. There are numerous methods available in Windows 10 for taking screenshots of what’s on your computer screen.  The easiest way to take a screenshot on any Windows …

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Top 10 Mobile Game Controller Reviews and Buying Guide

Mobile Game Controller

Hello and thank you for reading this latest Mobile Game Controller review. Gaming on mobile has become dramatically better in recent years as our phones’ system components have become increasingly strong. The Nintendo Switch exemplifies how much control we could get over a computing device, and their iOS and Android …

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