Why Does My Phone Say Emergency Calls Only [Solved]

Why Does My Phone Say Emergency Calls Only

Is your Android phone now just showing Emergency Calls? Is your device no longer receiving service? It’s pointless to buy a mobile phone if it doesn’t have coverage. This article will give you some tips and guidance about what you can do with your Android smartphone to get that out of emergency mode and running properly afterward.

Before we start, there are several factors that could cause a mobile phone to show Emergency Calls Instead, and resolving this issue can be difficult.

As I’m sure you’re aware, it may be a software glitch (which we like because software issues are the simplest to fix), a technical issue (where a real physical piece of its device is causing problems) (which would also be hard to repair), a problem with both the wireless connection itself (that is often difficult because this is usually outside of your influence), the location, a function on the network account, the list of devices, or a combination of these.

This guidance will mainly focus on what you should do to repair your mobile phone. So taking ALL of the information offered on this page into account when fixing this problem.

Here are the 7 Steps Easy Solution of Why Does My Phone Say Emergency Calls Only:

Step 1: Power Cycle Your Cell Phone

Switch off the screen, keep this off for 30 seconds to a few minutes, and afterwards turn it back on. Wait enough for device to fully turn on, and test to see whether it is running properly.

Resetting the handset forces it to continue and step out and access the network once more. If it was simply a hiccup with the program, a quick reset would resolve the issue.

Step 2: Second level reset

If capacity cycling does not resolve the problem, turn on your device and drain the battery while it may be on. This is a kind of “soft reset” which can also be used to resolve minor software problems on Android devices.

To stop taking the batteries out of the phone when it is on and running. Make sure the handset is unplugged from its socket and the battery is replaced.

Few cell devices are not built with a removable battery. If your handset is one of those, you will be unable to perform a second level restart and must proceed to the next phase in bug fixing.

Step 3: Examine the SIM card

Keep in mind that not all mobile phones come with SIM cards. When your device does not have nor needs a SIM card to operate smoothly, you can bypass this section. If your device does need a SIM card, read this part because SIM card issues will definitely create problems for your service.

If you uninstall the SIM card from either a device that was previously running well. The handset will no longer have coverage and will show an Urgent Calls Only error.

So, if your device has a SIM card, inspect it to ensure there were no traces of harm and also that the connections are safe. You should take additional precautions by removing the SIM card and cleaning the terminals with a soft eraser.

Simply ensure that perhaps the SIM is dry and tidy of any signs of harm. If there are symptoms of harm or fault, or whether the tips in the rest of this article do not seem to support you repair your mobile, you can go to the nearest shop that sells the device and get a new SIM.

Step 4: Location

Is this something that happens everywhere, but is it a recurring problem? If not, because it only occurs in certain areas. The problem is most likely due to a weak signal through your wireless connection in that region. Which is beyond your jurisdiction.

Continue to read if it is consistent as well as other people in the neighborhood are not getting any issues with one’s service.

Step 5: Look for platforms.

Start by going to that device’s “Settings,” then move to “Wireless and Networks”, “Network operators” and afterwards, if accessible, “Search networks” also.

If the “Network operators” option on your Android device is completely grayed out and does not work. Then probably this problem is not occurring due to this setting and you can confidently move on to the next troubleshooting step.

Step 6: Lost or stolen

If you identify your device as missing or robbed, your phone company is likely to oppose your device’s IP address and prohibit it from receiving service, let alone making and receiving calls.

Wireless network operators wouldn’t want stolen phones to run correctly because it facilitates cheating and burglary, because if a device is labeled missing or stolen. It is possible that it will only make emergency calls from such a point on.

So, if you bought a second-hand or somewhat used device, ensure that it is not a stolen piece. This is a serious concern to get into! 

Whether you or anyone with access to that account recorded the device as missing or stolen. It was most likely not classified as such.

If you believe this is the situation. You will figure out if your device has been obtained illegally by calling your wireless provider.

Step 7: Physical design

Cell phones no longer have noticeable antennas; however that doesn’t imply antennas are somewhat less critical today than they were always in terms of signal power.

Some smartphones have routers built into another bottom panel, so if the back frame is missing or destroyed, there will be no transmitter and no operation.

So, if the battery’s cover no longer makes sense snugly or correctly on your handset, you will need to contact the owner to see if a new backplate is available.

So yes, these were all the feasible and possible steps that we as a layman with no technical skills can follow in order to get rid of this “Emergency Call Error” as soon as possible. In most cases, the number says that the problem usually gets resolved by the third step.

But, if you have come across all the steps and tried your best but you still are not finding any solution. You better concerns a mobile operator in your area. With their professional staff out there; they will let you know about the issue and the solution concerned! We hope this article was helpful and you probably got rid of this bug “Why Does My Phone Say Emergency Calls Only”!

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