How to Reset iPhone? – [Soft, Hard & Factory Reset]

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How to Reset iPhone? There are three types of resets: soft, hard, and factory. Here is the complete solution, with easy-to-follow measures that are well-explained.

A large part of our population is using iPhone mobile phones and as an iPhone user, you must be knowing that its launcher and user interface aren’t as simple as that of an android. If you are shifting from an Android to an iOS then, it is necessary for you to know about the basic details of the working of your new device.

One such thing is resetting your iPhone mobile, but, it is not as simple as Android. So, for you, we have covered everything which you need to know.

Existing iPhone users can also find this article useful because iPhone constantly upgrades itself. So, you might miss a trick there.

Here is the 3 easy ways that How to Reset iPhone:

So, let’s begin with differentiating some terms which are often confused:-

1. Soft reset                    

It is simply turning off your device. You reboot your device and yes soft resetting is done. It can be useful when there are minor problems in your device like an app isn’t working or you are not able to perform a specific task, and so on. No data is lost while soft resetting your device.

Force restart

 This is useful when your screen isn’t responding and you need to restore it to normal. For this purpose, you have to restart your phone using side and volume buttons. It means by using hardware, we restart our device.

For iPhone 8+ and latest versions:-

  1. Click and hold the volume up button and then release.
  2. Press and hold the volume down button and then release.
  3. Press and hold the side button and then release.

For iPhone 7 models:-    

Press the volume up/down button with the side button at the same time to restart your phone.

For iPhone 6 and earlier versions:-

Press and hold the sleep and wake button at the same time and release when an apple logo appears on the screen.       

No data is lost while force restarting your device.

2. Factory reset

This is a bigger giant than soft reset or force restart. This function erases everything from your phone. The factory reset is generally used when you are selling your phone. But before doing that you need to prepare your device for the reset.

Backup all your data, emails, images, documents before resetting because after Reset iPhone data will not be retrieved in any way. So, once you are finished with backing up, go on with resetting.

3. Factory reset from iPhone

You need your apple id password or passcode for this purpose.

Step 1. Click on settings from the menu

Step 2. Select general

Step 3. Click reset

Step 4. Tap erase all content

Step 5.  Tap erase now

Note- Your device will ask for your apple id password or passcode before the final step. So, make sure you have your passcodes.

Factory reset from computer

In this process also your apple id password or passcode will be required

But, before starting ensure that you have a computer and a compatible cable.

Note- If you are using mac OS Carolina, then you will have to use finder and if you are using mac OS Mojave or earlier versions of windows, then you will have to use iTunes (Get it here).

Step 1. On your device, click on your name

Step 2. Followed by ”find my”

Step 3. Tap Find my iPhone and turn it off.

Step 4. Connect your phone to a computer

Note – You have to enter your credentials i.e. apple id or passcode If the system asks for it.

Step 5. Click restore iPhone on your computer.

Step 6. Click, yes you are ready.

Step 7. Wait for your computer to download the latest iOS version and a hello screen will appear on your phone. So, congratulations you have successfully reset your device.

Factory reset when you can’t remember your Apple ID

 Suppose you lost your apple id or passcode and don’t know what to do. For this instance, you will need to reset your Phone by using the recovery mode option.

Recovery mode in iPhone 8 models and above models:-

Step 1. Press Volume and the side button simultaneously. A power-off slider will appear.

Step 2. Drag slider to turn off your phone.

Step 3. Hold down the Side button until your phone goes in recovery mode and at the same time connect your mobile to a computer.

For iPhone 7 models:-

Step 1. Hold the power/top button until the power-off slider appears.

Step 2. Turn off your device.

Step 3. Hold the volume button until your phone goes in recovery mode and at the same time connect your mobile to a computer.

For iPhone 6 and earlier models:-

Step 1. Hold the power/top button until the power-off slider appears.

Step 2. Hold your home button until your phone goes in recovery mode and at the same time connect your mobile to a computer.

Note– In the last step, whatever your model may be, you need to hold the respected buttons until your phone goes in recovery mode.

After your device is in recovery mode, make sure that ‘find my’ is disabled. If it is enabled then you need your iCloud password ready. On your PC you will find an option to restore your device > click on restore > this will erase all your data and then your PC will download the latest version of iOS.

Note– In case the download continues for more than 15 minutes, your phone will automatically get out of the recovery mode and you will be required to repeat the whole process.

So, we have discussed everything regarding resetting your iPhone device. Hope we have answered all your questions.

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